18. Police Are Brainwashed Murderers And Killers

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They’re Brain Washed Murderers and Killers And

Most Don’t Even Know  How  Or Why!

So you want to kill a person because you say they are breaking a law called “Not using a blinker or having a busted taillight”

All Police stop people with the intentions of killing people (whether they know it or not) otherwise there’s no reason to stop the people for traffic offenses such as broken tail light or not using a blinker. 

This is true or not.  Because, when a police stops you for a traffic offense or even drugs, they are in fact looking to kill you if you don’t so-called COMPLY (do what they say) to them because you didn’t  use your blinker or didn’t stop at a stop sign (even if no one else was coming). 

Police are supposed to be public servants not judge, jury and executioners.  Now some people might say “well Marv the person should have stopped or the person broke the Law” I would ask those people “do they think that a person deserves to die who did not use a blinker or went through a stop sign?  What is breaking the law?  Who’s law?  And why is it law for everyone who doesn’t want it to be their law?

If they don’t give you a logical answer to those questions, do not try to continue any type of communications with those type of people because, they are mentally ill and will not understand you what-so-ever.  So it’s just a waste of your time and energy to try to interact with a person who doesn’t use any type of logic at all.

It’s like trying to tell somebody there’s no such thing as Santa Clause or an Easter Bunny and they will fight you to the Graves trying to justify and defend their beliefs, in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

That’s why No Religious Person Should Ever Hold Any Kind Of Office Of Authority because there can be no true justice for the people the religious persons are judging just because that person doesn’t believe or think about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, the same ways as the religious Judge does.

The mere fact that the Police wants to stop you for nothing but a traffic offense, is proof that the Police are looking to kill someone, even with the Police not knowing the wrong they are doing.  If the Police were not looking to kill people because of a traffic offenses then there would be no reason for stopping people.  They should be after real criminals that has , robbed, killed and/or caused physical harm to someone else.  A police will go to a person’s home to kill them over a traffic offense using the excuse called a Warrant. 

A piece of paper that another person entitled a so-called Judge writes person’s death sentence for called a warrant, who the judge claims owes money to a Fictional thing company, city, state, building called a court, etc, etc.) for a fictional traffic offense.  Please keep in mind now the very important fact that, you have not cause any physical harm to anyone.   HOWEVER, they (Judge and Police) are going to cause you physical harm and even Death) because they claim you owe a thing some money.

Now seriously folks, how mentally Ill can a person get than that?   They’re either mentally ill or Bullies or Gangsters or just plain Evil to kill people for money.  Moreover, the Police is so confused and ignorant that he/she doesn’t even realize how they are letting someone else turn them (Police) into murderers without their even knowing how it’s being done to them.  There’s nobody that can argue that fact.

Police are supposed to be servants for the people (Public Servants).  Police are supposed to protect people from vicious crimes such as murder, thief, robber, killing, etc, physical harms.  Instead, they (the Police) becomes the same murder, thief, robber, killer, etc, that they are supposed to be protecting people from.  Do you see how things are always turned around ass-backwards by the White Supremacists folks?  This is to cause confusions so that it will keep your/our minds off of the real things/issues. 

For example; Police arrest people who are causing harm only to themselves and nobody else, for using drugs.  Police is causing more harm to that person using drugs by taking away that person/s freedom locking them in a cage.  Police are causing that person using the drugs more harm by killing that person if the person doesn’t comply to the Police’s demands for a supposedly traffic offense.  How can the Police truly say that they are helping the person who is using the drugs or the public, if those persons are not causing physical harm to nobody but themselves? 

The Police are the only people who are causing the real physical harm to another person by arresting or killing the people using drugs.   THE Police are in fact causing the real physical harm to the very people who are causing harm only to themselves.  Now what kind of stupid logic is that? 

Example; You are a Police and approach a person who’s  getting ready to jump off a building to kill themselves.  To keep that person from jumping off the building, you say you ordered them to lay down on the ground but they didn’t comply, so you shot that person.  Now, you just shot and killed a person trying to keep the person from killing themselves.   What kind of logic is that folks?  If you’re a Police trying to keep the person from killing themselves, why did you kill the person?  How dam stupid can a person be to try and justify something that ignorant and foolish?

Men get put in jail for not paying so-called child support.  (Which they should want to do as fathers anyway).  Now they can’t work any kind of job (because they’re locked up in a cage) to make money to pay the supposedly child support.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply take it out of their pay-checks from a job, like they do when they want money for traffic offenses? 

No Police or Judges people supposedly in a position of authority, etc, should ever open their mouths to say anything against Dr. Kevorkian, if they try to justify or defend that bull-crap.  At least Kevorkian tried to help the person make dying less painful.  The Police and Judges don’t even have that kind of compassion.  They just kill your ass and that’s it.  On to the next victim.  Man oh man you gotta wake up folks!

A woman Judge took my freedom from me and had me locked up, put in a cage for over a week just because I didn’t answer questions from a Suspected White Racist Man.  I didn’t cause any harm to anyone but, she cause physical harm to me.  Where’s the logic in that and who took my freedom and locked me in a cage? A thing (the Law) or her?  That’s why I sued her ass and a lot more people along with her.  A the real sickening part about it was the fact that she was so-called Black.  Ain’t dat a Bi%%@#$((&th?.

The average FOOL would try to defend or justify the Judge by stating;


FOOL; Hey Marv, the JUDGE has a right to take your freedom if you don’t do what he/she says. Even if you haven’t harmed anybody.

MARV; Why?

FOOL;  because that’s the law.  What don’t you understand about that Marv?.  She has the right because she’s the JUDGE and you’re a nobody.

MARV;  I didn’t make her my judge so what about that? 

FOOL; That doesn’t make any difference, that’s the law Marv.

MARV; I didn’t make the law.

FOOL; It doesn’t make a difference Marv the people made the law.

MARV; the people made the law not me so why do I have to comply to the people’s law.

FOOL; Marv I’m not going to argue with you about such stupid stuff.  You’re trying to use word games as a defense, Marv the law can do whatever they want.

MARV; That’s what they/you are doing playing word games.  How can a law (a thing) do something to me.  Either the law (a thing) does something to people or other people do something to people.  Which one puts a person in jail? The law (a thing) or a person?

FOOL; Marv you sound ridiculous.  Like I said, the law can do whatever they want.

MARV; That’s why I keep asking you which one is doing something, a thing or a person?

FOOL; Marv I’m not going to argue with you about such stupid stuff.  the law can do whatever they want.

MARV; If you can’t answer the question then just admit it.

FOOL; I just answered your stupid question MARV and I don’t have to answer your dumb questions anymore because like I said before, the law can do whatever they want.

MARV;  Well, who are THEY, you keep referring to when you say the law can do what They want to?

FOOL; Marv, if you can’t understand that, I’m sorry for you.  You either obey the law or have your freedom taken away from you by the Judge or Police.  That’s all to it.

MARV; Can you answer my question FOOL?   Who is taking my freedom, a living person called a Police, Judge, etc., or a thing called law?

FOOL;; It’s senseless trying to talk to you Marv so our conversation is over.

MARV;  Now that’s about the only thing that I do understand that you said that makes any kind of LOGICAL sense. And that is, it’s senseless trying to talk about it. (Especially, to a FOOL.  A religious FOOL at that. END OF STORY FOLKS!

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