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Could Masks Actually Be Spreading The Corona Virus Even More You Be The Judge!





What happens if you breathe IN your own carbon dioxide?

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What happens if you breathe your own carbon dioxide?

When CO2 levels are elevated in the body it is known as hypercapnia. Hypercapnia can occur for a number of reasons, one of which is Inhaling our own Exhaled CO2.   Re-Breathing CO2 can lead to increased blood pressure, headaches, muscle twitches, rapid heart rate, chest pain, confusion, and fatigue.

If you keep hearing the Doctor argument,  you should know that, NO Doctors wear face Masks EVERY day, all day long. They wear them during surgery or other circumstances. I can’t think of any Studies about Hindering a person’s breathing for 8-10 hrs a day or more, every day for months at a time.  That’s what many people are forced to do with this Corona Virus thing.

Masks might prevent droplets from being transmitted from person to person however, People are playing with a double edged sword using Masks.  People hindering their bodies natural abilities to create strong immune systems by hindering their breathing can be very dangerous.  Certainly children or teens with developing brains shouldn’t be going to school 8 hrs a day with limited breathing ability.

Flu Season comes ever year and I want my immune system in Tip Top shape to fight off all invaders.   Healthy people don’t need MASKS.

The White Supremacists/Racists is using population control by destroying Trees, Plants, and Mandating Masks.  Learn about CO 2 and how wearing a Mask could be very dangerous.

Wearing Face Masks Could Also Be Reducing The Carbon Dioxide That Plants And Trees Need, To Give Us The Oxygen We Need, To LIVE! 

Could Masks Actually Be Spreading The Corona Virus Even More?

Let’s not forget the Fact that, [we need to take into our Bodies] certain Germs, Bacteria, Colds, Flu, Pneumonia, etc, to fight against Germs, Bacteria, Colds, Flu, Pneumonia, etc, outside of our Bodies.  Therefore, there are no NEW Germs, Bacteria, Colds, Flu, Pneumonia, etc, on this Planet that was not here already. 

Should anyone state that there is NEW [Germs, Bacteria, Colds, Flu, Pneumonia, etc,] on this Planet, then Please, Please Please, let the rest of Us know Where they came from and how they got here.  Should you not know or be able to submit that Information to the rest of Us, [with Evidence and Proof] that can only mean that you do not know Where they came from and how they got here! 

How can anybody control something that they have no idea or knowledge of where it came from or how it Got Here or how it was Created?  How can anybody control something they can’t even see?  That’s not too Logical Folks!

People have died from Colds, Pneumonia, Flu, Bacteria, Germs, So-Called Disease, etc, and people have overcome and/or lived after having Colds, Pneumonia, Flu, Bacteria, Germs, So-Called Disease, etc.

People have died from the so-called Corona Virus and People have lived and/or overcame the so-called Corona Virus.  The question NOW is what makes the so-called Corona Virus different and/or MORE DANGEROUS than the Colds, Pneumonia, Flu, Bacteria, Germs, So-Called Disease, etc. that were already here?   Why is the Corona Virus not considered as one of the Colds, Pneumonia, Flu, Bacteria, Germs, So-Called Disease, etc, that was already here?

Folks, do you see a Familiar Pattern Happening?  Do you not understand how PROPAGANDA and other forms of BRAIN WASHING can be forced on people by the White Supremacist/Racists,  Without People Even Having Knowledge About It Happening To Them?

It’s a known fact that if certain people hear a lie long enough and loud enough, they will eventually start believing the lie and/or accepting the lie as being the Truth.  The lie also changes as it’s being spread and/or told from person to person. 

How can anybody control something that they have no idea or knowledge of where it came from or how it got started or was Created?  How can anybody control something that they have no idea or knowledge of where it came from or how it Got Here or how it was Created?  How can anybody control something they can’t even see?  That’s not too Logical Folks!

Wake The Hell Up Folks Before It’s Too Late!

All Living CREATURES Inhale/Breath In Oxygen and give out Carbon Dioxide in order to Live/Survive.  Plants take in Carbon Dioxide and Releases Oxygen.

Our Red Blood Cells Carry Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, etc.  Therefore, Wearing Mask for the Corona Virus could very well stop the Natural Flow of that Process and possibly be Spreading the Virus more than protecting Us.

Lets just think about it for a moment.   If  Plants/Trees don’t get enough Carbon Dioxide from Us, they will not be able to Live, to give Us the Oxygen and/or provide Us with the Food and Water, that We need to SURVIVE/LIVE.

Plants and Leaves contain Chlorophyll which uses Sunlight as a Source Of Energy to break down Carbon Dioxide and Water Into Food.  Oxygen is released during this breakdown.   A process known as Photosynthesis.

Therefore, will we ever run short of Oxygen?  Maybe! 

If  Deforestation continues at the Rapid Rate it’s going now and no more TREES or  PLANTS are planted or being replaced, it may very well cause a big shorted of the supply of Oxygen that We need to Survive.  That  along with the wearing the Masks, causes me think so.  What do you think? 



You Be The Judge! 

All Living CREATURES Inhale/Breath In Germs, Bacteria, Colds, Flu, Pneumonia, etc.  And if that’s a fact , and if We didn’t do so,  We could just Kiss Our Asses Goodbye. 

Put a Leaf in a bowl of Water in the Sun undisturbed for about an hour or two and see what happens?  What do you see on the Leaf ?

Also,  Check out this video about how people are Investing and Using Carbon Engineeringhttps://youtu.be/XHX9pmQ6m_s.

Now do you see how a New World Order can be Implemented on Us without Our even having knowledge about it yet?  There’s a New World Order that is being Strategically put in place [By The White Supremacists/Racists], all around Us at this very moment in time Folks!

It’s Time To Wake The Hell Up Folks!

“We need to Set a very high standard that has not existed before in order to produce Justice…”Everything in the System of White Supremacy/Racism glorifies Violence… “I would never NEVER HONOR someone who is in the business of killing.”.  Why are there Statues of Killers instead of Doctors, Nurses etc, in the System”?.

The Racist White Supremacists are insane and their Victims (Black and Non-White People) are insane and we all keep this insane system in place.  Keeping People Competing against each other, meaning being combative…

It’s Time To Wake The Hell Up Folks!

Why Has Colds, Pneumonia And Flues Disappeared? 

Does anyone catch colds anymore?  If so, why isn’t it mentioned in the News?  Why doesn’t the News and so-called doctors, health professionals, report this and explain the difference between colds, pneumonia and flues so that people will know the symptoms? 

Should it be necessary for a person to go to the hospitals for a Simple Cold, Flu or Bacteria’s?   Millions of people also die from regular colds, flu’s, bacteria’s every year because of complications involved with them.  They seem to have disappeared or Stopped for some reasons, just as with the School shootings.   Do you wonder why that is?  Only the White Supremacists Racists knows.

Now the Corona Virus comes along and cause Mass Hysteria over the Planet and everybody seems to have forgotten about why Colds, Pneumonia and Flues have disappeared.   U-m-m-m.  Very interesting don’t you think?  Is there some New World Order reasoning behind all of this confusion, and if so, why? 

Government [people who supposedly work for the people] are now making Laws [without being passed/voted on by the people] Mandating that people can’t come out of their own Houses because of a Corona Virus.  Mandating that people have to Wear Masks to even go to Stores to by Food and other supplies for Survival Reasons.  Mandating [making UN-Official laws] forces Small Businesses to close down. 

And don’t get me wrong Folks, wearing Masks is a great idea and can be very helpful, however,  More likely than not, there will probably soon be coming a Mandate for people to take Injections of Medications having no knowledge of what it is or the Effects it may have in the long run on Them, their Children, Relatives, Loved-Ones and Friends.   Also, Mandating who can visit or leave what Cities, States, Countries etc,.   As well as, being Arrested and put in Prisons, Cages, and Jails, etc, for not Complying to UN-Lawful  Mandated Laws?

What’s happening Folks?  

It all appears to boil down to one thing Folks, and that is, Mandating who Gets To Live Or Die according to the UN-Lawful Mandated Laws by the so-called Representatives who supposedly work for the people, who is being Controlled by the Big Con Game of the White Supremacists Racists using the System of White Supremacy Racism.

And how about the White Supremacists Racists allowing People to get Guns and Firearms by the Multitude to be used to Kill each other.  That would also include Police and Military.   Can’t you see what’s happening Folks?

Don’t get me wrong Folks!  I’m not For or Against  Mandating, trying to keep People safe.   However,  I’m am confused as to why all this [Confusion] is happening and who gave certain people the Authority to do the Mandating over other people who disagrees with the Mandating.  Because, there does seem to be a Certain Pattern of things happening, over and over again throughout the Centuries.

More importantly, what can be done about it?  And who should be held Accountable for such Confusions and Terrorism, Murderous Tactics and Big Con Games?  Are the Presidents, Rulers, Dictators of any Countries or the Politician Representatives totally responsible for all of that? 

If so, should they all be Removed and Replaced or put in Prison?   [Are they the White Supremacist Racists?]  If  they’re Not, and it should happen to be the People, should People remove other People from the very Freedoms that they may be causing upon themselves because of their ignorance and own actions?  Therefore, who will claim responsibility, or be appointed such Powers,  for People removing other People?

More importantly, how could any of that be done without creating more Confusion and Chaos?  By force?  Or some other less Violent ways?  Many questions have been asked and are still not being answered about all of these things and more issues? 

Why do you think that is folks?  What are Our duties to Combat all of this seemingly Terrorism and Destruction cause by People who are supposedly working for the people, or People in General? 

The only thing I can think of is what I’m doing now.  And that’s bringing Attention to it all and to all People who May be Involved. 

As Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. has Stated:  All problems are solved through the Process Of Questions and Answers.  And I think he’s dam right.

Therefore, if we keep Questioning  all the Issues, concerning/involving all the People in the Forefront, We may just be able to help Solve Problems and keep People from Killing, Imprisoning, Destroying each other. 

Who Knows, Maybe Even To The Point Of Extinction!

As stated in the Movie Shaw Shank Redemption,


I know which one I wanna do Folks.  How about you?

Hope this helps,


A New Pledge To The United States Flag And All Other Flags Around The World,  Invented by a Man named  Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.                          

The Pledge:       “I Do At All Times Relate To The Flag, The Exact Same Way, The Flag Relates To Me”




Then you will know how to deal with People and Things, and see things for what they really are, when they confront you saying you Dishonored the Flag.

People like: Drew Christopher Brees Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

This Pledge Is For Things and so-called People  Such as, Corporations, Companies, Cities, IRS, States, Governments,  Police, Gods,  Judges, Attorneys, Ministers, Pastors, Popes, Bishops, Lawyers, Races, Religions and Religious Books,, Gold, Diamonds, Money, etc, etc.  And of course people like Drew Christopher Brees.

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. also made the Quote:   FEELINGS ARE UNRELIABLE IF THEY ARE NOT ATTACHED TO LOGIC. He states it around 14:10 in the link.

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.



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