…….No More Black & White Police Cars. WHY?

New Neely Fuller Song: Entitled:

The Code Song
Also: “Crack was Made For Blacks


Why do you think the White Supremacist Racist stop allowing Black & White Police Cars to be seen anymore?  Perhaps because the Black & White Police Cars was a Symbol of Equality

As of this date and time, the only colors that we/you see on Police Cars is Black with any other Color other than White.  Why do you think that is? 

Do you think it’s because the White Supremacist Racist does not want the Color White affiliated with any other Colors that they promote as something Nasty, Criminal, Bad, Evil, Inferior, etc, just to keep the Color White Separate from all other Colors, Things, Cultures

If you answer NO, please explain why and provide Evidence and Factual Proof of your explanation.  Should you not be able to do so, I’m not interested in any of your Thoughts, Ideas, Dreams, Theories, etc.

There’s only one reason why the White Supremacist Racist does ANYTHING, and that’s to help Promote, Strengthen, and Continue  White Supremacy Racism.  Why Is All Flu, Bacteria, Pneumonia, Etc, Named  After ALL Cultures Colors Other Than A White Flu, Bacteria, Pneumonia, Etc,?

Because White Is Always Supposed To Be Good, Pure, Right, Gods, Etc, Etc.  All Other Colors Or Cultures Are Supposedly Bad , Foul, Criminal, Evil, Nasty, Inferior, Etc.   You’ll Never See A Flu, Bacteria, Pneumonia, Etc, Named  After White Culture Because That Would Make The Color White appear Inferior and the White Supremacy Racism look Bad, Evil, Nasty, Criminal, etc.  White Is Supposed To Be Pure, Good not Inferior, Remember?  Everything Else Other Than White Is Bad, Evil, Nasty, Criminal, Inferior etc.!

Now, Can’t You Realize That The Corona Virus Is Nothing New?  No? Why Not? 

Here are two Brothers videos that give information about the Corona Virus.

Dr Phil Valentine- The Corona Virus Cover Up


Curtis Cost- Vaccines Are Dangerous

The Virus Is Definitely Real  [Whatever You, Me, White Supremacist Racist, Wants To Name It]   ButThings Aren’t What They Appear To Be.  The Corona Beer Virus Is Nothing New!  This has been done before in History.  It’s the same Con Game with a different spin on it!

All The So-Called White Supremacist Democrats Over Threw The Government Before With The Help Of All The So-Called White Supremacist Republicans, with a Plan that Worked Very Well.  They are All White Supremacist Racists no matter what Names they give You, Me or Themselves.  

 All The So-Called Suspected White Supremacist Democrats In Power Now And  All The So-Called Suspected White Supremacist Republicans In Power Now, Must Keep Exchanging Political Power To Keep People Divided.  They First Have The White Supremacist Democrats In Power Then Have White Supremacist Republicans In Power.  This Is One Way Of Them Keeping Confusion And Division Happening To/With And Among  The People Of Color, To Keep People From Coming Together. 

The White Supremacist Racist Make It Appear As Though They Are Fighting Each Other When In Reality, They Are All  Working Together To Keep Power And Control Over All People On The Planet.  These People Do Not Care What Color, Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Creed, Nationality, Etc, You Are. 

And These Are The Very Same Suspected White Supremacist Racist People You Gave/Give Your Permission, To Control You And Make Decisions For You, Your Family, Children And Your Very Lives.  What A Shame On You, Me And Them. 

Some people might say “Well Marv, there’s Black Democrats and Republicans too.  Aren’t they Racists?”  [My Answer]  HEL-L-L-L-L  N-A-A-AW-W-W-W-W.  Just consider them as Janitors or pieces of Furniture or Decorations for the White People in Office.  They are just there as Tokens.  The have no power nor the Muscle to back up anything they try to do.  Obama was a fine example of how that happens anytime a mere little White Senator man, can call him a lair while Obama was speaking to the House. [Ain’t dat a BITC$$^_)&(T)&^? 

Or the News Media Personnel, TV & Magazines, Radios, etc, talking about how his wife looked like an Ape or Monkey.  Then Talk about Their two Female Children [2 Daughters] and no one could do anything about it. 


For all the Dumb Asses out there who still think or believe that Blacks can be Racists,  keep on doing what you do because the S.H.I.T is Finally Hitting The Fan already.  Good luck with/and on your Journey of Ignorance and Ill-Logical Ideas/Thinking/Beliefs.

 White Supremacist Racist Always SELL(s) People things they don’t Need and that are, Non-Constructive, Filthy, Nasty, Ignorant, Junk.  And all the Dumb Asses seem to always Buy into it.  Umm Ummm Ummm!  Pitiful.

It’s all about Commerce/Energy.  Commerce is what makes the World go round.  Commerce is merely People exchanging their Energy with other people’s Energies.  That’s probably why Africa is so widely sort after by all Nations. It’s a place that has about 12 Million Sq. Miles [Twelve] of great Natural Resources.  And Black People/Men, Women, Babies and Children have to be Starved to Death in their Own Land, because of White Supremacy Racism.  How Low Down and Foul can a person get? 

Hell, Africa can Feed The World!  So why do Black People/Men, Women, Babies and Children have to Starved to Death in their Own Land?  That’s totally Ridiculous!  And just think, people actually believes/thinks that an all powerful God, all Good God is responsible for all those Black People/Men, Women, Babies and Children Starving to Death in their Own Land. 

Not to mention the Disasters like Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornado, Disease, Corona Virus, Phantoms, Birth Defects, etc, a long, long  list of ways LIFE is made Miserable by Natural Causes and Disasters.

And to think that some kind of all Powerful All Mighty and All Good God made things this way!  COME FOLKS!   What kind of S.H.I.T. is that?  It Makes no sense at all, but the White Supremacists Racists’ has SOLD and still SELLING all that S.H.I.T. to US.  COME FOLKS,  Seriously!  

Check out what the Great Scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson said about A God.

I think that the Corona Virus, is here rising up against the White Supremacist Racist by/from Nature and the Universe!   Not PEOPLE of COLORPeople of Color have Suffered as much as any Living Thing can possibly Suffer.   Therefore, Mother Nature and the Universe is putting things back in Balance again and the White Supremacist Racist Man & Woman, has waited too late, to  correct their mistake, of the Monster they Invented called—–White Supremacy!  

That’s either Correct or Incorrect.   You be the Judge!  In the mean time, don’t take too long to Judge because, it’s happening right now [this very moment] rather You Like/Believe it, of not!

 [IN A SENSE] the Corona Virus can be looked upon as a Blessing   for People of Color


Racism is the Major Cause for all Other Problems on the Planet.  The Corona Beer Virus has taken people’s attention off of Thinking, Speaking and Acting upon/Ending Racism.  Which is what the White Supremacist Racist purposely causes to happen, when too many people start coming together and giving more attention to Racism and how to Eliminate it.

And remember that, Doctors, Nurses, Health Officials of any kinds, are just Men and Women.  And all Men and Women can make mistakes, so be very careful about how you Interpret much of the Information they give you in/on the News Broadcasts  because, remember they are Men and Women, not Gods.   And of course that does not mean to take anything away from the great, great Talents that they may possess.  They are Greatly Appreciated and Admired by Me and I would say, most People around the World.  However, being just Men and Women, they can and will be Paid Off, Bribed, Manipulated, Paid to give False information and Acting [as was with 911] to the People/Public.

So, just use Logic Folks!  It doesn’t take Rocket Scientific Thinking to learn about things.  Things are what they are.  Everything was already here before we arrived folks, so get use to it or else.  END OF STORY

You can buy or accept all the Fantasies and Big Con Games, etc, the White Supremacist Racist sells to you.   However, as for Me, I don’t mind listening to anyone but, I’ll always try to Think for Myself and see Things for what they Really Are!

How About You?

Things Just don’t add up Folks.  It makes no Sense what-so-ever!   If the Corona Virus is such a Danger for an Epidemic or Pandemic, why are Big Companies Still Advertising Products we can’t use at this moment?   And how can it be so Devastating if a Dam Can of Lysol or Hand Sanitizer can Kill or Control it?  It’s not the Virus that is shutting down the stores, businesses, banks, etc, etc!  It’s people that’s doing the shutting down.  People like so-called Mayors, Senators, Governors, Congress Folks, Presidents, Dictators, etc.  And why do you think that’s happening Folks?

More importantly, there is no kind of Masks ever made that can keep a Virus from entering you if it’s AIRBORNE!  Mask are mainly helpful with Bacterial things, not VirusesViruses are to small for any kind of Mask to completely control.  Don’t take my word for it or listen to me, Research it for yourself.  Bacteria is far more bigger than Viruses.  Therefore, wear all the Mask you want, it probably won’t help [in my opinion] with any kind of Viruses, no matter what somebody names it.  If a Virus is AIRBORNE, that’s Our Asses!  Plain and simple. 

Besides if it’s AIRBORNE, no matter what kind of Masks you’re wearing, you still have to Breath some Dam Air to stay alive.  So, how does a Mask block out the Virus that’s in the Air?  Think Folks, Just Think! 


People today are still living like they are still in the Dark Ages

When Witches were being Burned At The Stakes.



Or   The  UNIVERSE   And   NATURE!


Now How Do You Like Them Apples?

Hope this helps,


The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”




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