,,,,White People Are The Minority On The Planet. Less Than 1% Of The Population

THE WHITE SUPREMACIST/RACISTS ARE LESS THAN 1% OF THE POPULATION on the Planet.   So, why is it that they control the other 99.9%? 

Most People of Color and the WHITE/RACISTS, think that the White people are the Majority on the Planet.  That is so far from the Truth, it’s Amazing. 



As Neil DeGrasse Tyson States on The Show-Chris Cuomo Project,
People [WE] should think of Politicians as


Now I ask You Folks, have you ever asked yourself what would happen if the 99.9% of the population, all of a sudden woke up to realized that THE WHITE SUPREMACIST/RACISTS ARE LESS THAN 1% OF THE POPULATION on the Planet?  Do you think there would be a total wipe out, killing and destruction of the WHITE SUPREMACIST/RACIST People, and if so, WHY? 

To do to Them, what they have done to the 99.9% of the population and things for so-o-o long, would not be very Wise.  It would only replace the System of White Supremacy/Racism with another System just as Horrible and none Constructive as the System of White Supremacy/Racism.  It would be the same System, however, it would only have a different Color scheme and/or People who still lust for Power, Fun, Glory and Material Comfort. 

And that would not solve the problem of the System of WHITE SUPREMACY/RACISM, which means dominating the Planet and everything on it with anything and everything  that’s not Constructive.  The System of WHITE SUPREMACY/RACISM, is all about Thinking, Speaking and Doing Any and Everything that’s None Constructive.

What if the 99.9% of the People finally realized that they [the 99.9% of PEOPLE] are really the bosses of Police, Judges, Politicians, Government Officials, etc? 

Would the same thing happen in that Case Scenario , and WHY should it?  Of Course, that System [of all the Employees] for the 99.9% of People, Can And Should Be Fired/Terminated/Loss Of Jobs, etc, if they do not perform the jobs accordingly.  In simple words, fire all of them and replace them with Employees that will work for the 99.9% of the People. 


And the sooner they know it and You know it and realize this, the better off Everybody will be.  For instance, the 5 Police in Memphis that beat a young Male to Death. 

View the Murder Here:  Five Ex Memphis Police Officers Face Murder Charges

There was also a White Police Officer that Beat the Young Male with a Baton.  He should not be overlooked as well and should be considered as guilty as any  other Officers that were involved with the Beating and Murder and not administering Aid.  Also, let’s not over look the Fire department and Medics that were there.  Everyone that was there who did not do anything to stop that nonsense and Murder, should NOT BE OVER LOOKED as well!

And ALL the other Police that were there standing around doing nothing to stop it, should be charged and fired as well!

They too, probably thought [like most People] they were that young Male’s Boss.  When in fact it was the OTHER way AROUND.  Besides the 99.9% of the Population, most of the Police, Judges, Politicians, Government Officials, etc, all seem to think that the 99.9% of the population is supposed to obey their commands.  NO! HELL NAW!  THEY WORK FOR THE 99.9%.

Therefore, the sooner the 99.9% really understand that, the quicker all this nonsense may stop.  All this nonsense of Killing Each Other, Fighting Each Other, Starving Each Other, Not Looking Out For Each Other, etc. 

Having Power or being Famous is just WORDS.  Being Rich is just a WORD.  (NOUNS).  Being a different color complexion is just a WORD.  BEING HELPFUL TO ONE ANOTHER ARE VERBS, meaning ACTION! 

Wake up folks and start acting like Intelligent Species instead of Animals.  And speaking of Animals, they even have more knowledge of what and how things should be.   Most Animals don’t Kill for the sport of it.  They don’t try to Dominate the Entire Planet.  They only do what’s necessary for survival.

It’s DOWN-RIGHT PITIFUL and SHAMEFUL, that there are Babies and Children around the World on this Planet that are Literally/Actually Starving to Death [one of the most painful deaths a person can Succumb too] simply because of the GREED and IGNORANCE of others, and because of WARS about THOUSANDS OF RELIGIOUS BELIEFS AND FANTASIES that others [whom has come into power] forces upon them.  What nonsense!

When will We wake up Folks and do the right things for all People and Living Things?  I hope it’s soon, or our Species will have no choice but to become Extinct.  REMEMBER THE DINOSAURS?

Let’s change it, Folks! Let’s start acting like a Species that uses Logic, something other Species don’t have over US.  Let’s make a change Folks by starting with ourselves.  Making ourselves the best we can be and doing the most Constructive things We can do for each other and all Living things.  And that means being helpful to all People and Living Things.

What do You say to that?  If your answer is no, then this is not the Web Site for You,   Therefore, You need to go to some other WebSite that might interest You.   Nor is this the right Planet for You to be on, and the 99.9% of People, will see to that as soon as the Majority of Them Wake Up.  Maybe Your 1%  will have some luck on your Journey to NOWHERE.


Why do the 99.9% of People keep referring to City, Government, State, etc, Officials, as LEADERS?  They are EMPLOYEES for the 99.9%, NOT LEADERS! Therefore, People should stop giving them that title and call them what they really are. EMPLOYEES.

These so-called leaders [Employees] are the same people that struck down the George Floyd Bill. Check out this article from the L.A. Times at:  ArticleThey appear to be are drunk with power tripping as stated by another Official EMPLOYEE on another YouTube Video.

Was His Tyre Nichol’s Death A Premeditated Hit By A Jealous Cop?  Check out this Video about that question of Various claims being made that Nichols was in a relationship with the former girlfriend of Haley. The girlfriend, these claims say, worked with Nichols at FedEx at: Video.   It was claimed that following the alleged beating of Nichols, Haley took images of Nichols to send to his partner as a warning.  Tyre Nichols worked at FEDEX; allegedly having sexual affairs with officer Demetrius Halys’s EX, and His Baby’s Mother who also works at the same FEDEX. Get this; Officer Haly was seen several times taking PHOTOS of Tyre after he was brutalized and sent them to her!  Check out here at: Video

It has also been information circulating that Tyre Nichols was the WRONG person the Police [Employees] were to have been pursuing

Now what do You think of that Folks?  Tyre Nichols, was not even the right person and got Murdered instead.  WoW!  Could there be more to this than is being presented to the 99.9% of the Bosses?  You be the Judge!

Also, here’s an update of Two more Memphis officers ‘relieved of duty’ after death of  at: Video.

Attorney for the Family of Tyre Nichols speaking on The Daily Show at: Ben Crump – The Problem with Policing in America.

Check out this released Video footage of the LAPD at: Keenan Anderson: LAPD releases extended body camera footage.https://youtu.be/25cQgUHE5J8

These Elderly ladies were arrested for Feeding the Poor and Homeless at: Policing In America Is An Utter Disgrace.

Also, An off duty Police Chief ASSAULTS Teen For Riding Electric Scooter In Empty Parking Lot.

And here’s a video of an Arkansas Cop Tries To Find A Reason To Execute Driver.

When will the 99.9% of the Population put an End to all this Massacre and Nonsense?  You be the Judge!


The system of White Supremacy/Racism is the ONLY GOVERNMENT on the Planet Earth.  White Supremacy/Racism is designed to Dominate and Mistreat People who have Color in their Skin.  The System Of White Supremacy/Racism, is designed to Produce Victims.  It is a Value System [TOTAL VALUE SYSTEM] all about Color in all Nine (9) Areas of People Activities.  Economics, Education, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War, ALL ABOUT COLOR.   

Now, who has the most say in Law Enforcement?  Somebody White!  That’s either correct or incorrect, You be the Judge! People may say “Marv we have Black leaders.  My reply is, “I say as Mr. Nelly Fuller Jr. puts it, “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A BLACK LEADERS IN THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY”.  They are merely Black Spokes Persons.  The so-called Black Spokes Persons even have somebody White over them as a Boss/Master.

What good is it to have Video Cameras when all White Jurors, Police Law Enforcers Unions, Police Law Enforcers Captains, Police Law Enforcers Chiefs, Corrupted Judges and Prosecutors, etc, just simply let the Murderers go or give them a Slap on the wrist?  Is that why Police Law Enforcers don’t care if they are being recorded or not?   Is it because they know that nothing serious will happen to them for Murdering a Person? More importantly, the question is what are we going to do about it?  If you have an answer, please pass it on to Me and the other 99.9%.  Together, maybe We can fix this big problem of the System Of White Supremacy/Racism.

One other thing to keep in mind is that there are no Police on the Planet Earth in the System Of White Supremacy.  ONLY Law Enforcers who call themselves Police.  A real Police Officer believes in Justice and protecting People, not mistreating People. 

Police Law Enforcers believe in the System Of White Supremacy/Racism and Mistreating People who have Color in their Skin.

There’s one other thing to keep in mind.  There is no such thing as a Black Racist or Black Supremacist, in the System Of White Supremacy/Racism. You have to be White to be a Racist.  A White Person can not be a Victim in THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY”.  It’s impossible to be Supreme in a System that You are a Victim of.  That’s not LOGICAL. 

And since the System is about Mistreating People with Color in their skin, NO Classified WHITE PERSON can be a Victim since they have NO Color in their Skin.  A White Person can be a victim of mistreatment, but not be a Victim of WHITE SUPREMACY.  You have to be Classified as none White to be a Victim of WHITE SUPREMACY.  None White meaning having Color in Your Skin.     

If a Black Person is supposed to be a Racist, they would have to be classified as SUPREME!  And No Black Person is Supreme of anything in the SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY. 



SUPREME means the HIGHEST/TOP.   Nothing can be Higher!


Hope this helps,



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Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.

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In The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism, Doctor Welsing reasoned that “Racism (White Supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white. 

Whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity. 

1. Economics, 2. Education, 3. Entertainment, 4. Labor, 5. Law, 6. Politics, 7. Religion, 8. Sex and 9. War). for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.



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