19. The Virgin Mary Story Again With A New Twist

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There’s a lot of confusion being spread throughout social media about Scientists finding some bones of the very first human which is/was supposed to be a Black Woman that Scientist named LUCY.  The confusion being spread throughout social media is that this woman is supposed to be the mother of the entire human race. 

This woman LUCY was supposed to be Black. [Remember that].   So, now somebody is trying to get everybody else to start thinking that all people on Planet Earth are Black, because of the Scientist finding these bones of LUCY. 

The reason I state that SOMEONE IS TRYING TO START A CATHOLIC ALLEGORY VIRGIN MARY STORY ALL OVER AGAIN BUT, WITH A NEW TWIST, is because, (one if not all of my five senses) lets me know that the story of LUCY being the first human on Earth, could not be possible. 

It’s not possible because, LUCY had to get pregnant some kind of way.  My senses lets me know that the only way babies and/or all people are created is from a male and female’s sperm and egg.

Now, if LUCY was/is supposed to be the first human on this Planet, my question would be, where did the rest of us come from?  If a person says “From LUCY”, that would cause much confusion because, the rest of us had to come from a male and female.  LUCY can’t have a baby by her dam self, just as no man can have a baby by himself. [If men could have babies]. 

In other words, the ideal of someone saying that we all had to come from LUCY, is totally out of touch with reality and our five senses, just as the story of the Virgin Mary having a baby (supposedly named Jesus) from Immaculate Conception.  By reality and our five senses, I mean something that exist, has substance and matter. (Something that takes up space)

Therefore, if LUCY was/is supposed to be the first human on Planet Earth, without a male present as well, how did LUCY get pregnant and have a baby(s) to start the entire human race?  That’s totally out of touch with reality and totally illogical to our senses literally folks!

So, do you see or hear a familiar allegory story in that kind of thinking?  The ALLEGORY story of Jesus being birth/born of the Virgin Mary?  An ALLEGORY Catholic story?  It’s the same dam thing over again folks but, with a new twist. 

By new twist I mean, a different way that the ALLEGORY story is being told or presented.  In other words, it’s still about a religion.  And how many different Religious ALLEGORY stories are there already?  Just let that sink in for a minute! 

Since it appears that many, many people are starting to get away from religious thinking, ideals and concepts; someone is trying to keep the ALLEGORY fantasies/stories about religion in the minds of people and, an ongoing thing.  That could only produce Slavery, Indoctrination and Control over the masses of people.

Now, for the people who may think that there was a man who impregnated LUCY, that could only logically mean that LUCY was not the first human on Earth.  LUCY and the man were the first people together on Earth.  You have to have a male and female to produce babies In order for there to be more people on Earth besides LUCY. 

So where is all this nonsense coming from and why?  As I stated above, someone is trying to keep the fantasies and ALLEGORY stories about religion, an ongoing thing and, for the purpose of keeping people confused with ALLEGORY Catholic stories, to keep the masses of people under their control.  Let’s quit falling for the Oki Doki stuff folks and use your minds to think logically. 

Once there was a person who said to me, “Marvin, You Can’t Use Logic With Everything Or You’ll Never Grow Mentally And Spiritually”   Now, that really F#%*&%#@# me up.  I ask you, what in Hell does that sound like to you?  I mean, just listen to how totally illogical that statement sounds in itself folks!  People who think like that (in my opinion) needs mental help because they are really, F ^*)^)^%^$#** UP folks. 

I mean come on people, if we don’t/didn’t use logic, how would we be able to tell the difference between reality and fantasy?  What’s real and what’s not? What’s substance and what our very own senses tell us what is not here?   

I mean come on folks, all we have is our senses to deal with any and every thing.  So in order for us to understand things, we must seek answers to our questions which is basically problems and/or challenges.  If there’s a challenge or problem before us, we have to seek answers (ways) to solve those challenges or problems if we don’t know how.  Therefore we ask questions of others or to ourselves on how to go about solving those challenges or problems.

 All problems/challenges are solved through the process of questions and answers.  [As stated by a man named Neely Fuller Jr.] (Who wrote the book The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept For Victims’ Of Racism- White Supremacy).  You can find the book at http://producejustice.com.  

Mr. Fuller’s statement and/or logic, sounds very logical to me until someone can come along with a better solution of solving challenges and problems.  Mr. Fuller also warned us folks that, the White Supremacists are masters at word games and most of all Confusion.

Some of you who may think (like the idiot who made that statement to me about logic) and might say “Well Marv, what you think is logic to you, may not be what other people think is logic to them”.  And I would say that you’re Dam right!  But, our senses will be the final Judge/boss of whose logic is, or is not logical.   There’s no way around that even for a person who don’t use any kind of logic what-so-ever.

So, folks please don’t get caught up in that junk that so-called-scientists (or whoever) is trying to get you to think about the CATHOLIC ALLEGORY VIRGIN MARY STORY.  Remember that,


Please remember that it’s not as important as to why a person is doing something as there is to knowing how they are doing something.  Now, that’s my opinion.  And don’t just accept my opinion because, I might not be incorrect.  You decide if that sounds logical to you or not.  Last time I checked, I think we all have the same senses, if we haven’t lost or added anymore!

Folks it appears that some people are trying to convince us all into thinking that we are all the same race of people and all from the same family. [The Human Race the human family]  That’s confusing!  First and foremost we all need to know what the hell is meant by what a so-called RACE of people are. 

Secondly, we need to know what is meant by a human race or the human family.  Without knowing the meaning of those things, it’s not possible for it to be.  If we don’t know about something how can we put any kinds of labels, titles or names to it?  We don’t know about it!  END OF STORY FOLKS!

Some people might say “Well Marv, what is meant by the human race is that all people are from the same family”  I would then have to ask, “Does that mean we all have the same mother and father and if so, who would that mother and father be?  Now, if you don’t  know who the mother and father is supposed to be, how can you give me a logical answer as to, how you can know, who our family is if you don’t know who the dam mother and father is?  Sounds totally illogical to me. 

To some it might sound logical but, they can’t get around the facts, evidence and proof, that they don’t know who the dam mother and father is.  So much for their logical thinking!  If they might mean species, that’s another story of which I can deal a little more logically with.  However, even with that, how many different species of animals, insects, birds, etc, are here?  Are they all from the same families? 

Is an Ant, Rat, Dog, Cat, etc, the same species as humans?  I would think not.  So, where did all this human race junk come from since there are so many different color complexions, sizes, languages, etc, male and female species on the Planet?  Don’t know?  I didn’t think so!

So, without knowing answers to that question/information, no one can know if there are such things as the same races or family of people.  Last time I checked, we were all different as individuals so, how the hell can we be the same?  Are you beginning to see all the confusion and the bullshit folks? 

If you can’t, just keep trying. You just might start thinking for yourself after all. There’s only one Race of people on the planet and that’s the Race of White Supremacists.  There’s only one religion on the planet and that’s the religion of White Supremacists.  And because the White Supremacists use the color White as part of their control, it’s impossible for it to be anything such as Black or Reverse Racism.

In the mean time check back often to see if I’ve had any more questions or information that I can share with you and the rest of the species on this Planet.  Or to see if I’ve added any more information about this [CATHOLIC ALLEGORY VIRGIN MARY STORY WITH A TWIST].

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Whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity. 

1. Economics, 2. Education, 3. Entertainment, 4. Labor, 5. Law, 6. Politics, 7. Religion, 8. Sex and 9. War). for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.


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