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The LGBT Community  Is  A  Misleading  Concept  And Culture.  Just Like The System Of White Supremacy.  It Has No Leaders.  The System Of White Supremacy, Is Not Living Men Or Women.  It’s A System of Make Believe Things, Ideas, Thoughts,  A CON GAME.

BECAUSE; Just like the Women’s Lib Movement, the LGBT concept is just another way for the The System Of White Supremacy and the White Supremacists/Racists to use the Big Con Game to control all people and keep the so-called Black People enslaved.  It’s all about Business Folks!

The Women’s Lib Movement Concept was about Empowering the so-called White Woman.  It was not about All Women. [And especially the so-called Black Woman].  Women’s Rights did not and still does not, apply to the Black Women.  It was used by White Women [knowingly or not] to further White Women’s Benefits and Rights.

Just as with the Murder of George Floyd, other groups [Women, Men, Cultures] uses the George Floyd Murder Situation, as a means to help further and refine their Benefits [knowingly or not] against the White Supremacists/Racists.  The Evidence is proof of it.  And the Evidence clearly shows that if the White Women of the Women’s Lib Movement Concept and the Men ands Women of the LGBT Community Concept were really concerned about helping Black People,


Therefore, there’s no Logical Reasoning to think that, they are ALL so concerned now [during the George Floyd Murder, MARCHING AND PROTESTING ] and especially since they [White Women and LGBT Community] have so much to lose by not MARCHING AND PROTESTING along with the Black People NOW! It’s the same game with a different spin on it Folks!

What  you believe in is not the same as what you know or who you really are, or what really is.  Some people can’t  separate these things.  This is because of the System Of White Supremacy Racism and the effects it has on all people and things.

Not only is The LGBT Community A  Misleading Concept And Culture, but so is The Black Community, The Hispanic Community, The Italian Community, The Asian Community, The African Community, etc, etc.

Everything Was Already Here Before We Arrived On This Planet Earth.   

For a person to think that they can somehow  become something other than what  they really are,  is misleading.  A person born as a Male or Female,  is just that!  A Male or  Female!  Nothing more, nothing less. 

People did not create themselves.  Therefore,  people do not have the power  nor the ability,  to create anything.  Everything was already here before we arrived on this Planet Earth. 

Don’t  get me wrong,  I’m not bashing, nor am I against Gays,  Lesbians, Transgender,  Homosexuals, etc,  nor do I care what  type of sexual preference they may desire.  However,  because  someone has a sex operation that removes or adds to their sexual anatomy/organs,  does not  mean that they have changed  from what  they really  were/are.  They’re  still  a Male or Female no matter what kinds of things they add or subtract  from/to their  Physical Anatomy.

Gays,  Lesbians, Transgender,  Homosexuals, etc, should be proud of who they really are instead of being proud of their Sexual Preferences.  Why be proud of a preference that is nothing but a Concept?  Why not be proud of what you really are instead?  There’s nothing wrong with being a Male or Female.  Nor is there anything wrong with being Gay,  Lesbian, Transgender,  Homosexual, etc.

There is however, a lot wrong with trying to be something/someone other than what you really are.  And changing the way that you feel, want to look like, or trying to change who you really are, is very wrong.  There’s no way around.  So, I say to all Gays,  Lesbians, Transgender,  Homosexuals, etc, just be yourself and enjoy whatever kind of Concepts that you want.  But to Ignore Truth, [That Which Is] (knowingly or not) will always, cause yourself and others, nothing but a lot of Confusions and Problems.

The most  important  thing for anyone to remember  is the fact that, Everything was already here before we arrived on this Planet Earth.  Everything that we needed for our existence was already here for us when we arrived.  That’s including our Logic.   And our  Logic  should tell us that  it’s impossible for us to change anything or anybody,  that we did not create.

Our physical bodies developed through the process of what Scientists  call  Cell Multiplication/Regeneration,  amongst  other things dealing with DNA.

Therefore, if a person thinks that they can somehow  become something other  than what  their/DNA started out  (through creation) to be, is very misleading and confusing to themselves and others.   It’s no problem in having a desire but,  don’t lie to yourself and others, saying or thinking that you or some Doctor or Scientist, has literally change  your  DNA. 

A Physical Anatomy can be added to or subtracted from, but  never changed.  It is what  it is!  Therefore, you should  like or love yourself,  for what you really are, or what  you wish you could have been or be.  There’s nothing wrong with that logic!  But, when a person lies to themselves and others because of what they want or desire, that causes lots of confusion and is, untruthful.

Now before anyone wants to get all wound up and in an uproar about the Facts and Truth that I’m stating,  let me reassure you that, by no means am I talking about a person’s sexual preference.  That’s totally different  from a person’s  physical  and  biological  makeup.

Because a person is attracted to the same gender as themselves doesn’t  mean that  I, nor anyone else,  has the right to judge them,  since we didn’t create them.  However,  that doesn’t  mean that I nor anyone else, has to accept  a lie,  that a person is something other than what they really are, either.  And there’s no getting around that truth, no matter  if people like it or not. 

And the truth,  is that,  we are what we are.  (Whatever the hell that is). That’s  how  we were created. 

Example; It’s impossible for a person to change their  hands into a foot no matter what  they do [adding/subtracting] Physically to their hand and feet Anatomies.  Hands are hands and feet are feet.  END OF STORY FOLKS!

That  doesn’t  mean a person can’t  try to make their hands or feet look like one or the other.   Maybe a person wants to have it that way,  and that’s their prerogative.  You can take paper  and  add fire to it,  but  that doesn’t  mean that it’s not paper  anymore,  because it’s burnt  to what some people call ashes.  That  just simply mean that  it’s burnt paper. 

BUT,  it’s still paper no matter what a person adds or subtracts from or to it.  The paper can’t  change because it is what it is.  And  if you really  want  to get into it more precisely,  the paper came from a Tree.   Something else that was already here  when we arrived.

So,  there’s no getting around it folks,  just like the paper/tree,  people can’t change anything  because,  we are, what  we are.

Now some folks may argue and say  “Well Marv,  the paper use to be a Tree or Wood,  as you stated yourself.   So how did it not change?”

My answer  is simple,  the paper  was never a tree  or  wood.  That’s why I stated that,  the paper came from a Tree.  The paper  wasn’t  even created from the tree!  SOUNDS CONFUSING? 

Let  me put it this way.  The tree was already here when we arrived.  From the tree, man and woman invented, what they call wood,  paper,  ashes,  etc.  Man and Woman came up with the thought,  idea,  concept,  Illusion, etc,  about what  they took from, or added to, the tree, as being something other than what the thing  [TREE] really was. 

What  Man and Woman did to the tree, didn’t  change the tree from what  it originally was.  (Whatever the hell that was/is)  They just added too, or subtracted from the tree,  with SOMETHING ELSE  that was already  here before we arrived.  So you see folks,  Nothing and Nobody,  can every change, or  be changed,  by us. [People who Did Not,  even create themselves].

Therefore, the Paper is not a creation.  It’s just merely an invention/Concept/Idea/Thought, etc, from something (the Tree) that was already here or already [Created] .

Keep in mind that We  Are  Creations  Ourselves,  so it’s impossible for us to have the power  or the ability,  to change or  create,  anything or anybody.  A Creation can not Create Anything.  It’s impossible!

To  Sum things up in a nut shell  so-to-speak,  if a male thinks he can become a female because of certain things he may add or subtract  to his Physical Anatomy,  According to Logic,  that would be impossible!  [Same as with a female]. 

However,  should a male desires to be called a female, and/or addressed as a female,  [the same with a female who desires to be called,  named or addressed  as a male ] that’s  what other people should call or address them as. 

I think the LGBT, etc, should  have the best that life has to offer as with everybody else.   However,  to try and convince  themselves and others that they are really Male or  Female [when they were not created that  way ] is not truthful,  no matter who likes it or not.  However,  I must Reiterate once again that,  LGBT’s, etc,  should be Very proud of who they Really are, even if they are not proud, of the Way they were created.  They have the abilities to add and subtract from the way they were created, to their own liking. It doesn’t get any better than that if you use Logic.

LGBT’s, etc, don’t have the Power nor the Ability to change who they really are.  SO LOVE YOURSELVES and to Hell with what somebody else has to say about it.  As long as they don’t get physical and put their hands on you [so-to-speak].  And when that happens, you have the right to protect yourself, [in the words of Malcolm X] BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

It’s  also confusing to me as to why a person who is attracted to the same Physical Anatomy,  as themselves,  would want to change the very thing  (Physical Anatomy ) ABOUT  themselves,  that they are attracted too. 

In simpler words, why would a man who is attracted to other men, want  to change the way he looks as a Man,  since he’s attracted to males?  If he doesn’t  like the looks of his own Anatomy (which is male) how  then is he attracted to another  Male  Anatomy that  resembles his own Male  Anatomy ?

That’s very confusing to me.  Not saying that it’s correct or incorrect, right or wrong,  or that  it’s even important to them or me.  It’s just me saying that I don’t understand it.   And  if someone could help me by explaining it to me,  like I’m a six year old,  I may be able to comprehend it better, as well as being very appreciative of their help.  

I’m still learning,  and I want to know about anybody,  and everything,  I can.

For  anyone who wants to argue or debate  about  helping me, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE!   If you don’t  want to help people,  you are not the kind of person that  I want  to communicate with anyways.   Anger, Confusion and Ignorance are some of your worst enemies!

Besides, When You Ignore,  Ignorant People,  You Starve Them  Of  The Very Things They  Love  The  Most.   And Those Things Are,  Confusion,  Fighting, Controversy,  And  Attention.

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1. Economics, 2. Education, 3. Entertainment, 4. Labor, 5. Law, 6. Politics, 7. Religion, 8. Sex and 9. War). for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.



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Jane Elliott: 

Jane Elliott is an American former third-grade schoolteacher, anti-racism activist, and educator, as well as a feminist and an LGBT activist. She is known for her “Blue eyes–Brown eyes” exercise.  You can get more info about her at: http://www.janeelliott.com/.

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