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That’s Not Too Logical Folks!

Why did a God make the first person (Adam) a MAN and then make the second person (Eve) a WOMAN?  Why weren’t they made a child or a baby first like all other living things?  That don’t sound Logical at all. 

That’s like building a house without a basement or foundation first.  How can you build anything without a foundation first? 

Even the Bible states that Jesus was born as a baby in a manger then skips to him being a man some 29-30 years later. 

If God created JESUS [in the flesh] as a baby, why did he create the [ FIRST PERSON] Adam as a man, from dirt/dust?   Why didn’t God create Jesus from dirt/dust as well?  Why use a Woman’s body to create Jesus?   It just doesn’t make Logical sense! 

Even if God created Adam from the dust of the earth why did he start his creation as a man instead of a baby like all other living things God creates?  And then turn around and make his supposedly son [or appear himself–since he’s supposedly the Father, Son and Holy Ghost] as a baby?  Not too Logical Folks! 

Why was a Mother [or Female] EXCLUDED?  How can there be a baby without a Mother?  Even with Adam and Eve, why was Eve created second [from part of a Adam’s Rib] instead of Eve being created from a Mother/Woman?  Could it be because God is a Sexist?  Or was it all just a Lie? 

Some ignorant people might say  “God Created Man In His Image”. 

My question then would be, If God is supposed to be a Sprite, how can a Spirit have a Physical Image? [and especially an image of a man?] What does a Spiritual Image look like any way, since it has no Physical Form?  Not too Logical folks! 

How did Adam and Eve give Birth to Cane and Able since they were created First, and didn’t know what Sex was?  Because if Eve came from Adam’s Rib, they wouldn’t have known about Sex.  And if they did somehow become aware of Sex, it could only mean that when they had Sex together, Adam was having Sex with part of himself, since Eve came from his Rib.  Thereby Adam was having Sex, with a creation of and from himself.   It just don’t add up Folks!   Oh-h-hhh, that’s right, I forgot about Masturbating………..LOL!


Some people may try to justify their ignorance by saying “Well Marv, God made the Woman suffer Physical Pain through Child Birth for Sinning because God told them to go Eat from the Garden of Eden, BUT Not from The Tree Of Knowledge.  ” 

My question then would be, why would an all Loving God want to hide Knowledge from Adam and Eve anyway?    If God was just creating Adam, how the Hell would Adam Know or Have Knowledge about Anything, good or evil?  Adam couldn’t even talk yet.  Everything around him was new to Adam.  He didn’t even know what things was yet.  How was he suppose to know what a dam tree was?

And where did Adam learn/know English Language [or what any Languages were] that God spoke to him with?  Language wasn’t  even invented yet.  Cave Men/Women didn’t even know how to speak Language yet, long after they came here after Adam and Eve.

The ignorant people  again may say “Well Marv, God spoke to Adam and Eve Spiritually.  It’s called SPEAKING IN TONGUES” 

My question is, if God was speaking to Adam in any kind of Language or forms,  it’s still not Evidence/Proof, that Adam was able to understand Language, Talking, etc, Spiritual Or Not, especially since he/Adam was just created and everything around him was new to him? 

Come on Folks, Come on now!  Get serious and get outta here with that junk!

Why doesn’t any religion speak about the Childhood and Teenage Years of their Cane and Able?  And where the Hell did the Women/Wives come from, that Cane and Able Married?  If they were already here for Cane and Able to Marry, that could only mean that Adam and Eve couldn’t have been the First Man and Woman created.  That’s Just Not Logical  At  All Folks! 

And as Comedian Eddie Griffin would say

Eddie      Griffin

“Who was those Mystery Bitchs?….ROTFLMAO!  

Click on his picture to enjoy his performance about it.

Just Not Logical Folks!

Since all God’s created all living things to have babies, why wasn’t Eve made first to have Adam, like all of God’s other creations?  That’s just plain dumb Folks!  Totally illogical

How can a baby be born without a Mother? If the ignorant say ” Well Marv, it’s done through  IMMACULATE CONCEPTION“.  

I’ll simply ask, why didn’t Gods make all babies through IMMACULATE CONCEPTION then?   Again ignorant people may say  “Well Marv, Because of Adam and Eve’s SIN, God makes a Woman go through a painful childbirth” 

My question then is, who created the SIN, because Adam and Eve weren’t created yet, to  SIN?   SIN had to be here first in order for Adam and Eve to USE  IT

And WHY was SIN created for Adam and Eve before they got here?  Was it for Adam and Eve to USE  IT ?  And if so, WHY?   It just don’t add up Folks! 

And if God created SIN after he created Adam and Eve, what was the purpose of creating the SIN if God knows all and sees all, and knew that Adam and Eve would USE  IT? [SIN]? 

Again the ignorant may say  “Well Marv, God made SIN to Test people” 

My question then would be, Why would any Gods, create something [like SIN] that they (Gods) already know what the Results/Outcome was going to be about, before they created the SIN?  How can the creation of SIN [by a God] be a Test, if that God already knows what the outcome or results is gonna be?  Come On and GET REAL Folks!

That’s not a test that’s just playing a Cat and Mouse game with Creations.  Creating Sin, Man and Woman would be totally unfair and unjust by God, because God already knows the Outcome and Results way ahead of time by the God(s).   What kind of Test is that junk?

Wake The Hell Up Folks Before It’s Too Late.

[Especially so-called Black People]. 

You’re being CONNED, HOG WASHED, MENTALLY BRAINWASHED, BAMBOOZLED and CONTROLLED, etc, by Religious Fanatical people, to Enslave you forever!

If God(s) Created Everything and Knows All and Sees All, even before the beginning of Time, etcThere’s  Nobody Else  To  Blame For The World Being In The Condition/Predicament That  It’s In Now, Except for the GOD(s) who Created/Made the World/Universe and the rest of this Mess! 

And for those who want to say that’s not true, just ask yourselves the question, WHERE DID THIS CORONA VIRUS  S.H.I.T.  COME FROM? 

We couldn’t have created it if we are not the Creator(s)!

Don’t Be So Funkin’ Stupid, Don’t Be so Funkin’ Dumb!

And Nobody can argue against that because it’s according to your own WORDS and WRITINGS in the Bible and other different Books that all God(s) knows all, and sees all, even before it happens, and from the very beginning of time, etc.   So, please don’t forget  that, GOD(s) CREATED ALL   THIS   S.H.I.T,  and that’s According to your OWN WORDS and WRITINGS.



Time Has  Just About Run  Out  For  Everybody.   Even  For  The  Powers  That  Be [P.T.B.].    Therefore;  You can  ” GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING “

I know which one I wanna do,  What about you?

Hope this helps,


Here’s A New Pledge To The United States Flag And All Other Flags Around The World,  Invented by a Man named  Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.                          

The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”




Then you will know how to deal with People and Things, and see things for what they really are, when they confront you saying you Dishonored the Flag.

People like: Drew Christopher Brees Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.


Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. also made the Quote:   FEELINGS ARE UNRELIABLE IF THEY ARE NOT ATTACHED TO LOGIC. He states it around 14:10 in the link.

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.





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