…….Mask Vs Police

Police Dragged A Man Off A Bus A Day After Philadelphia

Said All Riders Have To Wear Masks Due To The Corona Virus

Then Check Out This One:

Police Forced two Black men to leave Walmart for wearing Face Masks.

People it has come to my attention that Black Men Wearing Mask for the Corona Virus, are in Danger of being stopped  and maybe even being Shot and Killed by the Police having GUNS pulled on them, with the Police using the excuse that they believe them to be Suspicious of some Illegal Activity or spreading the Corona Virus

However, at that same time, these Policemen are not wearing a Mask themselves. 

Please take note of both incidents. Police Dragged A Man Off A Bus A Day After Philadelphia and  Police Forced two Black men to leave Walmart for wearing Face Masks.   Police in both incidents are not Wearing Masks!  Do you see and problem here Folks?  Do you see a CONFLICT OF INTEREST here Folks?

And if the Police are wearing a Mask, how are People supposed to know that they are really True Public Servant Police, behind the Masks?

What’s wrong with that picture Folks?  And what can you/we do about it? 

Answer: Treat each Separate incident Separately and each Police person Separately [If they really are True Public Servant Police].

If they are not really True Public Servant Police, treat them as what they are, Fake  Impostors.

Therefore, if a Policeman [that is not wearing a Mask] ask you why you are not wearing a Mask, ask them why they ARE NOT wearing a Mask

And if the so-called Policeman is WEARING a MASK [asking you to show ID] ask them to SHOW YOU, ID, proving that they are Really Policemen/Women. True Public Servants]

If they are True Public Servants, they WILL have NO problems with showing you their ID

If the Impostors are Fakes, then you should Protect yourself, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY from IMPOSTORS

Please Cooperate with any Real True Public Servants as much as you can because, they are out here to help Us.  Also, Report any and all Fake Public Servant IMPOSTORS immediately to the Police Department as well as all people making Fake Police Calls to the Police Department about the Fake Public Servant IMPOSTORS.

This will help Us all, and We can Assist the  Real Public Servants !


The Corona Virus, has caused a lot of Confusion.  You see Folks, it appears that it’s much easier for people to Believe in something that they Can’t Prove or have Evidence of, than it is for those same people, to  believe in something, that they Can’t Disprove.

Here’s some Text information I received on my Phone that May or May Not be true.  However, You/We have nothing to lose by simply checking it out.

Here is a supposedly Government Notice sent to my Phone which states the following;

“ To help save the economy, The Government will announce next month [May] that the Immigration Department will start Deporting SENIORS instead of so-called Illegal Immigrants, in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs.  Older people are easier to catch and will not remember how to get back homeBe sure to send this notice to your Relatives and Friends, so they’ll know what happens to you or your Kin Folks”  [End of Notice].

Therefore Folks, this MAY, or MAY NOT, have Validity to it.  [Meaning it’s True or Not True].  However, I still say check it out just to be sure, because we have nothing to lose by simply checking it out.  If it’s TRUE, it may be something to help You/Us.  If it’s NOT TRUE don’t pay any attention to it!

Hope this helps,




What Do You Think About That Folks?




 I, Neely Fuller, Jr., the writer/author of these books, like millions of others, have been a long-time Victim of and Servant to Racism (White Supremacy) in all areas of activity. My experiences, observations, and/or studies have led me to believe the following:

  • Racism has done more to promote non-justice than any other socio-material system known to have been produced or supported by the people of the known universe.
  • No major problem that exists between the people of the known universe can be eliminated, until Racism is eliminated.
  • The fear, frustration, malice, and confusion caused by Racism, retards or prevents all constructive activity between the people of the known universe.
  • The only form of functional Racism that exists among the people of the known universe is “White Supremacy.”
  • The people who have the ability to eliminate Racism, do not have the will to do so, and the people who have the will to do so, do not have the ability.
  • Regardless of all that has been said or done, the quality of the relationship between white people and black people is, and has been, a total disaster.
  • Justice is better than Racism.
  • As long as Racism exists, anything said or done by people that is not intended to help eliminate Racism and to help produce justice, is a waste of time and energy.

Each and every Victim of Racism should minimize the time and effort spent doing anything other than thinking, speaking, and acting in a manner that helps to eliminate Racism and helps to establish justice.

Each and every person should seek to do this every day, in every area of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War/Counter-War.





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Whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity. 

1. Economics, 2. Education, 3. Entertainment, 4. Labor, 5. Law, 6. Politics, 7. Religion, 8. Sex and 9. War). for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth.

A planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by people with no color pigmentation, in which all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration/complexion) compared to the genetic recessive white complexion skinned people”.


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