…..Gayle King Interviews WNBA Star Lisa Leslie

New Neely Fuller Song: Entitled:

The Code Song
Also: “Crack was Made For Blacks

Gayle King,   Snoop Dogg,   Oprah Winfrey,

Susan Rice,   Bill Cosby,   Russell Simmons,

Micheal Jackson








People are asking the questions and making comments about why people are bringing up a Kobe Bryant case,  after his Death before he’s even Buried, that was dismissed/dropped Sept. 1, 2004

Why didn’t they bring it up when he retired his number? 

Well think about that Folks. 

If the White Supremacist/Racist People would have brought up Kobe’s DISMISSED/DROPPED CASE, at that time, it wouldn’t have had the same  IMPACT on his Legacy and Reputation, that it has during his Death.

It also causes a lot of CONFUSION in the communities for the People Of Color.   Especially Blacks, in order to make them Disagree and Fight [and maybe even Kill] amongst each other, in speaking about the issue period. Because of all the Confusion done Purposely.  This is much bigger than that Folks!.  It’s not because of how people are responding to each other. 


So, put the BLAME where it’s suppose to be.  On The System Of White Supremacy/Racism and the White Supremacist/Racist People who uses The System Of White Supremacy. 

People Stop Using Social Media To Air Out Your Differences

That’s what all White Supremacist/Racist People want you to do, because, they want to know how you Think, Speak, and Act.  Once they know and have all that information about you, they can, and will, use it against you to Enslave, Control, and Confuse you and all other people who fall for it.  Not to mention, use it against you in Their Court Of Laws……..LOL

More importantly, put the blame where it’s supposed to be, on The System Of White Supremacy/Racism and the White Supremacist/Racist People who uses The System Of White Supremacy.  Everything on this Planet is Fouled Up, Messy and Pitiful because it IT and THEM. 

And no other Problems [Small or Large] can be solved until, the problem of The System Of  White Supremacy/Racism and the White Supremacist/Racist People who uses The System, has been Eliminated or Stopped.  And that’s hard to do because they are hiding in Plain Sight and no one knows who they are. [Except for themselves amongst each other].

However, if people stop The System, the White Supremacist/Racist People will have no other choice but to stop or be EXPOSED.  Once exposed, you know what happened to the Roman Kings, Julius Caesar, King James, and other Rulers/Dictators, Caesar AugustusJesus Christ Invented By COUNCIL OF NICAEA – 325 AD, etc.?  And done by their own people at that.

Stop pointing fingers at each other and Blame The Main Source which is The System Of White Supremacy/Racism and the White Supremacist/Racist People who uses the System against all people, no matter what Color.  That’s where the real blame is for Gayle, Snoop Dogg, Oprah, Susan, Bill, Russell, and all the others.  It’s not Us/You or Me, Folks!  We’re only falling for the same old Okey Dokey again and again.  It’s the same old CON GAME with a different spin on it.  Remember, and don’t forget, these Thugs are GANGSTERS

The System Of White Supremacy/Racism is what has caused all of Us to Think, Speak and Act like we do.  This has been going on for Centuries, it’s nothing new. 

Why do you think Gayle, Snoop Dogg, Oprah, Susan, You, Me and all the rest of Us, Act The Way We Do?  All our lives we’ve done nothing but have Pitiful Reactions to The System Of White Supremacy/Racism, as Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. has just realized himself.  He even made a note to himself about it. 

We weren’t born this way so, why do you think we Act The Way We Do?  It’s simple Folks. Because we’ve been Manipulated, Brainwashed, Controlled by a System [A Big Con Game] and still being Manipulated, Brainwashed, Controlled by that very System [A Big Con Game] and the White Supremacist/Racist People who uses the System against all people, no matter what Color.  Right up to this very date in time in the year, 2020

Now, even the WNBA STAR Lisa Lesley’s Legacy has been tarnished, not because of Gayle, Snoop, Susan, Oprah, etc, it’s because of The System Of White Supremacy/Racism and the White Supremacist/Racist People who use it Against All People.  The White Racists Supremacist People do this Purposely to hide all the Magnificent Things that people of Color ACCOMPLISHES

And then the White Racists Supremacist People make their Legacies out of Lies, Stealing, Deceptions, Killings, Murders, Rapes, Hangings, Castrations, Kidnappings, Be-headings, etc.   And then, Erect/Buildings and make Statutes, Buildings, Movies, Stories, Words, Laws, etc, etc, to keep Future Generations Asleep, Ignorant and Confused, as well.

And until We understand The System Of White Supremacy/Racism, What It Is, And How It Works, [and how the White Supremacist/Racist People use it] Everything Else, Will Only Confuse Us.  The damage has already been done to us Folks!.  It’s no reversing that BUT, there is a way to stop it from continuing.  That’s the way The System Of White Supremacy/Racism works, by controlling people in that way. 

The MeToo Movement, Women’s Lib, Black Lives Matter Movement, NAACP,  LBGT, War On Drugs, etc, etc, are all things Invented to cause the Confusion and keep people Enslaved

The MeToo Movement Women’s Lib, LBGT, Black Lives Matter Movement, NAACP etc, can only help Empower the White Women in their cause for revolting against White Men.  It does not help Women of Color at all.[Especially Black Women].  It’s to make the White Women more powerful over the Black Women because of the Domination of MELANIN that the Blacks have and there’s no way they can change that no matter how hard they try.

Now don’t get me wrong, before you get on your high horse and  say “Well Marv, It’s Not Right To Rape, Murder And Kill, Etc, People”.  I agree with you totally.  However, it’s also not right to accuse, convict and punish Innocent people as well.  That’s NOT THE DAM POINT

And that could only mean that you still don’t understand The System Of White Supremacy/Racism, What It Is, And How It Works, [and how the White Supremacist/Racist People use it]

So, until you understand The System Of White Supremacy/Racism, What It Is, And How It Works, [and how the White Supremacist/Racist People use it], you’ll keep making the same old Dumb Ass Mistakes and making the Same Old Dumb Ass Statements, because that’s how the System works.  It causes you to use a DEFLECTION from the real purpose of what’s being done to us all.

We are all Victims and Prisoners  in a Jail/Prison called Planet Earth.  We were all born in it from day one.  Don’t get me wrong again,  all Victims and Prisoners  have a right to express their Opinions/Grievances, however, Prisoners should only voice their Opinions/Grievances to the Warden and Guards of the Prison.  Only the Warden and Guards can do something about the Opinions/Grievances of any Prisoners.

One Prisoner/Victim should never, Blame or Condemn another Prisoner/Victim, for what’s happening to them, in the Prison.  

It’s Not Only Illogical, it’s, Of No Use Whatsoever, because, Prisoners have no Rights, No Muscle or Power over the Warden or Guards, and can’t change a Dam Thing, in the Prison

How can one Prisoner/Victim, blame another Prisoner/Victim, for being a Victim or Prisoner?  Another Prisoner is not the one who put you in Prison

People do you hear how utterly ridiculous that even sounds?  Common Folks, Wake The Hell Up! 

You can’t blame another Prisoner for making you a Prisoner.  How dumb down and stupid can you continue to be?  Get it together Folks!

Now is the time to support other Prisoners like the Gayles, Snoops, Oprah’s,  Micheal Jackson’s, etc, etc.  Help each other Folks.  Each one, Teach one, and  [Pass It Forward] so that we can pass down our Legacies to our own Families and Generations.  We don’t need any Validations from the System or the Racists White People, for Our Own LegaciesIgnore their Asses Completely!  Have as little to do with them as possible. 

That’s the way Black Wall Street Operated.  They did things for themselves and others.  Power is not in Money, Fame or Material Things.  Power is KNOWLEDGE!  And once people acquires Knowledge, there’s no stopping it or them.  You can never go back to Sleep Folks

Proof and Evidence of how Knowledge is Power, is the knowledge the White Supremacist/Racist People has acquired and Devising that Big Con Game System.  That’s either correct or incorrect.  You be the Judge!

Plus, The System Of White Supremacy/Racism and the White Supremacist/Racist People who uses the System against all people, will CEASE to EXIST very soon, after enough people acquire Knowledge

That will happen because, it’s know way they (White Supremacist/Racist People) can control Knowledge.  They may be able to control a Sleep Unaware Person’s thinking with Deceit and Confusion however, they can’t control a person’s Knowledge because Knowledge is TRUTH. 

And once it’s Learned/Obtained, nothing and nobody can reverse it.  It’s in your memory banks forever.  All you have to do is recall it, whenever you need it to keep them from controlling your mind.  Now how do you like them Apples?….LOL

Communicate as Constructively and as Much as you can with this Social Media while you can because, it won’t be too long before the White Supremacist/Racist People, put a stop to all of that.  You won’t be able to Communicate with others to stay on Code, except by Using Codes and staying Codified.  

All White Supremacist/Racist People have to do is hit a few buttons and, Voila, no more Cell Phones, TV, Computers, Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Radio, Heat, Lights, Gas, Smart Cars, Smart Everything, etc, etc. 

They are already messing up the Water Supply and the Climate.  It might be a Great Idea for you to stock up on FOOD, [Can Goods, Beans, Rice, Flour, etc.] and WATER,  just in case.   At least enough to last about a couple of weeks to survive.  Because the White Supremacist/Racist People, can stop it all, at any time, right this minute. 

So, get yourself prepared to do things [Survive] Naturally, and quit Depending on the White Supremacist/Racist People for everything.  Or Depending anyone else for all that matters.

Remember, They Can’t Control A Knowledgeable Mind. 


They Can Control A Sleep Mind

Can you also see how this stuff that has happened has an effect on so many people at one time?  How it Erases chances of Oprah Winfrey being the first Woman President of the U.S.A.?  The White Supremacist/Racist People will never let such a thing happen.  They must have a White Woman first [if at all], to be the first Woman President.  There’s no getting around that.

More importantly, if all this hadn’t happen with the Gayle King’s and Oprah Winfrey’s Michael Jacksons, R. Kellys, Bill Cosbys, O. J. Simpsons, etc, etc, and other supposedly Man Bashing, , Oprah’s chances would have been great!  The White Supremacist/Racist People had to figure out some kind of way to discredit Oprah as well, just in case she changed her mind about running for President.  And at the same time make it appear like it was about something else like the Man Bashing, LBGT, MeToo Movement Women’s Lib, Black Lives Matter Movement, NAACP.

Also, please remember that Mo’Nique says she was also Molested when she was young by her own Brother, however, you don’t hear, or see, Mo’Nique Man Bashing do you?   


See things for what they really are Folks!  Stop the Nonsense!  That’s something that Mo’Nique tried to get Whoopi Goldberg to understand.

The MeToo Movement Women’s Lib, LBGT, Black Lives Matter Movement, NAACP etc, are all OWNED, FINANCED and CONTROLLED by the White Supremacist/Racist People, who purposely invented those things to cause Confusion and Manipulations, in order to keep Control, Enslavement, Power, and to Refine,  The  System Of White Supremacy/Racism and keep the White Supremacist/Racist People, Dominant over this Entire Planet/Prison.

Are you beginning to see how this effects so many People of Color, Folks?  As well as White People too?   In ways Knowingly or not, that we don’t even Realize or Pay Attention too? 

Not only did it Tarnish Lisa and Kobe’s Legacies, but Oprah’s, Gayle’s, Bill’s, Russell’s, O. J.’s, Micheal Jackson’s, etc, too?  It also caused a lot of other things to fall right in place for the White Supremacist/Racist People to have control over later on, in the Future

Common Folks, How Can You Miss It?

You gotta see this S. H. I. T.  for what it really is.  A bunch of Deceit, Deception, Lies, Con Games, Stealing, Thefts, Confusion, Murder, Rapes, Lynchings, etc, etc. 

And always keep in mind to remember about the DEFLECTIONS, that keep You, Me and all People from waking up and seeing things for what they really are.  To make us Think,  Speak, and Act, on/about all things that is not Constructive.

However, the White Supremacist/Racist People’s own Children are going to be the ones who Revolt against Them,  once they realize the Real TRUTH about Theirs, and Their Ancestors Legacies!  

Which will be LEGACY of the White Supremacist/Racist People

that will be REMEMBERED!

For as long as there can be Histories!

Just like the Legacies of the : Roman Kings, Julius Caesar, King James, and other Rulers/Dictators, Caesar AugustusJesus Christ Invented By COUNCIL OF NICAEA – 325 AD, etc,  have become known to people.  And done at the hands of their own people .

People today are living today, like they are still in the Dark Ages

When Witches were being Burned At The Stakes.




Now How Do You Like Them Apples?

Hope this helps,


The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”



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