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The object of this game is to get 3, 4, 5, or 6 of the same Colors in a row and win the prize money.  The Colors are Black White, Brown, Red Yellow.  It’s really simple.  Just push the color button and the wheels will spin in the square windows and stop on different colors.  If a Player gets 3, 4, 5, or 6 of the same Colors in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally, the Player win the prize money.  A Player must play at least $.75 cents to win the whole prize.  If a Player only plays $.25 or $.50 cents, the player can only win a portion of the prize.  The Machine cannot be hit physically and or manipulated in any ways or the game is void and Players lose any moneys the Player has inserted into machine.  The machine is programmed to pay off in increments as well as also paying off in a certain number of pushes of the button.  The machine does not know when it will pay off at any times.  Therefore,  your LUCK is dependent entirely upon you and your ODDS.  It may take only the first push of the button for you to win a big prize of $50,000.00.  It may also take as many pushes as necessary to win or lose.  You control your LUCK the way you want to.  However, you can’t WIN if you don’t PLAY.  So have fun and GOOD LUCK !  Your chances of winning are just as great or even better than any other Players.  The machines will close for a clean-up period of a certain number of hours every day.  Players are welcome to play 7 days a week 365 days a year.  There’s no limit to the amount of moneys a Player can win.

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Beady Johnson_

Beady Johnson [Of African, Chinese, Indian and White Cultures].



Now lets get to what happens to people who are not even mentally aware of what happens to them with White Supremacy/Racism and Colors.

The Breakdown Of The Game

White Supremacy/Racism and Colors.

  1. Take special notice that, The object of the game and it’s rules and regulations were printed out in very small print because, a Player/People have a Tendency not to read small print.
  2. The Machines were invented and programmed for the owner to win a certain amount of moneys before the machine pays off. Therefore, the owner can never lose.
  3. Once the machine gets the money needed by the owner, the machine is programmed to pay off in increments of cash to the lucky/unlucky individuals that are playing the machine at the time.
  4. A Player cannot win unless they play the machine, regardless of how much moneys the Player wants to play for. This mentally suggests and brainwashes and conditions a Player to play the machine, without the Player’s knowledge of what has happened to him/her.
  5. The machine does not know when it will pay off at any times. A machine doesn’t know anything.  A machine can only be programmed to do things, not programmed to know things. 
  6. A Player must play by the rules and regulations of the owner who invented the machine, or the player is not permitted to play the game at all. When a person is Denied  something, that will make them want it even more.  [To Play]. Once again, conditioning and brainwashing.
  7. Rules and Regulations cannot be changed by anyone except the owner. If you don’t have any say in anything you are involved in, you are just at the mercy of who does have the say-so.
  8. The owner has the right to change the rules and regulations at any time the owner wishes to do so. If you do win the owner can say that he change the rules and regulations at the time of your winning.  And there’s nothing you can do about it because you agreed to the owner’s rules and regulations.
  9. The owner may change the rules and regulations without any notices or warnings given to anyone at any given time.  This confirms the above.
  10. There is no possible way for a Player to win a game that someone else has invented.
  11. The owner invented this game as an Investment, only to be won by him/her self and or representatives or employees of the owner, whom the owner has total control over.
  12. This game was not invented for people to win against the owner or the owner’s representatives or employees. That would be ECONOMICALLY FOOLISH for an owner/inventor to do such a thing.
  13. Laws of the States, Cities, Counties and Governments, are the only laws that will apply to the Beady Game, if the owner is in agreement with such laws.
  14. Should the owner not agree to the laws, the owner has the right to refuse to abide by any such Laws, Rules and Regulations of any States, Cities, Counties and Governments, which is none negotiable. This could only mean that the owner doesn’t even have to be held accountable by any Laws what-so-ever, from anywhere or place or persons.
  15. If a Player only plays $.25 or $.50 cents, the player can only win a portion of the prize. When a Player wins even a small amount of money, the Player is mentally conditioned to think that he/she will have enough LUCK to win bigger money.
  16. Should a Player not win or lose his/her moneys, that Player becomes mentally conditioned to try and get back the moneys that Player has lost to the machines or win more if the Player wins a small amount of money.
  17. Sometime the Players wins and most of the times the Players loses.
  18. This keeps the Player coming back to try and win back their own moneys they have lost or to win moneys they want or need for their survival.
  19. After a certain time period and numerous times of encounters with the machine, the Player becomes addicted to the Beady game.
  20. By that time it is more than a notion in trying to rid one’s self of not playing the Beady Game.
  21. In as much as it causes some of the Players to Beg, Borrow, Steal, etc, to get more money to support the ADDICTION they have become Dependent upon, without any knowledge of what has happened to them.
  22. Therefore; The Only Way to beat Beady at His Own Game, is;


  Hope this helps,


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