15. The Supposedly Founding Fathers Owned Slaves

THE SUPPOSEDLY FOUNDING FATHERS OF THE (U.S.A.)People Should NEVER Celebrate Or Honor Any Of These Men

Along With All The Other American Presidents

That Owned Slaves.  Why Honor Men/People Who Owned Slaves?


People,  Understand What’s Happening To You With The Use Of Words! 


THE SUPPOSEDLY FOUNDING FATHERS OF THIS (U.S.A.) included George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe and, Benjamin Franklin, etc, etc.
These men, together with several other key players of their time, were not truthful to the world. These men were SLAVE OWNERS and had the audacity to tell people that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”.

As a great man (named George Carlin)-Comedian) once said, ” That is stunningly, stunningly full of shit”. These men just simply used trickery with words to confuse everyone else because they indeed owned slaves. Now I ask you “Where’s the logic in that”?



It would probably be very hard for some so-called Patriot to understand along with millions of other confused people but, if they can’t see the logic, just let them live in their own little fantasy world, as long as they or you don’t cause any harm to others.


Here’s My Thoughts, Ideals and Opinions About It

Has someone ever stated to you ” Do You Understand” and/or Don’t You understand” about something?  Well, I’d like to let you in for a surprise. Those are not questions. Questions consist of who, what, when, where, how and why. When a person states to you something like ” Do You Understand What I just Asked You” or Don’t You Understand What I just Asked You”, you might think that they have just asked you a question but, they really haven’t asked you anything. They just made a statement.

What they did was cause you to be confused with their use of words, using trickery, to make you think they have asked you a question. They did not ask What Do You Understand” or What Don’t You understand”. Now those are legitimate questions because they used a who, what, when, where, how and why. So keep that in mind when someone try to play word games with you.

Never respond to something or somebody, giving them an answer, to their statement, that is not a question. Even if they ask What Do You Understand” or What Don’t You understand about my question”, I would still just merely state “I don’t understand anything about what you stated because I did not hear you ask me a question until now”. So, what is your question?

Well folks, do you see how people play word games with you without you even realizing what they are doing? And when you respond, you just cause yourself problems because you are responding to something that is not a question or, is logical. You therefore are causing your self confusion along with that person, which in turn, makes you liable for your own ignorance to their demands and/or force of authority upon you. They can now come back at any time and say ” Well, I asked you “Do You Understand” or Don’t You understand and you said…Bla, bla, bla“.

Well folks, now you can’t dispute what they say because, you did give a respond and/or answer to their so-called question. Which really was not a question. Now if you try to say “Well I didn’t know what you meant at the time”. I’m afraid it would be a little to late for that defense folks because, you already committed yourself with your answer/response to them in the first place.

They will just say you answered their question and now you want to play games like you didn’t understand what I asked you. If you didn’t understand, (now here’s where they get you folks) WHY did you answer the respond?

If you don’t understand something folks, JUST SAY SO! Quit trying to be so anxious to get a/your point across to anyone about anything. Always question everything and every body. Even if you think you understand, don’t respond until you ask a question. That way you will have no doubt what-so-ever about what their meaning is about anything or any body.

Ask them  “Are you asking me a question”?  If they say yes, then ask them, “OK then what is your question? If they respond by saying the same thing ” Do You Understand What I just Asked You” or Don’t You Understand What I just Asked You”?  Simply state that, you don’t understand what it is they mean, since they are not asking you a question using who, what, when, where, how and why.  Let them be the ones who are going around in circles until they ask you a legitimate question.

Otherwise, you and them are not communicating, and it’s not your fault they don’t know what a question is.  Of course most people will try to justify themselves by saying or thinking that your the one who is stupid or insane but don’t let go of your logic and stand your ground.  Even if they use force upon you.  As long as you know that you are correct. there’s no getting around truth and logic.  I don’t care what the hell any body says or thinks.

Even If they asked you  ” Do You Understand What I just Asked You”  or Don’t You Understand What I just Asked You”,  and you respond by saying  “No I don’t understand”, Folks, you have just given an answered to their statement they made, not a question they asked you.  You said No which is still an answer to whatever they said . 

Therefore; you have no defense when they come back later and say,  “Since you answered and/or responded to my statement, you must have taken it to mean a question.  And they would be totally correct.  Simply state that, you don’t understand what it is they mean, since they are not asking you a question using who, what, when, where, how and why.  Let them be the ones who are going around in circles until they ask you a legitimate question. 


You’ve probably heard it said that someone can’t be taught until they’re ready to learn.  I’ve heard it said that way too.  It makes sense to me and my experience tells me it’s pretty much true. Why though? Why can’t someone be taught until they are ready to learn?  A man named Clayton Christensen explained it in a way that I’ve never heard before which seems very logical to me. 

Test it for yourself to find out if it can be of any constructive benefit to you or not. 

Paraphrased slightly, he stated: 

Questions are places in your mind where answers fit.  If you haven’t asked the question, the answer has nowhere to go.  It hits your mind and bounces right off”.

(Stated like Poetry)

“You have to ask the question You have to want to know In order to open up the space in your mind For the answer to go.”

In my opinion this is very great insight.  He continued to talk about the power of questions.  Questions are your mind’s receptors for answers.  If you aren’t curious enough to want to know why to want to ask questions, then you’re not making the room in your mind for answers to go.  If you stop asking questions, your mind can’t grow.  END OF STORY FOLKS!

I don’t think it can get much simpler than that.  Of course for some people (who live in the Matrix-or took the Blue or Red pill) they won’t be able to comprehend at all what that means so, it’s useless to waste your time and energies to even respond to their idiotic illogical thinking. 

First of all, they are not thinking truthfully and logically if they have not asked a question about something they know nothing about.  Like Clayton said,  “If you haven’t asked the question, the answer has nowhere to go.  It hits your mind and bounces right off”.  ROTFLMAO.


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