Holidays are Adult’s Fantasies, not CHILDREN’S Fantasies.   Grown-Up People force their Fantasies on Children. Adults always try to Fantasize for KIDS/CHILDREN.  KIDS have great IMAGINATIONS without the help of Grown-Ups.  Children have never Fantasized about WARS without that Fantasy being forced upon them by Grown-Ups.   Children don’t have the slightest idea of what WAR is or what it’s about.  If Children have Fantasies about Ghost, where or who do you think that Came from?  

Children don’t Fantasized about Christmas, Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, New Years, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Valentine’s Day, etc, etc, UNTIL, those Beliefs and things are forced upon them by Adults.

Adult People tell Children there is no such things as Ghost.  Then in the same breath turn right around and LIE to Children telling them that, There Is A Such thing as Santa Claus and Flying Animals like Reindeer and Invisible people in the Sky like Angels and Gods

They tell KIDS/CHILDREN there are things like Dragons and Little Green Men on other Planets, without having ever lived on other Planets Themselves.  And the Adults think IT’S CUTE!  Not only are the Adult Grown PEOPLE Lying to KIDS, they are also Distorting their little Minds with nonsense that they [Grown-Ups] having no EVIDENCE of, what-so-ever. 

Until Ignorant Grown-Ups force their Will upon Children, Children don’t have the faintest idea of what Santa Claus, Flying Animals like Reindeer and Invisible people in the Sky like Angels and Gods are. 

What would a Child’s Imagination be like, without Ignorant Adult People Lying to them about something?  What would a Child’s Imagination be like without being Lied to from Grown-Ups about Santa Clause, WARS, Ghost, Tooth Fairies? 

Holidays are the POWERS THAT BE [PTB] Imaginations, Fantasies and Inventions for controlling People and Making Money.  Big Business People.  Wake up Folks!  Stop being Conned like Fools.

Children could care less about what kind of SHOES or CLOTHES they wear.  Children could care less, why EXPENSIVE FOODS are suppose to be better than other Foods.  Their little UNBLEMISHED MINDS/BRAINS and FIVE SENSES Let Them know what Taste good and what Feels comfortable or not to them.  What Fun is, and what is, Not Fun.  Children are constantly learning, however, adults tend to stop learning or even wanting to learn at some point in their lives for whatever reasons. [Probably from the Adults that Brainwashed them]. More likely than not, BEING CONNEDWE ARE ALL GUILTY OF IT!

So how do You get Yourself out of the mess Folks?  Start learning again like Children, however, this time having an ADVANTAGE of already KNOWING about things and having Evidence and Proof about things.  Be Your own Scientist again.  Discover and learn about things that You had no idea about.  Most importantly, ASK QUESTIONS!  That’s probably how the PTB does things to keep them more informed and smarter than US.

Why would You want to celebrate a so-called Holiday like Thanksgiving, when there’s nothing to be thankful about it.  If You think there is, ask the Pilgrims after the PTB Conquered them by Killing, Murdering and taking all their Possessions.  And how about so-called Christmas with Millions upon Millions of People being Killed and Murdered by so-called Gods and Deities?  What about Easter and the Easter Bunnies, Rabbits laying Eggs?  Come on Folks, since when did Rabbits lay Eggs?  And more and more Holidays are being added as we speak to raise more money for PTB.  Wake up Folks!

What about so-called New Year’s when People are shooting Guns and Rockets bursting in the Air?  How can so-called time be a New Year, if the Days and Weeks are the same Monday through Sunday?   What is Time anyway?  Nobody, Scientist or not, has proven that Time even Exists nor when it was supposedly to begin.  What is Time made of and how does any one of our FIVE SENSES know of an Existence of time?  Who or What Created Time and When?  Come on Folks!

It appears that whenever a Person has no answer for or about a CERTAIN THING or SITUATION, they always come up with some MADE-UP STORY, to try to JUSTIFY Their Ignorance, of NOT KNOWING.  This is what, and the way, that Small Minded Thinking People, do things instead of trying to figure things out.  Why would People want to Honor and Celebrate Solders, [in all Places and Armies around the World] Men who Kill People such as Women and Children, that they don’t even know or have ever met? 

Just because the PTB tells Them it’s Their Duty to Protect People.  Come on Folks, who made it their Duty against People they’ve never met or know?  And even in that scenario, the PTB Pays Money to the Men, to Kill others.  Why don’t the PTB fight their own Battles and Each Other, instead of having someone else fight for them?  Do You see how important questions are Folks

Therefore, if there is anybody that can answer the questions of why there should WARS, KILLINGS, MUDERRINGS, RAPING, STEALING, STARVATION, HOMELESSNESS, etc, etc, that is LOGICAL, PLEASE by all means let the res of Us know so that We can help with that kind of Logic.  WAKE UP FOLKS!  PLEASE!

Some things are just probably not going to have an answer to/for, in our lifetime [2022].  That however, Doesn’t Mean, THERE IS NO ANSWER.  At least it appears that way since Recorded History.  That’s why there’s a such thing as SCIENCE and SCIENTISTSScientists and Science are not about who’s RIGHT, WRONG, CORRECT OR INCORRECT, Science is about searching for an ANSWER and/or SOLUTION together, until EVERYONE knows the Real Truth [with Supporting Evidence] about a Particular Thing or Situation. 

Many Adults seem to think that Money is what Makes A Person Smart and teach Children those Nonsensical Things.  Because a Person is a Billionaire or more, doesn’t make them SMART.  The money only just makes them Rich People.

Because someone is a so-called famous Athlete or Singer, Actor, Body Builder, etc, does that make them smart?  I would think NOT!


Should You see anything that’s been Printed/Written on My Site that you think needs Correcting, please let me know so that I may correct it.  Just be SURE, you have Evidence to back up what it is that is not Correct.  I’ll be more than happy to Correct ItThat’s how Science Works!  Thanks in advance.

Hope This Helps,


It’s Time to start asking Yourself  and All People, Questions Folks!  Who are You Paying Your Moneys to?  Why are You paying Your Money to someone You don’t even know just because someone says You owe them?  Why are You paying Your Money to a Thing?  What proof or Evidence did They give You, that They are who They say They are, if You don’t know them? 

Who is charging You for Water, Gas and Electric?  Why are they charging You?  Who owns the  Water, Gas and Electric? Who is the IRS?  Is it a Person, Place or Thing?  Who gave a so-called Police, Judge, Politician, etc,  Authority over You, if You didn’t give it to them?  Gangsters maybe?  Wake Up Folks before it’s too Late! 

My New Neely Fuller Song: Entitled: “The Code Song
Also: “Crack was Made For Blacks

Please study the works of this Man:

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.

The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System /Concept A Textbook/Workbook For Thought, Speech And/Or Action For Victims Of Racism White Supremacy)

The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide……………….At:  http://producejustice.com/bio.html

(Neely Fuller Jr.)  If  You Do Not Understand White Supremacy (Racism) What It Is And How It Works Everything Else That You Understand Will Only Confuse You……..


Also :

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

The Isis Papers (The Keys To The Colors), And The
1970 Essay The Cress Theory Of Color-Confrontation And Racism

Her Book Can Be Found At: Amazon

In The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism, Doctor Welsing reasoned that “Racism (White Supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white. 

Whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity. 

  1. Economics, 2. Education, 3. Entertainment, 4. Labor, 5. Law, 6. Politics, 7. Religion, 8. Sex and 9. War). for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.

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Jane Elliott is an American former third-grade schoolteacher, anti-racism activist, and educator, as well as a feminist and an LGBT activist. She is known for her “Blue eyes–Brown eyes” exercise.  You can get more info about her at: http://www.janeelliott.com/.

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