People Are Coming Together! WHY?

People Are Coming Together And Others Don’t Want That To Happen WHY?


If the so-called Powers That Be (PTB) would only try to do things differently other than the messed-up way they have been doing things, they just might find out how truly beautiful and wonderful life really is.   To have the masses of people love a person for what a person does Justifiably, is far more rewarding, than to have them hating that person immensely.   This is how Nature and the Universe intended things to be.  (In my opinion and ideals like everything else I write in my books or on this website).

Now, about the subject of why I think people are coming together.  Have you asked yourself the question, why is the media focusing so much attention on the certain issues that is none-constructive and confusing?   Generally when someone is doing something that seems out of the ordinary or causes confusion and fear in you, it’s because they want you to focus on confusion and fear and something else other than the real issues that are important, which is reality.  They want to keep you from realizing who you really are by causing confusion and fear in you.   It’s at a point now that the PTB has created a monster that has gotten out of their control which will eventually cause their demise.  I’m speaking about the end of Racism White Supremacy.  It will be other so-called whites and their very own Children/Relatives/Ancestors that will revolt against them in a way that will shock and traumatize most people on the Planet Earth.