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How Can The Corona Virus Cause A Civil War





Here are two Brothers videos that give information about the Corona Virus.

Dr Phil Valentine- The Corona Virus Cover Up



Curtis Cost- Vaccines Are Dangerous

Since the White Supremacist/Racists couldn’t get a Race War started, what better way to start a Race War, than with a Civil War using the Corona Virus as a means to get a Civil War started?  It was not wise for Black People to join any organizations [such as Acorn, NAACP, Black Lives Matter, Democrats, Republicans, etc, etc, supported by so-called White People, claiming to help Blacks fight other so-called White People against Racism.  

When a Black person does so, they are in fact, are not realizing how they are being used and what is happening to them by the very so-called White People who are claiming to help them fight other so-called White People against Racism. 

Why should Blacks fight in a any Wars they did not start?  And what would be the Constructive result afterwards?  When the Blacks fought in the Civil War, they did so because they were of the belief that the War was to Free them as Slaves.  

More importantly, after the Civil War was fought and won by whichever side [ North or South] did the Blacks really get True Freedom?  What happened to the Blacks when they came home from the Civil War, as winners of a War?  Were they allowed to have the same benefits as Whites?  Did they [the men who fought in the Civil War] still have to ride on the Back of Buses?  If so, why did Rosa Parks [a civil rights activist who refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama] sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Were those Black Veterans even allowed to use the same Bathrooms as the Whites?  Sit at the same Restaurant Counters as the Whites?  Were those same Men who put their lives on the line for their so-called Country even allowed to Vote?   Were those same Men allowed to have their Children go to schools with White Children?  And the list can go on and on!  However the answer is still Hell Naw-w-w-w-w-w-w!

Some of those same Black men who fought in the Civil War were Murdered for made up lies against them, by Whites.  

And the History of Racial Terrorism and Violence endured by thousands of African American Veterans, still remains Unacknowledged.

See: → Lynching in America  from the Equal Justice Initiative Web Site, to get more information about Veterans.  Targeting Black Veterans:
Lynching in America.

So how would it be constructive for a Black person to fight in a War that does not benefit him/her?  The Wars between Whites are nothing short of Gangster Wars [between Gangsters] fighting about who’s going to have the Power and Control over Land and the rest of the people in the World, especially the Blacks.

The Atlantic-Business Web Site has information about George Soros and the Demonization of Philanthropy, supposedly a person who Finances and Funds certain Organizations similar to those mentioned above.

As a matter of fact a lot of the so-called White People who may Truly have very Serious Intentions about helping Blacks fight Racism, may not even realize themselves, that they are using the Black People/Victims, to Benefit Whites and cause Disadvantages to the very Blacks they think they are helping.  That’s the way the System of White Supremacy/Racism works it’s  Magic and Fictions.

The Logical reason behind this thinking, is because the Black People are the Prisoners/Slaves Victims.  If the so-called White People are truly serious about fighting Racism, they should fight other so-called White People for the Black Prisoners/Slaves Victims, without enlisting  the Black Prisoners/Slaves Victims to help them fight those other so-called White People

The Main Logical Reasoning is because, all so-called White People are Racists, Knowingly Or Not.   The Black Prisoners/Slaves Victims, are not the Racists.  Therefore, if White People Started Racism, then it’s up to White People to End Racism.

It’s nothing but another form of the so-called Civil War by the White Supremacist/Racists.  More importantly, The so-called Civil War was not fought to Free Slaves as White History [his story] has taught people around the World.

However, the so-called White People in the Civil War claiming to be helping the Blacks become Free, ONLY needed the help of the Blacks to help them fight a War, that they were in, against other Whites already, for whatever REASONS.  [Be it Money, Power, Land, Control of all People].  None of their REASONS  or INTENTIONS were to Free the Slaves.  END OF STORY FOLKS! 

So Wake The Hell up People!  I mean all People not just People of Color!

For those [especially Blacks] who say that the Civil War was fought to Free the Slaves [because of Abraham Lincoln ]  then I must ask you, WHY IS THERE STILL SLAVERYSlavery never ended!  It’s still here in the Year 2020.  And there are still Laws condoning Slavery, that has never been removed from the Books as well as New Laws being made RIGHT NOW in 2020, to support Slavery!

A similar example of that in today’s time, would be Whites Enlisting, or Forcing through Drafting of Blacks, to fight Wars against other Countries. 

African Americans participated in and including, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican–American War, the Civil War, the Spanish–American War, the World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other minor conflicts, against the INNOCENT People [Males/Females/Children and Babies] in those Countries.  None of those people in those Countries are Racists because, none of those people are White.  Therefore, none of those people are Racists against Black people. 

However, the Blacks were FORCED TO FIGHT!

If not forced to do so, a Black person should not want to Fight , nor KILL and Fight, other people [that are Not White] whom they have never personally met or seen before.  It’s not the Black people’s War.  Just as with White people fighting other White people about Racism is not the Black People’s fight or War

The Greatest Of All Time Muhammad Ali Stated It Best When He Said: No Viet Cong Ever Called Me, Nigger


The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”



It’s time to wake up Black Folks and see things for what they really are.  You are Victims and Prisoners.  YOU ARE NOT SOLDIERS in their War, for whatever their reasons are for being at War with each other.  Black People cannot be Soldiers in a War, where they are already LOCKED UP as Prisoners of that same War.  And if you’re a Prisoner, you have not received nor are receiving, Freedom or Justice!

Should you join any organizations, you will become Classified by the White Supremacist/Racists as a Radical Black Organizer.   Was Harriet Tubman a Radical Black Organizer? [BTW, Ms. Tubman was not actually like the movie Portrayed her]Of course that’s expected from Holly Weird!

On the other hand if you are a White Person, you will be Classified [as Trump says according to TIME reporting] “I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems”.  

However, check these serious problem out,  49 People Dead in Mass Shooting.   And what about Dylann Roof, entering Emanuel AME Church Gunning down Nine-9 People.

Wake The Hell Up People!

As far as the Corona Virus concerns, Millions of people around the World DIE from Colds, Flue and Pneumonia every year.  Why aren’t the News Medias Reporting those kinds of Deaths like they are Promoting the Corona Virus?  

Do you think it could be that the White Supremacist/Racists are applying the Corona Virus to those people’s deaths, to cause people to think that some new Epidemic is happening?  If so, WHY?  If not, Why Not?  Remember folks, EVERYTHING WAS ALREADY HERE ON THIS PLANET BEFORE WE ARRIVED!  That’s including the so-called Corona Virus.

For those of you who want to believe that the Corona Virus is something new, [and not a spin-off from something that was already here on this Planet like Colds, Flue and Pneumonia’s] my question to you is, ….”What Planet or Universe, or where from Space, etc, did the Corona Virus come from and how did it get here? 

And should you, the Government, Scientist, Doctors, etc, etc, and not be able to answer that question, then my next question is,


If  You  Know  Nothing  About  It”?

It’s seems like it’s Easier for People to Accept things that they Cannot Prove with Facts, Proof and Evidence, then it is for those same people to Accept things, that they Cannot Dis-Prove with Facts, Proof and Evidence.

The following is an Example of how the White Supremacists/Racists People, uses the System of White Supremacy/Racism, Words to Confuse and Trick all People.

News Media Folks are saying this Corona Virus is Incredible.   And we as Brainwashed People, perceive that Word [Incredible] to mean something  Spectacular.  Religious People even say the Bible, Qur’an, Torah, etc, etc, are Incredible Books.

[By The Way, there are well over 4,000 different Religions in the World today. Thousands of Religions are commonly known while others have unfamiliar names.  These Five (5) Religions [Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism] are considered to be the most influential in the world and are often referred to as the “World Religions” due to their size and influence. The adherents of Islam and Christianity alone make up nearly half of the World’s Total Population].

Now, back to the Word Incredible.   Actually the Word Credible , means Good, Valid. And the Word Incredible, means Not Good, Not True or Not Valid, which means that it’s not to be taken seriously because it’s not Credible

When people say “That’s An Incredible Lie” they are really saying that the Lie is No Good or Not Valid.  However, a Creditable Lie is Valid.   

Therefore, through the use of Words [as when used by the News Media’s about the Corona Virus or People using Words in general] it’s Evident that most People Easily Believe what they CANNOT  PROVE and they Dis-Believe what they CANNOT DIS-PROVE

Which means that, things that HAVE Evidence , Facts and Proof, people Don’t want to believe.  And the things that Do Not have Evidence , Facts and Proof, people  Do want to believe

How Dumb And Foolish Can People Be?

Well, I’ll let you just Think about that while I read some Books.


Hope this helps,




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