Below, is a link to a broadcast, of the Orson Welles, War Of The Worlds. 

A Fake Radio News Story that affected the FEELINGS  and  Mentalities,  for a population of People  on this Planet (Earth) and around the World, Globally.

You be the Judge on if the Broadcast seems very, very similar to what is happening around the World, with the Corona Virus Pandemic.


Is it possible that the Corona Virus Pandemic is just another Flu, Cold, Pneumonia, etc, that White Supremacist/Racists are applying to Millions of People who will die, anyway, from Flu, Cold, Pneumonia, etc, every year, using the Corona Virus as a way to manipulate, dominate and control, masses of the People for Fun, Glory, Excitement and Material Comfort?  And if so, WHY?  If not, Why Not?  WHERE DID this so-called Corona Virus come from?  NOT WHERE IT STARTED BUT, WHERE DID IT [Corona Virus] come from?  

Could the Corona Virus Pandemic be just another Broadcast invented/constructed by the White Supremacist/Racists, like the one Orson Welles did? 

Remember, that White Supremacy/Racism is a SYSTEM (Big Con Game) not People.  The White Supremacist/Racists are people, who uses the SYSTEM of White Supremacy/Racism, to Control, Kill, Murder, Enslave, Dominate, etc,  all People and all living things, on this Planet Earth. 

Therefore, the Question should be given serious thought.   Could the Corona Virus Pandemic, be just another Broadcast invented/constructed by the White Supremacist/Racists, like the one Orson Welles did, to Refine and Build, making it [the SYSTEM (Big Con Game, not People)] Stronger? 

You be the Judge!  However, make absolutely sure that you use Scientific Logic when Judging.   Because, it’s impossible for a person to know WHERE or HOW something started, if they have No Idea what-so-ever,  where it came from!  The only thing they can know, is that, IT’S HERE!

All Viruses, Flu, Colds, Pneumonia, etc, HAD to be on this Planet before we (Mankind) all arrived.  Therefore, if it was already here, how could it not have already destroyed Mankind? We must have some kind of protection from them already in our bodies, to have survived this long.  THAT’S SIMPLE LOGIC FOLKS!

Could it be that we all have the same Viruses, Flu, Colds, Pneumonia, etc, that were already here  in our own Bodies, to fight off those Viruses, Flu, Colds, Pneumonia, etc?  

This would be very Similar to a person getting bit by a Rattle Snake?  And what is the cure to fight the poison from the Rattle Snake bite?  It’s the Venom from the Rattle Snake itself!

Therefore, it would appear that all cures should come from the Thing Itself. And NOT in the so-called Man Made Cures, [that Man has manipulated added to or subtracted from] that was already here on the Planet as well as already being inside of our bodies? 

Man can only manipulate  [add or subtract to or from] any and everything within his knowledge that was already here on the Planet before we arrived, however It’s Impossible for Man to change anything that was already here because, Man did not create anything that was already here.  It’s that simple Folks!  That’s Something to think about. 

If someone can come up with a Logical explanation proving otherwise, please let the rest of us know so that we can follow that Logic.  More importantly, if it’s not Logical [meaning Scientifically proven with Proof, Evidence, Matter and Substance] then  please keep working on your  Theory.   Because that’s all it could be.   JUST A THEORY, with no proof, evidence to back up your explanation!

In the mean time, listen to the broadcast, and form your own opinion about the Corona Viruses, Flu, Colds, Pneumonia, etc, and any and everything else that you’ve experience in life.


People might ask: “Well Marv what do you think about what’s happening around the World and this Corona Virus Pandemic. 

My answer is simple!…..I think It Is,       What It Is.      Whatever that is! 

Having an opinion or making a statement about anything or anybody, Without having Evidence or Proof and Knowledge about it/them, would be totally Illogical, for me to even make an Assumption about something or somebody that I know nothing about.

I think Doctor Neil DeGrasse Tyson says it best in the following video.

A Conversation with Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson


Come On Folks, Don’t knock people for doing the smart thing of going outside and building their immune systems and Not spraying everything with a killer. Germs, Viruses and Bacteria gotta practice on something………….ROTFLMAO!



Here’s A New Pledge To The United States Flag And All Other Flags Around The World,  Invented by a Man named  Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.                          

The Pledge:

“I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag,

The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”

Then you will know how to deal with People and Things, and see things for what they really are, when they confront you saying you Dishonored the Flag.

This Pledge Is For Things and so-called People  Such as, Corporations, Companies, Cities, IRS, States, Governments,  Police, Gods,  Judges, Attorneys, Ministers, Pastors, Popes, Bishops, Lawyers, Races, Religions and Religious Books,, Gold, Diamonds, Money, etc, etc. 

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. also made the Quote:   FEELINGS ARE UNRELIABLE IF THEY ARE NOT ATTACHED TO LOGIC. He states it around 14:10 in the link.

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.


Also:  Another  Must See VIDEO:

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Ex-Employee, Jailed Tells All

This Doctor tells her views about a cover-up involving High Ranking Officials about HIV and her view on the Corona Virus Pandemic.  It’s Interesting!

Hope this helps,




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But you can view it now thanks toSTREAMABLE.COM


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Please study the works of the following people also:

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.

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The Isis Papers (The Keys To The Colors), And The
1970 Essay The Cress Theory Of Color-Confrontation And Racism

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In The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism, Doctor Welsing reasoned that “Racism (White Supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white. 

Whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity. 

1. Economics, 2. Education, 3. Entertainment, 4. Labor, 5. Law, 6. Politics, 7. Religion, 8. Sex and 9. War). for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.

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