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UN-PROTECTEDNew Neely Fuller Song: Entitled: “The Code Song
Also: “Crack was Made For Blacks

Some people who work as Doctors or Scientists, etc, claim that people can have the Covid virus without even knowing it. 

That’s usually how catching anything works.   Not knowing that you have it.  Brilliant Deductions my dear Doctors or Scientists, etc .     Woow! …..LOL.

You don’t know You’re infected until You ARE Infected and/or see signs of the problem.  Therefore, people may ask  “Why take a Test if you have no signs of the problems”?  Others might say  “Because it is a Prevention”. 

Now Folks, let me ask you, if Prevention is supposedly the case for Testing, then shouldn’t People take test for Preventing  just about any and everything that may cause them problems that they don’t know about?.  [Such as, Measles, Mumps, Chicken pots, Blindness, Headaches, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Polio, Arthritis, Tooth and Gum Disease, Hearing, Smelling, Feeling, Cancers, Mental Illnesses, etc, etc.]  Instead of doing yearly check-ups?


If all the above mention (and more) are problems/things that people may have BUT, don’t know about, I would think  the most important question is How Can Any Health  Problems  BE  PREVENTED,  by simply taking a Test If No One Knows, If,  Or When,  They Are Going  To Be Affected By Those Health Problems?  Or If, And When Those Health Problems  Will Happen To A Person?


How the Hell  CAN You, or  DO  You  Prevent something That You Already Have?  Gimmie a Phuc&(&%_#@()&%^ing, Break Please!  If You already have something, that could only mean one thing! 

And that is:   [“It wasn’t Prevented in the first place, or You  wouldn’t  HAVE IT].   Dam, how Stupid and Foolish can People really be? 

Now that just goes to show You, that, because a person has a Title or Name Labelled,  Doctor or Scientist etc,  doesn’t mean that they Use Logic or that they are some kind of Gods who have all the Correct answers to Life and all the problems in Life.  Think for yourself People and stop Depending on others [that’s no better or worst than You] to solve problems for You.  However, There’s nothing wrong with receiving Constructive Help from anybody.

BUT, People with Titles or Names Labelled Doctor or Scientist etc,  that doesn’t Use Logic, would make Me Very Leary of Trusting that person’s Diagnosis of any problems they might say I have,  just because they have those Titles or Names .

Thus far, NO Doctors or Scientists etc, or anybody, has proven that they can Prevent and/or Tell the Future.   And a Person trying to Tell or Prevent the Future, is a person claiming that they know the Future.   SOMETHING THAT HASN’T EVEN HAPPEN YET!  How dumb and stupid and totally Illogical does that sound Folks?

A person won’t know they are infected with anything, until THEY ARE  INFECTED.  Therefore, if a Test proves the person is infected, that person now knows they are infected.  ……Vuala!

However, the Test didn’t PREVENT THE PERSON FROM BEING INFECTED!  The person had to already be Infected in order for a Test to show that the person, was Infected.

If a person’s  Test shows they are infected, THAT  IN  ITSELF is Evidence and Proof that the Person was already infected without them knowing they were. [That’s provided the Test is Accurate].  So my question is: Where did the  PREVENTION COME IN  because of the Test? 

Since a person Was Already Infected, the Test Nor anything else PREVENTED the person from being infected.  Only an Idiot would have trouble understand that.

All the Test did was show that the person was/is Infected.  And that DESTROYS the THEORY/CONCEPTS, by Politicians, Doctors, Scientists, etc, that the TEST  Are Used to Prevent a person from being infected. 

Therefore, Their THEORIES/CONCEPTS  of TEST  PREVENTION, makes no sense whatsoever!  

The Dam Test  Can’t  And  Don’t  Prevent  Anything

Only a CURE can Prevent it.  A CURE will Destroy it, and/or Prevent it from coming.  And a TEST IS NOT A CURE!  End Of Story FOLKS!  Simple Logic.

Whatever or However Mankind was Created, is the only thing that can know about A Thing,  or Prevent A Thing, from happening in the Future.  That would be Predicting the Future.   And so far I don’t know of any Man, Woman, People, or Things, etc,  that has proven that they/it, can Predict the Future. 

And sooner or later a person will know if they have been infected by something, because any and all Germs, Bacteria’s, Flues, Pneumonia, Colds, COVIDS, etc, [whatever the hell anybody want to name/call them] will eventually surface or show an appearance, On or In that person body.

People might say “Well Marv, if a person gets Tested and find they are Infected, that can Prevent them from giving/passing their Infection to somebody else” 

My simple answer is:  There is no Evidence of Somebody or a TEST, Foretelling the Future.  Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean that another person may catch it from the Infected Person.  What about People who have gotten Infected that weren’t around other People?  How did they become Infected?

People should take Precautions for Prevention,  HOWEVER,  Precautions doesn’t mean that another Person Will or Will NOT catch it from the Infected Person. Therefore, Precautions Does not,  nor Cannot,  Predict the Future!

What about People who have gotten infected that weren’t around other People?  How did they become infected?  (Don’t forget the Infected Person didn’t even know they were Infected)?  No answer huh?  I thought so!

Infected People have been around others and have Cough, Sneezed, Spit, Touched, Kissed, Hugged, etc, around and on other people, and still those People did not get infected.  So, how did that Fortune Telling Future play out? 

Not exactly like some of the Doctors and Scientists Proclaims what a Mask and Testing can do for the Future, does it?   And what is the Doctors and Scientists, etc, Explanations and/or their Logical reasoning for others not becoming infected from the Infected Person who Cough, Sneezed, Spit, Touched, Kissed, Hugged, etc, around and on other people, whom did not get infected?   I haven’t heard any Explanations yet!

Even if an Infected Person stays totally away from everybody and everything, [which would be impossible unless that Infected person goes to another Planet somewhere in Space] (and even then that’s only a chance that the Infected Person Will Or Will Not pass it on) doesn’t mean the Infected Person can’t or won’t pass it on. 

More importantly, if the Infected Person didn’t know how they got it, how does the Infected person know that he or she didn’t get Infected from Any Thing other than a person? 

Of  COURSE some Idiotic, Imbecile, Morons might still argue,  “Well Marv, how can an Infected Person pass it if they’re not around anybody or anything”? 

My Simple Answer:  Again, as I already stated:, it’s impossible for an Infected Person to stay away from everything unless that Infected person goes to another Planet somewhere in Space. [Of course NO Person can Survive if they are not around anything, anyway].  So let’s stop being an Idiotic, Imbecile, Moron with that kind of Thinking or RATIONALE .

Secondly, [even if such nonsense were possible] if the Infected Person stays away from everything and everybody, it still doesn’t mean the Infected Person won’t pass it to some Molecule, Bacteria, Germ, Plant, Or, Animal, Insect, Reptile, Water, Air, etc, THAT’S IN SPACE,  which can then be passed back to Earth. [If such nonsense were possible]. ……… And Don’t forget:



I guess you can say: So much for that kind of Theory S.H.I.T.  So stop trying to Blame  S.H.I.T.  on China [A Name, Concept, Idea, etc.] or on People who Live there or on  some other Thing, Land, dirt, etc

Don’t think for one moment, that the People who are classified as Doctors and Scientists, etc,   Titles/Names,  Are  Gods or Creators.  [Even though some appear to think so] ….ROTFLMAO!. 

Don’t get me wrong Folks, a lot of those People are very skillful in their work and we should listen carefully to what their Opinions and Diagnosis are.  Because, I have learned and have found out from Experience,  that they can be very, very Skillful and Helpful in their Practices as well as in their Aid to sick people. 

Therefore,  I would be the First Person Hurrying to them, in seeking serious Medical help or attention should I need it, and would suggest that You quickly go to them as well if you need serious Medical attention or help.  That’s only Logical! 

They are similar to Auto Mechanics, however, they are Human/Anatomy Mechanics.  You may trust your Auto Mechanic, but not all Mechanics.  Thus you may trust your Doctor but not all Doctors.  Putting my Full Trust in any of them, I think would be UN-wise!  Therefore, just use Logic when getting your Auto or Your Body Repaired.  As a matter of Fact, use Logic For everything!

So, what is the purpose of the Mask wearing and Shut Downs, etc,  and why is this happening, or why are people doing such things that appear to cause more problems and harm, then the seriousness of the Covid Virus itself?

My simple answer:  The  System Of  White  Supremacy Racism.

Some folks may say “Well Marv, I’m getting a little tired of hearing about this System Of White Supremacy Racism stuff”.   Why does Everything always have to be about Racism”?

My simple answer is,  because the Evidence is all around Us every day all day. Name Me one thing  [if you can]  from the following 9 areas of People Activities, that   Don’t  Involve  or   Isn’t  Affected  by   Racism:  1. Economics,  2. Education,  3. Entertainment,  4. Labor,  5. Law,  6. Politics,  7. religion, 8. Sex and 9. War. 


So stop with the Foolishness and, You can be as tired as you would like, it still doesn’t Eliminate the problem of The System Of White Supremacy Racism.  And I don’t think any other problems can be Eliminate until that one big problem is Eliminate .  Now that’s either True or False.  You be the Judge!

And PLE-E-E-ASE don’t forget that, White Supremacy Racism, is a SYSTEM.  IT’ NOT PEOPLE.  People use that System to Manipulate, Control, and Harm the Masses of other People, for Fun, Glory and Material Comforts.  And the way those People use that system is by causing Us [People] to do it to OURSELVES Unknowingly!  We do all their dirty work for them


Stop harming each other for those Despicable Lowlife Gangsters.  Therefore, rather you like it or not, be prepared to not only Hear It,  BUT, See It, each and every minute, of each and every day, because there’s no getting around it.  Nature and The Universe will not allow You, Me nor Anybody Else, to avoid it.  It’s impossible to Eliminate any problems as long as The System Of White Supremacy Racism Exist.  

Some Folks might say “Well Marv, aren’t you afraid that the White Supremacists that you call Despicable Lowlife Gangsters, will do something to you or cause you harm for calling them Names? 

My answer:  Hell Naw!   Read the Title Of This Page Again. 


More Importantly, they could care less about little Kiddy Junk like that.  And If they did something to Me [or even have someone else do it for them] all they would be doing is taking a big chance with Exposing themselves because, they Hide in Plain Sight.  That’s why nobody can really point a finger at/to/toward them.  Nobody knows exactly who they are.  And they don’t won’t to be Exposed either because  It’s Bad For Business! 

Besides, they are to Intelligent to be bothered with Petty Shit like name calling.  Especially when they know it’s the Truth.   I do that Petty Shit just for a little comfort for Me/Us in this Prison.  And believe you me, if I cause too much problems for their Business because of name calling [and that’s all it’s about is Business, Nothing Personal] they will let me know.  (And name calling don’t affect nobody but the person who does it).  So I really shouldn’t do it, but Hey, what the Hell else can we do in Prison?….LOL  

They’ll simple say ” Hey Marv, you causing problems for our business Hommey, so it’s time for you to Chill out, OK, Bro?”    And I will have to Chill Out or be ready to go to Oblivey Land.   ROTFLMAO!  It’s just that simple because they are Supreme!  And don’t even ask Me what I would do because I don’t know at this time,  I can’t Predict the Future.  I/We do however, have backup Plans in case such things happen.  More importantly, The Supreme Gangsters, are not the only ones who can Plan and Think about Business!

And, for the People  [who classify themselves as White or White Supremacists and believe they should have certain privileges over others] you can Expect to have problems for Yourself and Generations of your Children, Family members, and Relatives for your Entire Lives, until you stop that Illogical way of thinking and acting. 

Number 1. You are not the Supreme Gangsters.  2. The Supreme Gangsters will show You so-called White people [Whom the Supreme Gangsters Named] in about 15 minutes how Supreme You are, if you cause problems for their Businesses.  3. Supreme Gangsters don’t classify themselves as White.  [They do the classifying for all people].  4. The Supreme Gangsters are the most Powerful Religion and Government on this Planet Earth.


So-called White people may have Conned, Manipulated and Force their control over people, However, THEY HAVE NO WIN WHATSOEVER,  AGAINST NATURE AND THE UNIVERSE.   Even the Supreme Gangsters are aware that their Power is no Match, when it comes to Nature and the Universe.

And that’s not Marvin’s  Superstitious Thoughts,  Opinions,  Ideas,  Concepts, THE EVIDENCE IS ALL AROUND US AS PROOF.

End Of story Folks!


If They Weren’t Here Already, Can Someone Please Show Me Evidence Of Where The Hell They Came From?  And if you can’t do that, keep your mouth shut, if you have no idea of what the hell you’re talking about! No Logical person would even attempt to try and Disprove Evidence Itself.  Only Idiots!

Racists can’t have it both ways.  Either stop being a Racist and keep your Freedoms and God Given Rights [with the help of all People] or keep your Racism and Lose All Your Freedoms And Rights, along with the very People Of Color you’re trying to Deny Freedom And Rights too. 

We already know we’ve lost our Rights and Freedoms long time ago for Centuries and Centuries up until this very date in time.  You just don’t realize that you never had any either.   You’ve been Fed an Illusion by the Real White Supremacist. [The Supreme Gangsters]   And believe it or not, they are NOT RACISTS.   They’re Business People.    Everybody on this Planet is a Business person.  Now how do you like them Apples?

You can’t have it both ways.  Rather you like it or not Nature and the Universe, will not allow it. 

And should you not believe this is Truth that I speak about, be prepared for even more Mandatory Shut Downs, Vaccinations,  Theft of your Money, Your Homes, all your Privacy’s,  Privileges,  etc, because there’s not a Dam thing you can do about it against the Real Supremacist [The Supreme Gangsters] that don’t give a Dam about you or anybody else when it comes to Business. 

Real Supremacist are not White.  They are Supreme People over all People.  No matter what name is used like [Supreme Gangsters].  That’s all it means.  End Of story Folks!

Now,  that’  Either  True  or  Not.  You  be  the  Judge!

They only gave so-called White people an Illusion that they are special.  And without the help of other people, You so-called white People, Your Children, Your Family Members, Friends, and Loved-Ones, are doomed just like the rest of Us People Of Color.   Because we already know  we’re doom without your help.  You just don’t realize that your doom without our help because Your Ignorant Racism, is blinding your Logic. 

Which in turn causes You to Cause Your Own Demise along with Your Children, Your Family Members, Friends, and Loved-Ones.  People of Color have nothing to Lose because we’ve been in Prison and on Death Row for Centuries and Centuries.  We’re just waiting to Get Executed/Die or get Freedom by bringing Down the Entire Prison System [Not Just escaping].   And if we don’t get your help, You and Your Children, Your Family Members, Friends, and Loved-Ones,  ARE  NEXT  IN  LINE because,  you’re in this Prison too.  You just haven’t realize it yet.

And last but not least, Nature and the Universe, will not allow any of it’s Creations [even the Real Supremacist-Supreme Gangsters] to have it both ways.  That would put things out of Balance for Nature and the Universe.  

And Nature and the Universe says 




Now those are some more Apples you can like or not!



My Logic and Science let’s Me know that Our Bodies Own Antibodies fights Virus, Flues, Bacteria, Colds, etc.   It’s only when our IMMUNE SYSTEMS are LOW on ANTIBODIES, is when Virus, Flues, Bacteria, Colds, etc, can Overwhelm Us and our Bodies because they are more powerful and/or out number our own antibodies.   There’s not enough of Our Own ANTIBODIES [in our Own low IMMUNE SYSTEMS] to fight off so many Virus, Flues, Bacteria, Colds, etc.  That’s when We are Vulnerable to just about any and everything.

And Ple-e-e-ease   Folks,  Don’t forget that everything was already here on this Planet before We all arrived. [ The Virus, Flues, Bacteria, Colds, etc. ]

Therefore, it’s Impossible, for there to be some type of NEW Virus, Flues, Bacteria, Colds, etc.   Just because someone gives a New Name to a certain type of Virus, Flues, Bacteria, Colds, etc, doesn’t mean that it’s NEW.  

Even if some Folks would want to argue that it’s a new strain, that too, would be impossible because, no new strain has come here from another Planet.  Scientists can only add or subtract one Virus to another.  There’s nothing new about doing that.  Furthermore, Scientists, Doctors, etc,  have yet to State r Prove that the Covid/Corona Virus has arrived here from another Planet. 

IT WAS ALREADY HERE!  End of Story Folks!


THAT’S NOT TO SAY  that any Virus, Flues, Bacteria, Colds, etc, cannot or will not harm or kill You/Us.  Those Bad things have been Killing People since We arrived on this Planet.  

I’m Just simply saying that, the Covid/Corona Virus is just a New Name, [not a NEW Virus, Flues, Bacteria, Colds, etc]. 

Therefore it’s only Logical for Me to think that People are dying from what was already here [which was given a NEW Name] as supposedly from something that is, to be NEW.  HOWEVER, You be the Judge!   You/We can apply the same Logic to things such as Measles, Mumps, Polio, Cancer, Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, any and all kinds of Germs, Bacteria, etc.

Since that is the most Logical reasoning for the Covid Virus, [already being here before We arrived,  What, and Why  is all this happening with Mandatory Masks Wearing and Shutting down the Country, and possibly the World? 

And who really has the Authority to Force or Enforce the Mandatory Masks Wearing and Shutting down the Country, and possibly the World?  

Then the question I would have is, WHY?  And For What Reasons  are these People [who think they have the Authority] doing so? 

Something to think about Folks!  I hope someone comes up with a Logical reasoning even if it’s not good news to hear it.

And once again I must Reiterate and State that, THAT’S NOT TO SAY  that any Virus, Flues, Bacteria, Colds, Measles, Mumps, Polio, Cancer, Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, any and all kinds of Germs, Bacteria, etc, cannot or will not harm or kill You/Us.  Those Bad things have been Killing People since We arrived on this Planet.   Hopefully, Man kind will not be so Greedy and Power Hungry as to cause his own Extinction!

Listen to Prof.  Sucharit  Bhakdi once again to see if his Logic seems correct or not to you.  If you don’t think so, at least you have more information about the Covid/Corona Virus  than you had before hearing him.  If you do think so,  the same applies.   At least you have more information about the Covid/Corona Virus  than you had before hearing him.

Why should people who Wears Mask to protect themselves, fight other people who don’t Wear Mask?  Isn’t the WHOLE PURPOSE of Wearing a Mask, for  Protecting Yourself from the Virus and People not Wearing Masks?  And if you’re wearing a mask why do you worry about people who don’t have on mask passing it on to you, since you are protected by wearing your mask?  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE FOLKS? 

If people who don’t wear masks want to take a chance of dying, why don’t you just leave them alone so they can do whatever they want?  You are wearing your mask so why are you worry about catching anything from them?  Since you have your mask on aren’t you protected?  Or is it that you don’t think your mask will really protect you?   And if that’s the case, what’s the purpose of you even wearing the mask if it’s not going to  protect you?  WAKE THE HELL UP FOLKS AND SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE. 

While we are all Fighting About Some Dam Masks, some other people are STRATEGICALLY Putting Together Systems And Big Con Games To Control The World/Masses.  And it’s being done without the Masses even having knowledge of it. 

By the way, no MAYORS, GOVERNORS, SENATORS, LEADERS, JUDGES, POLICE, etc, can Mandate [Pass Any Laws] that goes against the constitution without people voting on it. That would be considered an Amendment if People voted on such Laws.

And where has Normal Colds, Pneumonia And Flues Disappeared?  Does anyone catch COLDS anymore?  If so, why isn’t it mentioned in the news?  Why doesn’t the news and so-called Doctors, Health Professionals, Report it and explain the difference between Colds, Pneumonia And Flues so that people will know the difference between the Symptoms? 

Do people have to go to the Hospitals and see Doctors for everything?  What did people do before this Corona Virus came along?  What happen to the old taking two aspirins and some Chicken Noodle Soup and staying in bed for a few days?  And Don’t forget about the Hot Toddies also….LOL.

Should it be necessary for a person to go to the hospitals for a Simple Common Cold Or Flu.  Or are people catching Common Colds And Flu and going to the Hospitals and the Doctors, Nurses, etc, are claiming these people have Corona Virus when they in fact, really only have Common Colds And Flu?  You be the judge!   YOU BETTER WAKE THE HELL UP FOLKS!

Hope this helps,


A New Pledge To The United States Flag And All Other Flags Around The World,  Invented by a Man named  Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.                          

The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”



Then you will know how to deal with People and Things, and see things for what they really are, when they confront you saying you Dishonored the Flag.

People like: Drew Christopher Brees Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

This Pledge Is For Things and so-called People  Such as, Corporations, Companies, Cities, IRS, States, Governments,  Police, Gods,  Judges, Attorneys, Ministers, Pastors, Popes, Bishops, Lawyers, Races, Religions and Religious Books,, Gold, Diamonds, Money, etc, etc.  And of course people like Drew Christopher Brees.

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. also made the Quote:   FEELINGS ARE UNRELIABLE IF THEY ARE NOT ATTACHED TO LOGIC. He states it around 14:10 in the link.




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