10. Your Wages, Salary & Tips, Are Not Income

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Income is money you get from gains and profits. For example: you play the lottery and win. You’ve just made income because, you got money for something you didn’t have to work or labor for, so that means the money is taxable. However, every cent you work for is not income. Its money you earned and money that you should keep. ALL OF IT! END OF STORY FOLKS.

Also, please take notice; that the money you used to play the Lottery with, was money you earned but, the money you won, is Income. This can be confusing to some because, earned money can be used to acquire Income but, earned money, never can actually be Income because it was earned.

[And Please Note: If there is NO OTHER NAME on ANY document you sign, the document is not a Valid Contract. A documented contract has to have two or more signatures, an offer and acceptance and value or consideration, to be a Valid Contract].

1. The 1040 A-Z, Form etc. documents clearly states what it is, in the top left corner and bottom right corner on the front of it.
2. When you turn the 1040 A-Z, ETC. documents over it also clearly states what it is in the top left corner, bottom right corner on the back of it.
4. This means it’s just a piece of paper, a document a form.
Now! Hold the 1040 document in your hand(s) and magically change/turn the 1040 document into a glass of water. You can’t right? It’s impossible. Well try to magically change/turn the 1040 document into your hat or dress or pants or a TV, radio, etc. Get my point now? You can’t It’s simply not possible.

OK then. Since you can’t change/turn the 1040 piece of paper/document/form into anything (since it’s just a piece of paper) how do you (or did it) magically change/turn into a Return? IT DIDN’T AND IT WON’T CHANGE BECAUSE IT’S JUST A DAM PIECE OF PAPER
Well Surprise, Surprise! It’s still a piece of paper isn’t it?

So if you sign your name on that paper, you not signing you name on a RETURN, you’re signing your name on a Piece Of Paper. So where is the RETURN that you’re supposed to have examined or be signing?  Remember you only have a piece of paper in your hands.

As a matter of fact the 1040 document clearly states of the back that you must sign a RETURN, under penalty of perjury. So if you sign the piece of paper, you are not signing a RETURN you’re signing a PIECE OF PAPER. YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING THEIR DIRECTIONS HONESTLY OR CORRECTLY.
That means only one thing; you are committing perjury, if you sign that piece of paper and try to pass it off as a return.  Remember it’s still that piece of paper/document/form that you couldn’t change/turn into a HAT, TV, Dress or anything else.

So remember, you cannot MAGICALLY change/turn it into a RETURN either.  Did you know you can go to jail for signing that paper because it would be fraud? Well you can. Not only that but, it’s also Mail fraud, A very serious CRIMINAL OFFENSE because you are using the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE to send the fraudulent 1040 paper/document/form that you signed, back to the thing (not a person) or company, etc. 

Now I’m guessing that by now you’re saying to yourself, WTF have I been doing?  And WTF am I supposed to do now?  No cause for alarm folks, it’s pretty simple.

                                         DON’T SIGN THE DAM PAPER.

They requested you to sign a RETURN so, always remain Peaceful and Honorable when dealing with any kind of situation.  You or your tax person can send the 1040 piece of paper/document/form, to whoever or whatever thing, company, corporation, etc. requesting it along with a

DATED letter stating something similar to this:

“Please forgive me, but I need your help with what it is that you are requesting of me. On the 1040 piece of paper/document/form, on the back where it states SIGN HERE: UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY I DECLARE THAT I HAVE EXAMINED THIS RETURN, etc, etc.

The problem that I’m having is finding, where or what, is the RETURN you’re talking about?  I have not examined a RETURN but I have however, examine this 1040 piece of paper/document/form. So what do you mean by RETURN, and, where is it so that I can sign it.

You’re confusing me because the only RETURN I know about is when I hand somebody something and they hand it back to me which of course we all know that, that would be an action, which can’t possibly be sign.

So please send me a RETURN so that I can sign it for you.  Also, while you’re at it, can you please specifically explain to me what it is to file a TAX? (By the way please note, that my name is not Tax Payer, I’m a living man/woman) What do you mean by filing? The only thing I know about filing is going to a manicurist and getting my nails filed. Or in a store standing in a single file line. Or putting some papers/documents/forms in a filing cabinet.

So please explain what you mean by filing or what you mean by “you must file your taxes”. What do you mean MY TAXES, how did I acquire some kind of taxes? I don’t remember signing up for some program or lottery asking to be given some kind of taxes. If you have a contract or agreement showing otherwise, please submit that as well and make certain that it is a certified copy of the contract or agreement.

So please help me to help you. I don’t want to commit fraud by signing a piece of paper that is not a RETURN and I don’t know what cabinets to use to file it in.  As you can plainly see, I need your help.

And when you send back your correspondence/reply to me, please state your true identity such as name, address, company you work for or workplace and your Boss’s information as well, so that I may know exactly who it is that I am corresponding with. Also make certain that it is certified copies as well.

I look forward to your anticipated cooperation in this matter.
Sincerely your,
Mr/Ms/Mrs John/Jane Doe

Now, that’s how easy it is folks and you’re not doing anything wrong or illegal by asking for help. Send it certified with a return receipt request so that you have proof that they received it. This should also erase your fear of going to jail. You’re just following their directions the best you can. How can you be sent to jail for merely asking questions and for help about something you don’t understand and do not want to commit perjury for?

But, be ready folks, because they don’t like it when you’ve awakened because they can’t steal any more money from you voluntarily. So! You can expect to get the 1040 piece of Paper/Document/Form, back from them, this time with a threatening letter or notice of some sort. Don’t get alarmed!

Remember, your just asking questions and for help. Their letter or notice might state something like this:

“Dear Taxpayer many people have tried to use the argument of voluntary tax acts etc. to no avail to only face many years of prison time and fines. You must sign the/your RETURN and File your taxes or be audited and face punishment for your refusal. Sign your RETURN on the line where it says Sign Here and return it to us immediately. You have….. Bla, bla, bla days to do this’.

Sincerely yours,                                                                                           ___________________

Your Girl IRIS

Well folks do you see how they just told you to return it to them. That statement alone proves that a return is not a piece of paper. Not only that, you probably won’t find a living human signature on their correspondence to you either. So who is it that is telling you to do this? Why don’t they make themselves known?

Probably because you dealing with a machine folks, something that’s not a real living person. Now how dumb and stupid does that make you look in dealing with a machine?

Now simply send it back to them, this time with another Letter/Notice stating something like this;

Forgive me for not understanding you again but you have not helped me by stating that I am making some sort of argument from me asking questions for help about something I have no ideal of what you are talking about.

First and foremost, I did not send you any correspondences arguing about anything. I sent you correspondences asking you questions and for your help.

How did you get an argument out of questions? Secondly, you have not submitted any proof of who you are or what a return or filing taxes is. Therefore, should you not be able to answer my questions or are unwilling to cooperate by submitting the certified documents and requests I have asked of (and now demand of you), I will accept any further communications/ correspondences from you as a form or Threats, Embezzlement, Racketeering, and Fraud amongst many other civil and criminal issues and liabilities.

I demand that you not contact me ever again concerning this matter unless you submit what I have requested of you. I will hold whomever (the living person) PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the liabilities.

I look forward to your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

Mr/Ms/Mrs John/Jane Doe

Well folks, that’s pretty much it. And if they do try and audit you (which is nothing but asking you questions) just remember whenever you hear the word INCOME, ASK YOURSELF, DO YOU HAVE OR MAKE EARNINGS OR INCOME.

They might try and trick you by saying:  “You put down 0 (zero) as your Income.  Is that correctm you made no income?” 

If you say yes or no to that question,  you’ve just admitted that you have income 0$ or 1 million $.   Just simply ask them something like  “Didn’t I just tell you I don’t have or have or make Income?  I only have EARNINGS!  So if that’s all you want, please excuse me but, I got to get home and cook dinner and read Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.’s,  Code Book.  Goodbye”! 

Oh and One last thing to mention; Did you know you could probably sue the person who prepares your taxes for aiding and abetting to Fraud?

Now here’s the Scenario!

  1. You get a document from somewhere (not somebody) who says you must file a tax return.
    2. You go to your tax person who prepares your 1040 A, 1040 Z, etc. Tax paper document, who fills out the document for you on your behalf.
    3. Your tax person then tells you to sign the document and he mails it (or tells you to mail it) to the address, that the thing (not a person) tells you to send it.
    4. He/she has just committed fraud and is manipulated you into the fraud as a conspirator because he/she didn’t give you full disclosure of what it was you were doing. He/she didn’t tell you that you were not signing a RETURN, you were signing a piece of paper/document/form which was putting you into a contract, and you had no ideal he/she was doing this to you because he/she didn’t explain it to you fully, as I have done.

I wouldn’t give a dam if it were an H & OURR Block employee, the Mom Pop Accounting Services on the corner, or your own relatives, etc. IT’S STILL FRAUD! IT’S NOT A RETURN, IT’S A PIECE OF PAPER/DOCUMENT/FORM.

So, if you’re still scared, next time you go to your accountant for your tax shit, ask them about this and if they try to say the information on the PIECE OF PAPER/DOCUMENT/FORM is what makes it a RETURN. Tell them that they sound mighty stupid to think that information can change a piece of paper into something other than a piece of paper.

Tell them to show you how they magically turned that PIECE OF PAPER/DOCUMENT/FORM into a RETURN or Cup, Hat, Tree, etc. before you sign it.

Print your name on a scrape piece of paper in front of them and tell them to change that paper into a dog or a cat and see WTF they have to say then. (The Dumb Asses) might still argue with you that it has changed from paper to the moon, dog cat or sun, who knows WTF they’ll change it into, in their FICTITIOUS MATRIX ass world. LMAO.

Even if you don’t sign it, you still can probably Sue their Asses for even attempting to make you to commit fraud. This probably might stop most of the tax service people from wanting to do any more Illegal tax stuff.

Whatta Ya think folks? Just my 2 cents. END OF STORY!

So please! Enjoy life folks.  It just might be the only time We experience it during our time on this Planet.




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A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.


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