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The Code Song
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The news HAS BEEN reporting about Looting, Stealing and Burning, and Protestors BUT, has YET to mention any more, about WHY THE OTHER 3 POLICE IN GEORGE FLOYD’S  MURDER,   HAVEN’T  BEEN  ARRESTED  YET?

Could it be to take the FOCUS off of the other 3 Police?  What’s wrong with that Picture Folks?

Now Police Are Supposedly In Solidarity With Protestors.


Why aren’t the Police/Soldiers whom Supposedly Are In Solidarity With Protestors, NOT Firing, Shooting, or Fighting back other Police/Soldiers who are Attaching the Protestors?  Is that really what Solidarity is?  [You Be The Judge].  More importantly, Is this another way to Pacify Protestors?

The Attorney General of Minnesota has asked people to give him more time to Investigate the George Floyd Murder, reading from what appears to sound like a Script written by White Supremacists Racists, for him to read.  How many times have we heard that line Folks?  Is this another way to Pacify Protestors? 

Charges for the first Police Murderer has been upgraded to 2nd.  Degree Murder Charges instead of 1st.  Degree Murder Charges.  That’s Bull@$)-&)+T#!$#!

More importantly, there SILL has been no arrest of the other Police Murderers.  What’s wrong with that picture Folks?  The Attorney General of Minnesota appears to NOT know what White Supremacy Racism Is, and How It Works or just another Ignorant informant for the White Supremacists Racists. 

Moreover, what does protesting [without Violence against those who are Violent against the Protestors] really Accomplished? 

How does turning the other cheek [so-to-speak] keep you from getting hit in the other cheek?  Wake Up Folks!   Is Protesting really any good for anyone/anything who don’t or won’t or can’t fight back for their own survival?  That’s not Logical at all!  That question is not to advocate Violence of any kind, except for Self Defense.

In simply words, your attackers are telling you, that you should not be violent against their violence against you.  How Dumb Does That S.H.I.T Sound?  Your Attackers telling you not to protect yourselves!  Wow!

The same ole White Supremacists Racists, Con Game, over, and over, and over again!  The Banana In The Tail Pipe again!

And now the White Supremacists Racists, Con Game appears to be, making people think that Soldiers and Police who are Attacking the people, are supposedly turning around and Marching in solidarity with the people.  Ain’t that a BiTc%#@^%*?  Wake Up Folks!

Any Defense Attorney will certainly try to use the Defense for those Murderer Police, that if a person can talk saying they can’t breath, how can they be speaking unless they are  breathing? 

The Logical reply should be that the person MEANS that they are being Prevented from Breathing.  What the hell is a person supposed to say if their breathing is Prevented/Stopped,   ” YOU’RE MAKING IT HARD FOR ME TO BREATH”?  How Dumb Does That Sound?

If a person is Drowning do you really expect them to say, “Help Me, I’m Beginning To DrownCome on Folks!  What the hell kind of Logic is that? Or should they say  “You’re Keeping Me From Breathing“.

The first words from their mouth will be and should be “I’m Drowning, or, I can’t Breath“. 

Folks, when the Shooting Starts [As Donald Trump has mentioned] this will become another KENT STATE UNIVERSITY situation?  Where Defenseless, Non-Violent students were shoot down and Murdered in Cold Blood by Soldiers/Police?   And to this very day,  no Soldiers/Polices  have been held Accountable for those Blatant Out Right Murders.   Ain’t that a BiTc@#%*T&%9-?.  Do you see how the White Supremacist Racists back up their idiot/unknowingly/brainwashed, Soldiers/Polices?

When are you gonna use Logic Folks?  In the picture above, how do you think that small group of Soldiers/Police can control this mass amount of People?  That shouldn’t be!  There’s way more people than Soldiers/Police!

It’s Simple Folks!  The Soldiers/Police had Plans and Codes before they even arrived there.  There’s no way you can Win any War of Battles, or even Survive, if you don’t have Plans and Codes!  And especially if you’ve been Brainwashed to think that you are not suppose to Fight Back for your own Survival!  Just as the Soldiers/Police have been Brainwashed to Kill/Murder you and  their own People!  Stop falling for the same ole BIG Con Game Folks!

If you can’t get the help that you need from the Soldiers/Police, to fight other Soldiers/Police, you/we/our families, friends, relatives on this Planet, are Doomed and will become Extinct by White Supremacist Racists who want to rule over the World!. 

However, their Rule will not last too long at all because, they themselves, will fight/battle each other, about who is going to be the DICTATORS OVER THIS PLANET EARTH.  And that will be the Extinction of Mankind as we know of Mankind to be!

So, you see Folks, there’s no Win for anybody, no matter what White Supremacist Racists feels the outcome should be.  Justice is the only way for all people to survive on this Planet. 


Otherwise, as the ole saying goes, MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR MAKERS!


Are the Police who  are Supposedly In Solidarity With Protestors, simply be using another Big Con Game by the White Supremacist Racists?  Is it an Act, Lies, or Deceit once again, to cause a Postponement, for the White Supremacist Racists to Re-Gather and Strengthen their White Supremacy Racism Con Game, because of  too many People waking up?

Let’s not forget that White Supremacist Racists are great at being very Conning, Deceitful Liars.  Could this supposedly Police Solidarity just be a way for the White Supremacist Racists to Cunningly keep people from Protesting? With so many people Peacefully Protesting and going against the Curfews, it would be impossible for the Police, Mayors, Governors, Senators, etc, to Arrest all of them.  There aren’t enough Jails or Prison Space to keep them all. 

And for the Protestors that are arrested, wouldn’t  that give the Protestors a Right by Law,  to Sue and file Criminal and Civil Charges against the Police, Mayors,  Governors, Senators, etc for Endangering their lives, because of the Corona Virus Pandemic?

Are these Police, who are Supposedly In Solidarity With Protestors, really believable, since there STILL has been no Arrest of the other Police that helped Murder George FloydYou be the Judge! 

Could  these Police, who are Supposedly In Solidarity With Protestors, really be White Supremacist RacistsYou be the Judge about that as well

How can people ‘NOT SUSPECT’, that,  Most Police, who are Supposedly In Solidarity With Protestors, are really White Supremacist Racists?

Why haven’t the other Police who help Murder George Floyd,

Not Even In Custody Yet?

Something doesn’t add up there Folks!  With the White Supremacist Racists being the Conning,  Deceitful Liars  that they are,  would it be WISE for people to believe that ANY  Suspected White Supremacist Racists Police,  are just claiming  to  be  in Solidarity with Protestors, simply to Strengthen the SYSTEM  Of White Supremacy Racism, that appears to be on the Brink of Falling like the Roman Empires did

Should Protestors keep Defying the Curfews and Police threatening presences [knowing they can’t all be arrested] to finally bring Justice and Balance to/in the Planet?

More importantly, could this finally be the Extinction Of All Mankind?  And if so, shouldn’t  people  at the very least,  go down fighting back, or not?  You be the Judge Folks!

The Sleeping Giant [We the People] have awaken Folks, and I don’t think it’s going back to sleep until Balance and Justice has been restored on or back to this Planet,  Mother Nature and the Universe

Will the Sleeping Giant [We the People]  Destroy Mankind, or will it be the Corona Virus that Destroys Us?  You be the Judge!  Folks!

Perhaps you can understand Now what it is that I’ve been sharing to you and Millions of others, for so many, many years about All People having to save each other from Extinction.

It’s impossible for Anyone or Anything else [on this Planet] to save Us from ourselves.   Everything was already here on this Planet for our Survival, before we even arrived.  Therefore, the Cure for any and everything  [As I Have Stated Before In My Other Pages] is THE THING ITSELF!   

Remember when I asked you “What the Cure for a Rattle Snake Bite was?”  ANSWERTHE VENOM FROM THE SNAKE ITSELF!

Simply put Folks, the Venomous Cures for our Survival was, and is still, already here before we arrived.   All we have to do is, Learn How To Use The Cures

Now is the time that All Of Mankind, must come together to find common grounds, to Use the Cures that’s here for Us.  Put aside Petty Differences.

And to the best of my knowledge and belief, THE CURE IS OURSELVES!

Therefore, let’s show Our Mother [Nature] and Our Father [The Universe] that we are not really Mistakes and/or Bad Children whom the Creator(s) [whomever or whatever they/that may be] have Created.  Let’s prove that we finally know the purpose for our Existence on this Planet.

And That Is:






And As Long As We Exist, We Can Always Use The Cures!

Hope this helps,



 George Floyd: Cop Charged With Murder. 

Fired Minneapolis Cop “Derek Chauvin”

Cop Who Killed George Floyd Arrested for Murder … 8 Minutes, 46 Seconds on George’s Neck

His Accomplices

Thomas  Lane

Tou  Thao


J. Alexander Kueng

[Clearer Pictures of the other Police will be displayed when they become available].

OK Folks, do you see how this Cop being Arrested for ONLY Murder is nothing but something to PACIFY people?  Why didn’t these Cops be arrested for First degree Murder?  You Be The Judge! 

“There is no right way to protest.” Protest, by its very nature, must be disruptive.  To protest means to challenge.  More importantly, if you’re not being disruptive in your protest, then you’re basically not challenging anything, You’re merely turning the other Cheek. [So-To-Speak]. What’s confusing to me is, why people should care more about a Place rather than the People that live at the Place? 

When too many people start Rebelling and waking up to Reality [seeing things for what they really are] the White Supremacists Racist will immediately try to calm things [slowing down people’s momentum of thinking] because they [White Supremacists Racist ] know that there are far more people on the Planet than there are White Supremacists Racist.  The People are White Supremacists Racist’s only power!

There’s only one problem the White Supremacists Racist worries about being the reason why they try to Pacify people.  And that is, the White Supremacists Racist are Afraid of their power [which are MILITARY FORCES/POLICE, etc, Brainwashed with the White Supremacists Racist’s Divide and Conquer Con Game] of Standing With Their Follow Brothers and Sisters, against the White Supremacists Racist.  I must reiterate that, White Supremacists Racist know that there are far more people on the Planet than there are White Supremacists Racist.  

When the Brainwashed MILITARY FORCES/POLICE, etc, starts waking up as well as the People, that’s when the White Supremacists Racist know they are in Big Time Trouble!  Because, When the Brainwashed MILITARY FORCES/POLICE, etc, starts waking up as well as the People, they are already in a position [of so-called infiltration] to cause the White Supremacists Racist and the System Of White Supremacy, to be totally Obliterated.

That will be the END of the White Supremacists Racists Rule over mankind, as we know of mankind to be.  Therefore, Until and/or When the Brainwashed MILITARY FORCES/POLICE, etc, starts waking up, there will continue to be Violence and Murders/Killings to people of Color [especially of Black Men].

This thing to PACIFY people, is ONLY a defense used by Racist White Supremacists, to protect ALL the Racist White Supremacists People, from being Killed, By The People.

(Let’s Not Forget, there are more People Of Color on this Planet, than there are White Supremacists Racist).  And the Racist White Supremacists can only get it’s POWER, from/by the People!  That’s the reason why White Supremacists Racist must Divide, in order to Conquer, and have power over the people, caused by the very people themselves.

Without the people doing the White Supremacist Racist’s work for them, the White Supremacist Racists would have to Police the people Their SelvesAND THAT WON’T WORK OR HAPPEN because, there are more People Of Color on this Planet, than there are White Supremacists Racists.

That is what has happened throughout the History of Mankind.  People got Fed up with  Dictatorships and Rulers, Royalty, [such as in Kings like Caesar, James, Henry VIII, etc, Queens like Cleopatra, Elizabeth, Mary, Queen of Scots, etc, Emperors, like the Achaemenid Persian Empire, the Caliphate Arab Empire, the Mongol Empire, German, Ottoman, Russian and Austro-Hungarian, etc. And the People Exterminated, Obliterated, Removed and Slaughtered all of them totally, including all their Children and Family Members.


So don’t be fooled by the PACIFIER.   It’s another White Supremacists Racist CON GAME!   A SLEEPING GIANT has awaken and there’s no turning back now.  This Giant is on a rampage that will destroy any and everything in it’s Path/Sight to be freed from Bondage.  The United States Empire as we know it, is about to fall if the White Supremacists Racist don’t fix things pretty dam quick!  Hopefully, they will, if not,



Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.

Here’s A New Pledge To The United States Flag And All Other Flags Around The World,  Invented by  Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.                          

The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”




Now you will know how to deal with People and Things, and see things for what they really are, when they confront you saying you Dishonored the Flag.

This Pledge Is For Things and so-called People  Such as, Corporations, Companies, Cities, IRS, States, Governments,  Police, Gods,  Judges, Attorneys, Ministers, Pastors, Popes, Bishops, Lawyers, Races, Religions and Religious Books,, Gold, Diamonds, Money, etc, etc. 

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. also made the Quote:   FEELINGS ARE UNRELIABLE IF THEY ARE NOT ATTACHED TO LOGIC. He states it around 14:10 in the link.

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.



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