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Religious People Don’t Really Believe In God

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If a people really read the Bible, they would soon realize why people Don’t  Really Believe In God.  Santa Clause and Jesus/God are one in the same!


Mr.  Jeremiah Camara has very informative information about this subject.

You Must Study This Brother’s Works and Books” HOLY LOCK-DOWN,


He speaks about how it is so Highly Insulting and Thoroughly  Out Of Touch With Reality  when a White person [and Especially a Black person] try to use the Fictional Bible Book, [or any excuse for that matter] to say that any Black person can be a Racist. 

In my opinion, that’s just some Foolishness they heard from a White Supremacists/Racists (and/or confused so-called White People) to further Enslave and Confuse Black people’s minds. 

It’s Preposterous and totally IMPOSSIBLE for a Black person, who’s Ancestors were Victims of Slavery and Mistreatment [and their Children/Relatives following them] to be Racists.  

It’s Totally IMPOSSIBLE for a Victim Of Racism to be a Racists.  How can a Victim of Racism be the very thing that he/she is a Victim of? 


[Acronym: meaning  Suppressive  Harmful  Intrusive  Thoughts]

So, the next time anybody says that Blacks can be Racists, ask them,

“ How can a Victim of Racism be the very thing that he/she is a Victim of ?” 



It’s Impossible for it to be both ways.  A person using any kind of Logic, should be able to know that.  As a matter of Fact, a Six (6) Year Old would probably understand the difference.

If Religious People try to argue with that Logic,  just leave them alone for the time being, because they are Totally Out Of Touch With Reality

[ NOTE:] I don’t give up on them, because I know, that they have no clue as to what has happened to them  [Especially my own Family members]. 

Just as my Father who was a Preacher/Minister for over 60 Years.  But he finally became Free, and told me a day before he Physically left this Earth,

“Son I want you to go home and read that book. [meaning the bible].  Don’t study it like I’ve been teaching you, READ IT!  Because I realized that what I have been teaching to you and others for all these years, has not been the Truth.   It’s all been Lies. 

 I Didn’t Do It On Purpose Son, I Just Didn’t Know Any Better“.

And so, that’s exactly what I did after his Transitioning.  And I couldn’t get past the very first page before I could see EXACTLY WHAT MY FATHER MEANT

And many Religious people who strongly believe in Fictional Gods , (believe it or not) may very well JUST Force you to have to Defend Yourself against their Ignorance, because they may just try to hurt you.  I have  ACTUALLY had RELATIVES, want to Fight me because I refused to believe in some kind of  Jesus/God.  Now how sick is that.  Most Religious People are Violent like that.  And they are supposedly following some so-called God who is ALL POWERFUL AND ALL GOOD.   Man-Oh-Man!  How GOOD can a God be, who would order his Believers to Hurt or Kill his other Creations that He made?  It’s Astonishing how  Illogical and Ignorant that Sound/Is!  What’s even more Astonishing and Illogical is the fact that,


So, What Really Is The Bible?

The Bible is a Promissory Book.  That  means it Promises something to people in exchange for something from people.  Therefore, why would anybody want to make a Promise and/or get into a Promissory Contract Exchange Agreement, with anyone they haven’t met, seen, and more importantly, don’t’ have a signature of a person on the Promissory Note itself?  It’s Total Nonsense!

Note: [That’s what the Fictional IRS System does to people] when people signs  Contract like [W2 and 1040, Forms, etc.] that they had no participation in (What-So-Ever) in Creating and/or Forming/Making.

We Are Not Slaves.  We have been EN-Slaved and still continues to be.   Which includes ALL  PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET.  Therefore, you so-called White People, had better Wake The Hell Up as well as the so-called Blacks. 

No person cannot be independent if they are controlled by others like the White Supremacists/Racists control people on this Planet.  And because you so-called White People get a little more Benefits than the so-called Blacks, YOU’RE PROBABLY MORE CONFUSED than people of color! 

Once it’s all said and done, the White Supremacists/Racists [who never classify themselves as any kind of colors] has no further use for you, and all I can say is, Kiss Yo so-called White Asses goodbye because, you are Casualties of War as far as the White Supremacists/Racists are concerned!  Remember King Cesar with the Christians, and Hitler with the Jews, and Jesus with the people he supposedly delivered?   And let’s not forget about the so-called God in the Bible who supposedly Created all things?  So, you see Folks, everything and everybody are Casualties of War.

There’s  an old saying that goes something like,  “To Insist On A Spiritual Practice, That Once Served You In The Past, Is To Carry The Raft On Your Back, After You Have Crossed The River”.

Check out the following YouTube Video to get more information about why that’s totally Logical.  The God Addiction (High Praise, Low Productivity) – Kaba and Camara.   

Here’s a question that all people should ask themselves and their Gods to see just whose’ God is the most Powerful, instead of people killing each other.

“Why don’t all the many different Gods fight it out between each other [themselves] who’s supposedly to be the most powerful and only God, instead of having simple people fight for them”?  Better still, “Why don’t all the LEADERS, DICTATORS, PRESIDENTS, etc, Fight It Out Between Each Other”. 

You see Folks, it just don’t make any kind of Dam Sense or Logic at all.  It’s all a bunch of Lies and always have been, INVENTED by People [some say the Jews-which there is no such thing as a Jew] who were, and still are, the so-called Runts of the Human Litter SPECIES .  And it’s all about [no matter who the people are supposed to be] their SURVIVAL.   And nobody should Complain or Condemn and/or Fault any SPECIES for trying to Survive.  I don’t care how the SPECIES Treat, or Over-Power other SPECIES.  It’s all part of Nature. 

However,  it’s not the Nature of Human’s SPECIES, and that’s where the problem comes in to play for those so-called people [SPECIES].  They have not  learned that, the way they try to SURVIVE, is only causing their Demise and/or EXTINCTIONS and possibly a lot of other SPECIES as well.  Remember the Dinosaurs?   If White Supremacists/Racists would only TRY to Replace the System of White Supremacy/Racism with a System of Justice, they just might find out that, the System of Justice, just might work out a lot better as well as save their own SPECIES. 

Hell, the White Supremacists/Racists should know by now that their system has not ever worked  and is still not working.  It may appear that way to them for a while but sooner or later, all empires Fall,   You may wonder, why does the White Supremacists/Racists  keep doing the same old S.H.I.T over and over again expecting different results?   My answer:  “Well, I don’t know and I don’t care because, their  S.H.I.T  just ain’t happening”!  Therefore, things will just continue, the way their SPECIES, DID NOT plan for it to go.  And to put it in simple words,  THAT’S THEIR ASSES! And maybe a lot of other innocent SPECIES Asses as well.

The so-called Black Churches are some of the Worst Institutions that Blacks have Embraced for Salvation and/or Freedom.  How can a person not ask themselves  “Why can’t  I get further ahead since I keep giving my money to the Church and Preachers, instead of giving to myself first?  That’s Ass Back Wards Folks!  The answer is because you give your money to the wrong people and places first.  The Preachers are ALL, living in a Sumptuously Rich, Elaborate, or Luxurious Lifestyle -Manner, while many people of their Congregation is struggling.  What kind of Dam Sense does that make Folks?

The Churches and Preachers don’t even pay Taxes Folks.  Why do you think that is ?  No Fictitious IRS, etc, goes after any Churches for Taxes, yet will STEAL  all of Our Properties and even our Very Lives.  Why do you think that is Folks?  The White Supremacists/Racists  are nothing but Gangsters and Robbers, Thieves, Murderers  and Killers.

People give Church Organizations 10% of their Hard Earned Money, yet when you come out of it, you don’t own anything,  In it,  On/Of it,  Around it, etc.

 The Preachers only state what’s in the Bible, the things that have been told over and over again.  The Bible is nothing more than a Retelling of Ancient Myths And Legends Stories. Somehow those Stories has been Embraced by Blacks as being reality.  And it has cause Blacks to be in a Mental Illness State of Almost No return!  It’s really Pathetic how the White Supremacists/Racists did this to a Nation of People all around the World.  And not just Blacks but, ALL People of Color.  It’s really Shameful!

When people even ask you if you believe in God, ask them DO I NEED TO? 

Should they say YES, ask them for evidence proving why you should.  Because the Bible and God [DOG spelled backwards] are not Biological Requirements.  Air, Water, Sleep, Food, Shelter, etc, are all Biological requirements

The Bible and God cannot  be Biological if people claim they and/or God are SPIRITUAL.  A spirit has no Biological Body Or FormTherefore, what or how can something that’s not  Biological be helpful to you now or even later?  How can you even feel without a Biological Body?  [ As Fire in a so-called Hell ].  It’s Total Nonsense!

I ask Again, “What or how can something that’s not  Biological be helpful to you now or even later?”  If the person says later [Referring to a Heaven or Hell] ask them if they remember where they were before they were born, or, if they were in Existence before they were born.  Then ask them if they were in Existence back in 1776 B.C. or 1500 A.D.?   Or any time before they were Born, Etc.?   Since they were not in Existence then, how can they know or Experience Existence after they die, if they have no idea of their Existence before they were here?

Their Ignorance might make them believe/think, that they become a Soul, like the Bible teaches.  Therefore, how can a Soul FEEL anything since it’s not in a Biological Existence or Form anymore, Physically?  Only a Biological Physical Body can Feel Hurt, Pain, Cold And Hot.  So how could a HELL [if there was such a thing] cause any Pain and Suffering to a person who has no Physical Biological Existence?  That Don’t make no kinda Dam Sense or Logic at all Folks!  It’s all a Big Con Game!  Wake The Hell Up People!

Therefore; there’s  NO Reason to be afraid of some kind of so-called Fire in a so-called HELL is there?  What is HELL  anyway  if no one ever experienced it?  Where is it?  And who in the Hell, is the Devil?  [Pun intended….LOL ]

Where’s the Evidence of where somebody claims it’s supposed to be?  There’s no kinds of  Evidence what-so-ever, that Jesus even existed, or Moses, John, Peter, the Devil,  Mary,  etc.  It’s all just a bunch of Stories and Lies!  There’s no Graves or Bones, etc, of anything  that is even remotely Evidence of such lies.  And with Today’s DNA Technologies, it would be very easy to Confirm and Prove such things. [of course with the Evidence]. 

However, don’t tell people not to believe in their Bible stuff.   Just ask them to read it and not just listen to the Preachers and give the Churches and Preachers all their money.

When a Black person [whose ancestors are supposedly from Africa] even opens up the Fictional Bible Book, it should be obvious to them from the very start that they are reading a Book about  Romans and Hebrews and Catholics, Genesis, and Corinthians?  The book has no teachings about  Africa at all.  Why is that?  If the Good Book is supposed to be helpful for Blacks, why doesn’t it say study about  Somalia, Hattie, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Cap town, Cairo, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, etc?  Instead of Romans and Hebrews and Catholics, Genesis, and Corinthians?  Blacks must ask their selves,  “If my people are not in the book, what does the Book have to do with me?” 

Social Media always reports  “If a white person falls off a building and Lives, they were fortunate or lucky.  However, If a Black falls off and Lives, it was because of Jesus”. …Man O Man.  How did we as Blacks arrive in our condition Psychologically in reading a book that doesn’t even mention Us and Condones our Enslavement  we are in?  

Yet Blacks embrace a  book given to Them from the very people who have Enslaved Them.  That’s a mental Illness Folks!  There was a time that Blacks were not even allowed to read and if they were caught reading they would be Whipped or put to Death.  What kind of Nonsense is that?

Black people seem to be waiting for two things, (1.) Waiting for Jesus to return and (2.) Hitting the Lottery.  Pretty much the same thing as far as odds of either of them happening.  At least the Lottery is here Physically.  We’ve been taught  to not worry about things because Jesus will take care of it for Us. 

The Bible states to “Walk By Faith And Not By Sight And Lean Not Unto Your Own Understanding”.   That’s encouraging a person not to use their own Mind/Brain.   Would you tell a person not  to use their mouths, eyes, ears, tasting, etc, But when it comes to your Brain they say don’t use it.  How utterly Insulting and Ridiculous.  Now you can clearly see how that S.H.I.T. about Adam and Eve being told not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, had a Great effect on people.  Especially Blacks!  Man O Man what a Big Fat Con Game!  And to think Black people still fall for that junk.

The RHETORIC doesn’t even change in the Preachers Sermons.  It’s the same things we’ve heard all our lives.  It’s the same Preacher’s Sermons from Preacher  to Preacher, century after century.  It’s Insanity when a person embraces the CULTURE and BELIEF SYSTEM of the VERY people who CONQUERS them.  A Master and a Slave can’t have the same God.  It’s impossible!  A Slave only gets a sense of Belonging from that kind of junk.

There’s no such thing as a Black Jesus either.  If that were True, it would be even more Insulting to Black people that their own Black so-called Savior would allow them to suffer as they have for Centuries. 

People even say that it doesn’t  matter what color Jesus was.  However,  if that’s the case, why do White people show the Dude as being White?  It’s All A Big Con Game Folks!

Jesus Just Didn’t Exist.  That’s The Bottom Line Folks.  Take It Or Leave It!  It’s Your Choice Anyway.   And If He Did,  He’s Not The Savior For Black Folks.

Check Out Jeremiah Camara On The Carl Nelson Radio Show For More Of This Enlightening Information About Religion And Slavery.












Also, the following is an observation of how the so-called Corona Virus effects so called Blacks as well as so-called Whites. 

From the YouTube Channel LifeSiteNews, here’s a Young Doctor Explaining Why He’s Against Forced COVID-19 Vaccine. 

Also, check out Dr Andrew Kaufman. 

What is Corona Virus, Pandemic Paranoia Facts, Fictions and Fears Interview on Jason Liosatos Outside The Box.  

They both have very Interesting Opinions about the so-called Corona Virus

This so-called Corona Virus should be Evidence to the Racists White People throughout the World, of how the System Of White Supremacy/Racism [even works against Them].  Those Racists People who think they are entitled to certain Rights, Privileges and Freedom, that Blacks or People of Color shouldn’t have.  However, the Corona Virus has backed them in a corner, Ultimately Forcing them to stop their Racists Beliefs, Views and Actions, etc, because the Powers That Be [P.T.B] don’t care about them [ Racists White People throughout the World] or Colors, or People, the Environment, Animals, Plants, etc, etc. 

The [P.T.B.] only care about their Fun, Glory, Excitement and Material Gain.  Which in simpler words is, POWER and DOMINATION over the ENTIRE PLANET.   A NEW WORLD ORDER! 

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the [P.T.B] are exploring other Planets to see if there’s other Life-Forms  somewhere on other Planets, that they can Dominate.  Because, it appears they are losing control over Planet Earth.   America is not the only Empire that is Falling like the Roman Empire and other Empires did, but also, the rest of the Empires on this Planet.

Therefore, White Racists People can’t have it both ways if they want to have Allies to help them against the [P.T.B]. 

White Racists People Must Give Up Their Freedom Or Give Up Racism.  

They  Can’t  Have  It  Both  Ways.

White Racists People must Give Up Racism and Fight with Blacks and People of Color against the [P.T.B.] or the White Racists People must lose their freedom and become Slaves as well.  The choice is theirs!  They can’t be Racists and expect the System Of White Supremacy/Racism, not to work against them.  It’s the very System White Racists People want to use for their Racist Motives.  And that’s not possible, rather they like it or not! 


Time Has  Run  Out  For  Everybody.   Even  For  The  Powers  That  Be [P.T.B.].

Hope this helps,



I know which one I wanna do Folks.  How about you?

Here’s A New Pledge To The United States Flag And All Other Flags Around The World,  Invented by a Man named  Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.                          

The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”




Then you will know how to deal with People and Things, and see things for what they really are, when they confront you saying you Dishonored the Flag.

People like: Drew Christopher Brees Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

This Pledge Is For Things and so-called People  Such as, Corporations, Companies, Cities, IRS, States, Governments,  Police, Gods,  Judges, Attorneys, Ministers, Pastors, Popes, Bishops, Lawyers, Races, Religions and Religious Books,, Gold, Diamonds, Money, etc, etc.  And of course people like Drew Christopher Brees.

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. also made the Quote:   FEELINGS ARE UNRELIABLE IF THEY ARE NOT ATTACHED TO LOGIC. He states it around 14:10 in the link.

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.



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Whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity. 

1. Economics, 2. Education, 3. Entertainment, 4. Labor, 5. Law, 6. Politics, 7. Religion, 8. Sex and 9. War). for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.

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