.8. Family Reunions Are A Form Of Slavery

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 Revolutions And Wars Are Not The Answers To Fight Against Slavery And Racism.  (A System)

 Self Defense Is The First Law Of Nature, The Best Way To Protect You From Racism.

You Can’t Fight A System. (Something That Is A Concept From The Imagination)

You Can Only Defend Yourself From Someone Who Tries To Destructively Use A System Against You Or The Person Themselves.

 “By Marvin Johnson”

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Ophelia (Florence) Johnson

a.k.a.   Fee Fee



I dedicate this book to my dearest Sister Ophelia (Florence Johnson) who knew there was some hope for me.  She constantly stayed on my case to teach me the things that made sense to me.  She told me to read study and learn knowledge on my own if I really wanted to understand life’s realities and fictions fully and completely.

She would always tell me “Little Bro, you are already here.”  You don’t need to look for yourself.  You are already here”.  She would let me know that it was not important for me to know how I got here, why I was here and who or what made it possible for me to be here.  She would say if we don’t have answers to things we can’t comprehend, why try to.  Just accept life for what it is.  LIFE!  The only thing that counts is that you are already here.


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A very important fact must be established right away in hopes of a living man or woman understanding why family reunions are a form of slavery.  No living man or woman created any other living man or woman.  Therefore no living man or woman has any authority over any other living man or woman.  Plain and simple, you cannot own anything that you did not or have not created.

In my opinion (like everything else I write in this book or say otherwise) Family Reunions are generally celebrated as being family festival full of love, togetherness joy and happiness concerning our family members loved ones and friends.  The traditional family reunions (which are still celebrated today) were for celebrating the oldest family member’s LAST NAME (traditionally a man) to be carried on and/or celebrated down through the ages by each generation.

Sorry to burst your bubbles my friends but, those last names of the Elders were not their last names.  Those last names belong to the so-called Slave Owners.  Slaves had the last names of their so-called slave owners.  I state so-called because no living man or woman owns or created any other man or woman.  Since living men and women were given the last name of the so-called slave owners, the last name did not belong to them.

The last names belong to the so-called salve owner. (Herein after I’ll refer to as slave owner).  That could mean that every time people have a family reunion celebration for their so-called last names like the Jones, Smiths, Johnsons etc. or whatever their last names are, they are in fact celebrating being a slave by using and celebrating the last name that belong to the slave owner.  This would include people of all so-called colors, races, creeds, religions, ethnic backgrounds, etc.

When you have these family reunions you are in fact doing nothing more than continuing to celebrate being a slave when you continue to use and/or accept the slave owner’s last names as being your own last names.  Now, I know this may come as a surprise to a lot of people and even make some very upset but, facts are facts that you can’t get around, nor rebut, because it’s simply the truth.  History books and even religious books have stated these facts.  You are merely celebrating something that you don’t realize what it is that you are celebrating.

You then might ask “Well Marv how are we are supposed to celebrate our family’s heritage”?  There’s plenty of ways you can do that without accepting/celebrating the slave owner’s last name.  As an example; you could celebrate being free from the last name.  You can create your own last names and celebrate it as the new last names for your families.  You can celebrate your family name you create any way you want because; it’s your creation and no one else’s.

It doesn’t matter if people of whatever kind of colors, races, creeds, ethnicity, etc. were brought here on ships, by force and/or by consent, etc. and/or enslaved, people were and still are being enslaved.  Short and simply!  No matter what kind of arguments you want to use there were and are still people who are slaves.  Just think for yourself and don’t depend on anybody else to do your thinking for you, and you’ll be fine.

Let’s take a closer look at how this Magnificent Con Game has been carried on for centuries and by whom.  What I mean by Magnificent Con Game is the simple facts of you accepting and using the slave owner’s last name and not realizing that you are.  For the most part I think the average person does not understand nor realize what they are doing.  However; there are evil, selfish, conniving people who do know what has happened, and still is happening, and are using this form of magnificent con-game for their selfish cruel benefits.

These types of people who wish to interact with society who uses con games and slavery against others should be cast aside from society to live in their own selfish conniving world.  When I state cast aside I don’t mean physically or causing those people harm.  I simply mean that we should not have anything what-so-ever to do with them.  Don’t do any type of business with them, communicate with them or interact with them in any ways forms or fashions.

Should they become so irate as to try and forcefully try to make us collaborate and or co-exist with them, that is when the first law of nature (self defense) should become infallible for our use.  That’s not to say that we should not use logic when we are confronted with their force.  That is how laws protect us that we pay other honorable people for, whom we interact with.  The laws give us the right to SUE them CRIMINALLY and CIVILLY.  That means everyone else who interacts with us peacefully, is our allies, so to speak. (Friends)

Only when necessary should you use force for self defense.  And remember there‘s a thin line with the word necessary.  I would think that it’s only necessary when someone is physically hurting you trying to kill you or otherwise would it be considered necessary.  Other than that, we have courts and other people that do co-exist with us that will be our allies and come to our aid and defense against such people that we don’t care to co-exist with.   Just give it some thought! You’ll get the picture sooner or later.

Some examples are the so-called powers that be, which would include; CORRUPT Policemen/women, Judges, Politicians, Bullies of all sorts, etc.  These people are not the type of people that we should co-exist with.  I use the word CORRUPT because there are a lot of these types of people that are fair, honest, just, and honorable in co-existing with us.

That’s not to say that they have control or authority over us but, if we trust them to help us in making decisions with disagreements that we may have amongst each other, which we give them our consent to make, they will be fair and honorable with their decisions that we ask of them.  These are the types of people that we want and need for our allies as well as being employees for us.

These types of people are public servants and come from amongst us.  We are definitely the majority on this Planet and there’s no way of getting around that.  That might be part of the reason how and why the MAGNIFICENT con-game came into existence in the first place because, there are so few of them trying to control the majority of us.  The slave owners are lazy, evil, conniving worthless, ignorant people, who did not know how to co-exist or interact peacefully with others or take care of themselves.

So the MAGNIFICENT con-game came into effect for an immediate family of about six to eight people to control 2-3-400 hundred slaves. (Living people of all nationalities, races, creeds, colors, etc).  This MAGNIFICENT con-game more than likely started with fear and still continues to control with fear even now, in our lifetime. It’s all about fear people and the slave owners are masters of it. (Fear)  They know how to deal with fear better than the rest of us because they are so afraid.

Since they constantly live in fear, they are trying to figure out all kind of ways to survive when co-existing with other people because of their fear.  Having constant experiences of fear is what makes them masters of it and also what makes it easy for them to implement fear upon the rest of us.  We interact and co-exist with each other peacefully to a very big degree.  Since the slave owner/bully is afraid of you, it is only logical for the bully to try and make you afraid of him/her to relieve themselves of their fear of you.

You may ask why they have this fear of you, me, people and/or us.  Who knows?  More importantly, who the hell should care?  That’s the slave owner’s problem not ours.  The slave owner is nothing short of a big Bully.  It may have come from negative thoughts the Bully may have had or some bad experiences the bully may have encountered.  Who really knows and stop giving f%#=*+&% dam.  That’s something only the slave owners can bring themselves out of.

If we can help the Bully that’s all well and good, and I would but, if it causes some rain on my/our parade (so to speak) sorry but, that’s the Bully’s dam problem.  If they stop being a dam Bully, they won’t have the dam problem.

In my thoughts and opinions Bullies and people who want to control others by force coercion and/or even with consent, to a degree of controlling others for their own selfish evil reasoning’s, are the runts of our (human) spices.  Similar to an animal who gives birth to a litter of pups, kittens, cubs etc. and some are less developed than the others.

If the mother doesn’t keep an eye or help out the little runts in the bunch, those little runts of the bunch chances of survival is going to be slim to none.  In comparison with the slave owner, the slave owner is trying to survive out of fear.  I/we can’t blame or even fault the slave owner for trying to survive because, that is the first law of nature.  But, at the same token, I/we can’t let the little runts of the bunch cause our demise.   That too is the first law of nature for us as well.

What cause the existence of the little runts in the bunch and/or slave owners, bullies, selfish evil people etc?  You might even ask why do Nature, the Universe, a God or Deity, etc, even create little runts?  Do we really know or have proof that Nature, the Universe, a God or Deity, etc, created us or the runts?  Moreover’ why should we care?

The only thing I think that we should care about is trying to help the little runts in the bunch as long as it doesn’t cause problems for us and/or our demise.  Our help may even help to put a stop to the killing, control, negative thoughts and ideals of these types of people/things etc.  Some people may say why try to even help those little bastards?  Let’s give some thought about that question.

If you and 5 other people were hungry and there was only 5 pieces of food available wouldn’t you fight to get some of the food?  That’s called survival.  Now, if you’re honest with yourself and others, I’ll rest my case.  Otherwise, you’re out of touch with reality and being dishonorable.

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YOUR SLAVE NAME is very destructive to you not just in Family Reunions but in our society and interactions with each other in general.

Your first name is the first and last name that your parents gave you a right too.  They couldn’t give you the last names of the slave owner because it was not theirs REMEMBER?  So, they gave you a first name like Marsha, Sam, Robert, Sue, Mary, etc.  Since that’s the only name your parents gave you that is the only name you own or have the use of.  By continuing to use the last name of the slave owner, you are in fact committing fraud and copyright infringement.  Your parents gave you a first name only.  You didn’t name yourself.  Your little ass couldn’t talk or feed yourself yet.

Since they gave it (the first name) to you, they gave notice to the world that you exist and that they in fact give you complete control and use of a name.  Moreover, they gave this name to you with their full consent and co-operation to do whatever you want with for as long as you exist.  End of story!

Now Here Comes The MAGNIFICENT Con-Game Into Play Again

Your parents were fooled into registering your existence.  Meaning being alive.

(Registering and Recording are two different things totally.  Don’t get one mixed up with the other. 

It will become very, very important in your lifetime that you know the difference between the two)

The moment your parents were fooled into registering your existence (Your birth because they wanted the world to know that you were alive) they were fooled into registering the first, last and only name they gave you along with the last name of the slave owner.

This made whoever is in control of the slave owner’s last name, TRUSTEE for who they work for.  Since you have your first name (your parents gave you) registered along with the slave name, that same TRUSTEE now has to deal with you for the fee payment because, you are registered as, and, using the last name of the slave owner (Something that does not belong to you or your parents).

Understanding this law is very important because, in contract law, trustees get paid for providing a service of taking care of business and/or commercial issues concerning the slave name.

A TRUSTEE for the slave name get paid for providing a service of taking care of business and/or commercial issues concerning the slave name (Not you the living baby). Since the slave name is just a name/title something that is not real, your Birth Certificates are really Death Certificates.  Let me repeat it once more;

The Slave Name Is Just A Name Or Title,  Something That Is Not Real.

Since the slave name is just a name/title something that is real, your Birth Certificates are really Death Certificates.  If the slave owner is dead, the slave owner’s last name is dead as well.  Remember the slave owner’s last name came down through the generations, and was not our names anyway.  Not only is the slave owner dead but, laws have abolished slavery which means that there is no more slavery according to law.  Supreme Court Law at that!

[3] Chapter


By accepting and using the Slave Owner’s last name, a TRUSTEE was appointed for the Slave Owner’s name.  (Usually referred to as a City, State, and Government etc.)

If YOU on the other hand, appoint someone as a TRUSTEE, that means YOU are the boss and they work for you.

(Definition of trustee: Trustee (or the holding of a trusteeship) is a legal term which, in its broadest sense, can refer to any person who holds property, authority, or a position of trust).

Please understand that when I state that a TRUSTEE works for you, that don’t mean they have control or authority over you.  It means THEY WORK FOR YOU.

You give the TRUSTEE orders and commands.  It’s not the reverse.  Now don’t get too excited about knowing they work for you because along with that joy and excitement, comes a bill, debt, payment that you owe to the TRUSTEE for their services.  Stated in plain English, would you expect for someone to work for you for free?

I would think not.  The TRUSTEE also does not expect to work for free either.  Being a TRUSTEE for you means you have given that person the authority to business and commerce on your behalf. The TRUSTEE dispenses moneys, property, real-estate, etc. in the best interest of you.  In other words they Administrate and/or Supervise for you.

The moment your parents were fooled into registering your existence and accepting the slave owner’s last name they were liable for payment to the slave owner and their heirs for using the slave owner’s last name.  By using and accepting the last name of the slave owner, the slave owner gives you certain things that they perceived as privileges’ and benefits, of which is the job of the TRUSTEE to carry out.

Being a TRUSTEE for the slave owner the TRUSTEE’s job is to make sure you receive privileges’ and benefits for payment.  The payment for the privileges’ and benefits were to be paid with your parents and/or your energies which mean working for the slave owner.  Since you were too little to take care of yourself at the time your parents did the work for you and later when you became of age, it became your responsibility.

(Example: The slave owner stated that since you were his/her slave you had to pay him/her to get permission if you wanted to go fishing and catch fish to eat).  That’s what the slave owners’ gave to you as privileges’ and benefits along with their rules and laws, just as they gave you the privilege and benefit of having their last names.  Even though they did not create the waters or the fish, they are using the MAGNIFICENT con game on you to make money.  If you don’t understand what they are doing, how they are doing it, and you fall for it, you are obligated to pay for the privileges’ benefits and follow their laws they made up.

NOTE: Remember, you do not have to interact or co-exist with them because they say so.

They did not create a living man or woman, water, fish, this Planet or you.  They have no authority over any other living man or woman or you and cannot apply any rules, regulations, orders, commands, etc, over you or any other living man or woman.  The contract was void (not valid) anyway because they gave you no value of consideration in exchange for your work, labor and energy.

[4] Chapter



When you accept any of the slave owner’s rules, regulations, orders, commands, etc, as your own (like you accepting and/or using their last names) you are in agreement with them and must be honorable in complying with what you’ve accepted from them.

An agreement is a form of a contract no matter how it’s presented to you.  (Example: A living person may send/issue you a court Summons, Warrant for an Arrest, Ticket, etc, all these documents are forms of contracts and agreements).  Just because they state that you must or order you to do something, it’s still a contract/agreement.  Because the document says you must comply or appear or do whatever it is that they order you to do, doesn’t mean shi^%$&+_*$@*%t.

It is still simply a form of a contract or an agreement being said or documented).  It’s also void (like the slave owner’s contract) and that’s your remedy.

It’s simple to refuse or not accept their laws, rules, regulations, orders, commands that they state or write or otherwise.  Most importantly, don’t accept or use the last names.

Just tell them (the slave owners or anyone else who acts like a slave owner or Trustee for them) that you;




That’s all there is to it my friends.  Once you refuse their offers, the slave owner nor their TRUSTEES’ can charge you for anything because you have no agreements or contracts with them.  Send their original documents back to them with those words written diagonally across the document and, send a Certified copy along with a/your Affidavit to the Administrative Director of your state’s Supreme Court.

Now you have a witness (the supreme court) that you do not wish to interact, do business with, nor accept the offer to contract with whoever it is that sent you that bullshi&^&%$^!##@^&*%ot.  Keep a copy for yourself and the green return card for you records in case they misplaced theirs.

You may experience fear upon you because, the slave owners, TRUSTEES, etc, will use force to accomplice their goals, if their MAGNIFICENT Con-Game fails.  Remember what I stated above about the first law of nature and using logic and our allies in the Court systems.  Well you are doing the right thing when the Supreme Court receives your documents.

Those people are our allies if none of them are corrupt.  That’s not to likely because they are above all other little Courts except for the Supreme Court Of The United States.  And don’t forget, the entities who sent you that junk, are the real runts of the bunch. LOL!

[5] Chapter


All these things are a form of privilege and benefits for a fee payment that we don’t have to accept, interact, and co-exist with.  Before you try to debate these facts remember that;

Nobody Owns Anything On This Planet Because It Was All Here Before We (Men And Women) Arrived.

 Now I ask you why we (any living men or women) have to pay any other men and women to move about and go wherever we choose on this Planet, fish for food in any Lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, on this Planet, drink water from anywhere we want on this Planet, agree with our mates for marriage on this Planet, etc,?

What makes those living people claiming that we owe them for Natural Benefits, Rights, and Privileges that were on this Planet before any of us, more important than the rest of us?  NOT A DAM  THING!  Now who can debate those facts?

If someone so-much as try they are one of the people that the rest of us do not wish to interact, co-exist with and who needs to be cast aside from the rest of us.  Go Join your kind and you may be happier.  We wish you no harm, we just do not wish interact or co-exist with you.  On the other hand, if you try to cause us harm, please remember the first law of Nature and our allies.

[6] Chapter


 Revolution and Wars are for survival purposes only.  You may be thinking how in the hell can we get anything done without revolutions and wars.  My brothers and sisters just look at the results that revolutions and wars have caused so far.

Since the beginning of mankind’s recorded history (in-as far as we know of) there have been revolutions and wars that were used to settle differences between two or more people and/or, animals, insects, mammals, fish and species of all kinds, etc.  There still has been no peace throughout history, which has proven that revolutions and wars have not been the remedy for disagreements between species.

Sure; the revolutions and wars may stop or come to a halt momentarily but, that doesn’t mean that peace is upon the Planet or throughout the Universe because there are no revolutions and wars at the time.  It won’t be long before another disagreement happens between species and so the revolutions and wars will continue.

That of course, means that there is still no peace between species co-existing amongst one another and further proof that Revolution and Wars are not the remedy for peace.

So now you might ask; Marv, how can we protect ourselves from our enemies without fighting back?  Well, I have already stated earlier in this book that, the first law of nature is self defense.  Starting revolutions and wars is not self defense.  That is a system used by the evil, selfish living things (people or otherwise) that is used out of fear to try to control and rid themselves of the fear they have for their survival.

There is an abundance of food and water available on this Planet for us all (and I mean all living species) that will last more lifetimes than we could only imagine.  Why living people and other species would want to have so much extra that it becomes wasteful and they would have to throw it away, is ludicrous.

Have you ever wondered why people would want to have a mansion with more rooms than they can need to live in even if they are million or billionaires?  Do you think that’s a form of ignorance with them trying to prove they are more important or better than any other people?  Other than for an investment, what do you think their logic would be in having such material things (of which they refer to as eloquent) that has no constructive purpose in helping others, as in homeless people or hungry families?

I have money to buy new shoes.  Do you think I should go purchase tennis shoes for 3, 4 or $500.00, or would I be the wiser to just purchase a few pair for $150 dollars or less?  For some people they might argue that it’s all about the quality and fashion of the shoes that count.  Come on give me a break folks!  They’re just some dam shoes that you’re going to be walking on the dirty nasty ass ground with.  Wake up and smell the coffee folks.  Quit being controlled by the Bullies and lazy ass cowards.  As long as you live in that kind of mind thought, you’ll always be a slave even the people with money.

I have no problem with better quality of things but, more quantity of things that are or become wasteful, are another story in its self.  Why do you think people want things that they can’t really afford?  Some of that logic might be the same logic as the people who can afford things like mansions, 20 cars, etc they purchased other than for investments.

Those are just a few examples of how slavery works my friends.  Something you celebrate often with Family Reunions. (Slavery)  Most of our very lives we have been taught nothing but lies from the time we were born until this very date in time.  Some of the lies we’ve been taught through ignorance and a lot of the lies purposely conned upon us.

 [7] Chapter


There is no one group or person that you, I, or anyone else can pinpoint as being the creator of living men and women.  Therefore; there is no such thing as a King or a Queen, because those titles are only a system of fictions that is not real.  They have no substance.  Sure a man and a woman have substance but a King or Queen doesn’t because those are just titles and/or names.

The same applies to the so-called White People who claim to be superior over other species on this Planet.  Newsflash everybody; the so-called Kings and Queens and White People are the species who are enslaved the most.  They are the most ignorant of all species because of their detachment from reality and not thinking for themselves.  They’ve already enslaved themselves with fear.

The so-called White People and Kings and Queens might become upset with me and claim that I am being prejudice or a racist.  Sorry to burst your bubble so-called White People and Kings and Queens but, truth is truth and facts are facts.  You are more enslaved and ignorant than any other species because you’re claiming to be something that you’re not.   Claiming to be a White color or a King or Queen.

White is a color of which you are not and there are no such things as White people, Black people, Kings and Queens.  Have you ever heard of a lavender person, green person, turquoise person?  What about a lavender, turquoise, orange or green King or Queen?  I rest my case.

Stop claiming to be White or a King or Queen and you’ll rid yourself of the ignorance along with the enslavement.  Claiming to be White is similar to someone claiming to be a King or Queen with authority over the other species on this Planet.  That’s the real racism and slave owner’s mentality.  Trying to control or own the world my friends; ain’t gonna happen.

People may think and/or believe that it has already happened but that too, is a big fat ass lie.  If it were true, there wouldn’t be any wars or revolutions all over the Planet.  Because someone tells you or you see some Television reports that there are such things as Kings, Queens and White People doesn’t mean it’s the truth.  It only means that someone or something (a system) is controlling you and your mind with fiction and propaganda.  It simply means you’re not thinking for yourself.

[8] Chapter


My father use to always tell me;

“Son, keep your big eyes open, your big ears open

And your big mouth shut.  That will take you a long way

In life without too many problems”.  (Theodore N. Johnson)

 Don’t give a person or thing your energy.  A person or thing can only enslave you with them or another person or thing, if you give that person or thing your energies.  Otherwise, the person or thing has only enslaved themselves/itself, because it does not have your energies to survive and/or come forth or exist.

We exist and/or live in reality.  As time (not as we know of time to be) passes we change and/or stop existing instantaneously.  In other words, we are not what we were a split second ago.  Even our bodies have changed because time has passed.  Since time has passed we have become older.  We can have a thought and in an instant, that thought becomes old which makes it in the past.  Because that thought is now in the past and it is now a fiction, it doesn’t exist in reality anymore.  It is just a thought or dream.  It is not made of any type of substance.

At almost that same instant we can bring back that thought to our minds again which still doesn’t make the thought a reality again but, makes it possible for us to remember the reality an instant ago that was once a reality.  That same thought and/or dream of our existence that is now a fiction is now still a fiction but we can recall it as the reality it was an instant ago.

This is how I think that we can perceive ourselves as living in reality for as long as we can recall thoughts and/or dreams.  Could this mean that there is really no such thing as death?  If we are dying (so to speak) and recall reality instantaneously, why be afraid of something that does not exist? It’s Something to think about anyway.

Being able to instantly live in reality and recall memories and thoughts of that reality that has just passed, is the MAGNIFICENT way that we can be immortal while we’re alive.

Not the immortality that scientist say is fact or some after-life that Preachers and religion teaches people to be afraid of (for their financial profits) but as my dear sister would say

“We are already here.  Why are we still looking for ourselves and/or immortality”.

You may be thinking what does thoughts; dreams and reality have to do with Family Reunions being a form of Slavery.  Learn how to think for yourself and you’ll understand how and why.


You’ll Have To Find One First!

The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”



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Please study the works of the following people:

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.

The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System /Concept A Textbook/Workbook For Thought, Speech And/Or Action For Victims Of Racism White Supremacy)


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In The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism, Doctor Welsing reasoned that “Racism (White Supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white. 

Whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity. 

1. Economics, 2. Education, 3. Entertainment, 4. Labor, 5. Law, 6. Politics, 7. Religion, 8. Sex and 9. War). for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.


 Dr. Joy Leary DeGruy‘s Book “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome”

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Jane Elliott: 

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