17. Who Or What Is Law


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The Code Song
Also: “Crack was Made For Blacks

Law Is A Business/Company/Corporation For Slavery


It is impossible to have Freedom where there are Laws.  Laws were made to pay/compensate persons in return for protection.  That’s not freedom, that’s (plain and simply put) BEING A GANGSTER!

A Very Important Question You Need To Ask And Answer For Yourself Is,
Why should Laws, Codes, Ordinances, Statutes, etc. titles and names have any kind of effect upon you? Laws, Codes, Ordinances, Statutes, etc. is something that some man or woman imagined from their minds and put into action.   A website that gives it’s thoughts/ideals or opinions about the origin of law is at Origin and Nature of Law.   I’m not in agreement with everything that I read on the site but, it’s a good place to start anyway.

They are not your Mother, Father, GOD or Creator.,  So why do you have to comply, answer, or do what they say to do? 

They are just another man or woman like the rest of us.  So who are they to apply punishment on anyone else and especially if the person did not commit harm to another person.  Some idiots out here might try to validate/justify their ignorant philosophy’s by stating that laws help to prevent people from harming other people.   Where’s the logic in that


How can Laws prevent this kind of harm?

Laws and Weapons didn’t kill these people because of color.  White Racist People killed these people because of their color.

That would be similar to saying if you take away a Gun from a person it prevents that person from killing another person.   The Gun is not what causes the killing of the person, it’s the person doing the killing that uses the Gun for harming or killing.  

The Gun can’t do anything because it has no mind of it’s own.  The Gun is a thing folks not a living person.  END OF STORY! 

A thing can’t move, hear, see, touch, smell, or taste on it’s own.  If a Gun is on a table, that’s where it will stay, until a living person uses it for whatever reasons.  Plain and simple folks.  

That’s probably the reason why people say they have a right to bear arms.   And this Constitution junk about giving someone the right to have, say or do, etc anything, is about as logical as the idiots that wrote it.  Once again, who were they to give or not give you/us rights.

They are not your/our Mother, Father, GOD or Creator.  And more importantly, they are all dead now.   How would you feel if I told you that you can only have certain rights that I give to you.  You’d probably call me crazy or tell me where I can go with that bulls.h.i.t. 

So how then, do you accept it from some men’s writings, who are dead or even somebody today, who says they have a right to apply those idiot men’s writings to you?   Furthermore, the Constitution is not even a contract nor laws that any man today wrote.  And nobody today ever signed it.   

That would be similar to people who believe in the laws from religious books.

In my opinion (just like everything I write in my books or on this website) It’s about White Supremacy.  Now, before any of you so-called white people get upset from reading this, read a little further and you might just realize that you’re not WHITE!   There is no such thing as Black or White people.

There is no such thing as a race of people. (For the people who think that there is only one [Human] race of people that exist).    The only Race that exist on this Planet Earth is the Race of WHITE SUPREMACY/RACISM.  End Of Story Folks!

Besides, to race means to be in competition (as in running) with someone.

For the people who consider or classify themselves as White, have you looked in a mirror lately? Get a box of Crayons and compare your color with the crayons and see if you still think you even look White.

White Supremacy is not a color, it’s a system. Similar to Darkness and Light, not being a color.
A person can show you the colors White or Black but, they can’t show you the colors of a system or of Darkness and Light. 

I’ll ask you this question and see if  you can logically think the same way.  1. Have you ever heard of a Green people? Orange? Polka-Dot or Aqua people? 

Therefore,  all  people who consider or classify themselves as White, you’re in for a rude awakening because when you consider or classify yourselves as White, all you’re doing is saying that you’re a RACIST!  

Since white is just a color and you are not even white in Complexion, you are simply just saying that you want to use the color White as an excuse to mistreat, kill and enslave people just because of the color White, and it’s not even your complexion.  I haven’t seen a white person yet (nor a Black person for all that it matters) and I’ve seen all complexions of colors, of people in my life time.  

Even an Albino person’s skin is not white.  So the next time you so-called White people ( and that goes for so-called Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, etc, people too) who consider or classify themselves as White or Black etc, hold a dam Crayola Crayon up to your face and see if it’s a match.  If not, stop being so Funkin’ stupid, and learn about colors from the crayon box!

Therefore, somethings not right here folks!   Where did this Black and White people stuff come from anyway since there’s no such thing as Green, Orange, Polka-Dot, Lavender or Aqua people etc?   Sounds like somebody is misleading and fooling all people, with the plan of getting our money and energies, and making us slaves to the.  Even without us  knowing what is happening to us!    

And don’t get me wrong here folks when I state that we don’t have to comply to laws, codes, ordinances, etc,  because they have no authority over us (WHICH IS TRUE) doesn’t mean some idiot with a GUN or other Weapon (I don’t care what their title/name, etc. is) won’t kill you by force.   So if somebody has the upper hand on you like that, then PLEASE, COMPLY.  Until you can get away from that idiot with the Gun, and/or get help otherwise. 

In my opinions, thoughts and ideals (like everything I write in my books or on the site) is like the SYSTEM of  White Supremacy.  A CON GAME that is used by Gangsters, Thieves and Murderers (whoever they are) to control the masses of the people.  

If some of the old Gangsters, Thieves and Murderers (like the so-called Al Capone, Baby-Face Nelson, Machine-Gun Kelly, etc.) were still around (if they existed at all) the White Supremacist would be exactly like them, and what I am referring to.

 Those kind of people (Gangsters) still exist but to make their selves unknown, instead of killing people themselves (or hiring hit men) they simply put on Suites and Ties and Black Robes and give themselves another title or name.  This is done to confuse and have control to make you comply and do whatever they say or force you to do for them, etc.

Of course, that’s done using the same system CON GAME called White Supremacy/Racism.  The new hit men are the Racists Soldiers,  [not real Police, because  Real Police are Public Servants] and people like ourselves who carry out the White Supremacist’s missions.

Here’s an example of how they use the System, inventing so-called Laws,  Statutes, Ordinances and Courts;


Before You can raise your hand, or, make any Pleas etc, or the Plaintiff or Administrator (so-called Judge) or anybody can even go forward with a case; the Administrator (so-called Judge) the Plaintiff or Prosecutor etc, has to prove Jurisdiction (or their Authority over you) exist, for the so-called Judge to even hear the matter.

The reason why that person Administrator in the Black Robe (Graduation Gown) is a so-called Judge, is because, that person is not a Judge yet until, Jurisdiction has been established.   They are just a man or woman in a black gown.

They are not your Mother, Father, GOD or Creator so; they have to prove how they have Jurisdiction (meaning Authority) over you.  The proof has to be shown to you and not just stated or told to you. You cannot make any Pleas, do or say anything until Jurisdiction has been established. Jurisdiction (or Authority) is the beginning of any case.

The case has to start first before anything else can be done or said. (It’s kind of like trying to build a house without first building the basement or foundation).   You can’t build the 1st. 2nd. 3rd. or any other floors on the house without having something to build those floors on.

Nothing can go forward until the case can be started which mean that the Plaintiff has to show proof of the Jurisdiction (or foundation so to speak) for the Administrator (in the black robe, so-called Judge) to even hear the matter.  

No matter what the administrator or anybody else says or how they threaten you, NOTHING CAN GO FORWARD UNTIL JURISDICTION (meaning authority) has been established for the Administrator (so-called Judge) to even hear the matter/case. End of story folks!

The reason why that person in the Black Robe (Graduation Gown) is an Administrator is because; they are not a Judge until about 4 things happen: (1-2)  Two or more living people (man or woman) have to make a complaint.  (3)  There has to be a Competent Witness with First-Hand Knowledge of the Facts and Evidence involved, (4) The things the lawsuit is about [such as money, property, tickets, etc].   Meaning the reason or things the people are in a dispute over/about).

Once they file their complaint (either one of them, Plaintiff or Defendant) they then go to a court building, raise their hands in front of an Administrator and witnesses and swears to tell the truth about their dispute.  If neither one of them are there to raise their hands to be sworn in, they are considered not having being present.

If they are present, they both have to also agree to have that Administrator (person in the black robe) become a judge for them and are freely and voluntarily giving that Administrator (person in the black robe) authority over their dispute and themselves.   They each promise to agree with whatever decision the Administrator (person in the black robe) comes up with because they have now appointed that Administrator (person in the black robe) to become a Judge.

Until then, the person in the black robe is just another man or woman. Both of them (Plaintiff or Defendant) also agree that both of them will abide by what ever decision the Administrator decides when they accept him/her as a Judge.

Also please note that;  The Plaintiff has to prove their case against you. [If you’re the Defendant].   NOT A PROSECUTOR!  The Prosecutor is not a party in your case nor is the Prosecutor  an  Attorney  in the matter at all!  PROSECUTORS, are just people who represent a Fiction [known as Cities, States, Governments, etc,] forcing themselves and others to become involved in your case to make moneys off of your business for themselves and other conspirators. 

For Example;  You’re in Court for a Traffic Ticket.  [You’re the Defendant].  The Prosecutor is not a party in the case nor is the Prosecutor  an  Attorney  in the case for a Fictional Plaintiff called,  City,  State,  Government, etc]. 

One very important thing to remember is that the Judge/Court, will have you on the side where the Fictional Plaintiff  usually stands.  this is confusing to some people because they think that just because they are standing on the side where the Fictional Plaintiff usually is, that makes them think like a Plaintiff. 

That’s  just a BULL S.H.I.T  CON GAME they use to trick and confuse you.  You’re standing on the side where the Fictional Plaintiff usually is but, you’re considered AS the Defendant in the case.  Come on folks, Wake The Hell Up,  AND SEE THINGS FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE !

And the same thing applies if you are the Plaintiff in the case.  The Prosecutor is not a party in your case nor is the Prosecutor  an  Attorney  for a Defendant].  PROSECUTORS, are just people who forcibly represent a Fiction [known as Cities, States, Governments, etc,]  forcing themselves and others to become involved in your case to make moneys off of  your business for themselves and other conspirators. ]

No matter if the Plaintiff’s name is  State of  Alabama, City of Cleveland, Government of America,  Bank of  bla bla bla, etc.,  the Plaintiff has to make the complaint and come forward (meaning attend there personally) raise their hand to swear to tell the truth, to prove their case.   If the Plaintiff is not present, nothing else can happen.  Everybody might as well go home!  And that goes visa versa if the Defendant is not there to raise their hand, there is no case and nothing can go forward.  END OF STORY! 

More importantly;   Mr.,  Miss,  Mrs.  State,  City,  Government,  Bank, etc., has to be present in court so that you can see them face to face,  to know WHO it is that is suing/making the complaint against you, if you are the Defendant.  More importantly,  according to their own Laws,  you have a right to face your Accuser.

If your Accuser is not there (and remember they are the Plaintiff who must prove their case against you) they lose by  what is called Default.   There is no case because there is no proof of a living man or woman present at court hearing, who made the complaint.

The Lawyers/Attorneys cannot make or file a complaint on behalf of the Plaintiff State, City, Government, Bank, etc., because, they are not the Plaintiff.   They are just lawyers who represents the Plaintiff.   Which means the lawyers can’t file or make any complaint against you for somebody else unless that person hired the lawyers and are present in Court.   END OF STORY FOLKS!   Also see:  Trinsey v Pagliaro, D.C.Pa. 1964, 229 F.Supp. 647. “Statements of counsel in brief or in argument are not facts before the court and are therefore insufficient for a motion to dismiss or for summary judgment.”  

[Get the so-called “Judge” to take Official Judicial Notice of Trinsey  v. Pagliaro.  If the “Judge” does not sustain your object, you can immediately file an oral “Affidavit of Prejudice” against the “Judge” as he has shown his prejudice.  “Then you can file the same Affidavit in writing into the record with witnesses to the same.  Once your Affidavits are filed,  get a record of what has been filed and show that you are the only one who has actually introduced FACTS into the case and move for Summary Judgment upon the Facts… while reminding the “Judge” that the ONLY thing he is to consider is the FACTS of the case ON THE RECORD, that the opposing “counsel” has only been “enlightening” to the Court, but not sufficient to rise to the level of FACT’].

Do you really think a  Fictional thing such as City (a title/name or area of land)  State  (another title/name) a Tree (another title/name) Fire Plug (another title/name) etc, can hire a Lawyer or  file a Complaint to bring you to Court?   If you do,  you my friend,  might still believe in things such as Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy and the Moon is made out of Cheese.   So, there’s something seriously wrong with your logic and thinking.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that because you still believe in Santa Clause that your belief is correct or incorrect.   I’m just saying if you (a grown person) still believes in Santa, something is seriously wrong with your logic and thinking.

Also remember that a State, City, Government, Bank, etc., are not real living people.  They are just titles and names.  Real living people  (who uses names like Attorneys,  Lawyers,  Judges,  Police, etc.) use this tactic to get you to respond to these fictional titles to get you in court and cause you to forget about Jurisdiction.  You may want to argue that those people use titles/names (like Attorneys Lawyers) as themselves. 

Well, you would be correct however, that’s not what they really are.  They are living people not names and titles.  You may even want to argue that they only use those names and titles to refer or represent themselves.  Again, I would say,  they are living people not names and titles.  Therefore since they are living people they should use their birth names such as John, Mary, Sue, David, Alfred, Francine, etc. 

You may say well, they are still using names.  Once again you’re correct however, the first name they were referred to or as was their birth names.  So, if they want to use another name, they should follow their own laws and legally change their birth names to Attorney, Lawyer,  Judge or  Police, etc.    Also keep in mind that the difference is, that real living people got their names first when they were born .   I rest my case about that foolishness my friend!

Therefore; if you try to defend yourself against a state, city, government, etc. (names/titles) after  you lose the case (Because You Will Lose) that should have not started in the first place,  you now have to pay money to the fictional thing.  Then your money is split-up between all of them ( attorneys, lawyers, administrators, judges, police, etc.) who enjoys big luxury houses, luxury cars and boats, bank accounts, etc.  Your case is none of their business unless you make it their business.  That’s why they try to make you case their business to involve their selves in your case,  to  get  your moneys  and energies.

What’s really sickening about it is that they enjoy the money that you worked hard for, and those lazy bastards just sat on their bloated asses and stole money from you.   Another important question that you need to ask and answer to yourself is,  how can a title take you to court?   Only a real living person can take you to court or make a complaint (charges) against you.  Put even simpler,  can a tree,  garbage can,  fire-plug,  hat,  shoe  etc., take you to court?                          


And always accuse the person named Prosecutor, of Prosecutorial Misconduct,  for lack of  Jurisdiction and Evidence, if they don’t submit/show you proof and evidence of Jurisdiction.

The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”



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Whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity. 

1. Economics, 2. Education, 3. Entertainment, 4. Labor, 5. Law, 6. Politics, 7. Religion, 8. Sex and 9. War). for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.


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