Stop Judging People If You’re Not Their Creator



Check Out Marvin’s New Song It’s OverAbout Racism White Supremacy

When you want to judge somebody because you think that something they stated is incorrect (or wrong or right), all you’re doing is making the system of Racists White Supremacy stronger. Remember it’s a system not a person.  So when you judge somebody instead of helping them, you are doing exactly what the system is set up to do. The system is designed to make people judge and cause harm to others instead of helping each other. It’s similar with what Religious or Political people do when they kill other people because they think the other people are spreading lies or incorrectness.  

If they truly think that they are really following their religious beliefs, they should try to help the people correct the mistakes (some people call lies) instead of killing the people.  All religions that I know of clearly has written in their religious books that their followers are supposed to help others.  But instead, some man or woman is teaching these poor people that they are supposed to hurt and kill others if the others don’t accept or believe the way that man or woman wants other people to believe or think.  It’s similar to Police hurting, killing and doing the dirty work of some other man or woman (with titles like Judges, Politicians, etc.) who are to cowardly to do it themselves.  And yes, the Police are prisoners too.  So you see folks, people don’t really understand that they are doing wrong to others because of ignorance.  If everybody would just help others instead of hurting others, that would eliminate Racists White Supremacy overnight.  The reason being is because Racists White Supremacy is a thing not living people.  And only living people can cause harm or kill other living people.  So therefore, if people would stop harming others, that stops the thing (System) Racists White Supremacy.  It’s just that simple folks!  Like some little kids say; “PASS IT FORWARD”

Muhammad Ali once stated;

“I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With The Viet Cong…No Viet Cong Ever Called Me Nigger.”

This is stating something that I think a lot of patriot people don’t understand and that is, why should he kill another person for somebody else?  Of course the patriots would say that he would be doing it for his Country.  A Country is an area of land how does a Country talk or speak?  A Country didn’t ask or demand Ali to go hurt or kill another person.   It was a man or woman who ask or demanded Ali to go kill other people.  Are you beginning to understand the words games here folks?  Word games used by very smart people to make people unconsciously do things that they themselves would not do.

So-called Black people who want to call other so-called Blacks an UNCLE TOM, don’t understand that they are in fact contributing to the system of Racists White Supremacy when they judge people such as Steve Harvey, Sheryl Underwood, Bill Cosby, Russell Simmons, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Stacey Dash, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Carson, Allen West, just to name a few, etc, etc. All people of color should consider themselves prisoners of War throughout the world.

 All people of color should consider themselves prisoners of War throughout the world because the smartest people on this Planet that we know of as Earth, use the system of Racists White Supremacy to control and enslave all people of color throughout the entire Planet. If anybody thinks that is not true or incorrect, I will respond by asking the question; “can you name me one thing that they (the most powerful) don’t’ control dealing with NINE AREAS of ACTIVITY such as; 1. Economics 2. Education 3. Entertainment 4. Labor 5. Law 6. Politics 7. Religion 8. Sex and 9, War on this entire Planet? If you can’t name anything then, there’s no point in going any further in trying to get you to understand a mental enslavement of all people. And what’s really pitiful about it all is that, nobody can even claim to know who the most powerful are. All anybody can do is just assume or presume who they may be.

 In fact folks, even the most powerful can only control and enslave you because you have no control of yourselves. In simpler terms, I Mean No Control Of Your Own Thinking. That may be proof why you would want to hurt or call somebody an Uncle Tom instead of offering the person help. Why would a person want to hurt or commit suicide to kill other people when all they would have to do is offer the people help instead of killing the people? Do you see how it just doesn’t add up folks?

 If a slave master orders one of his/her slaves to beat another slave that got caught trying to run or escape, does that mean that slave is an Uncle Tom because he was forced to do the beating with a threat upon him/her that his/her family would be killed if he/she didn’t beat the other slave? Of course some people might say; “Well that’s not the same thing because that was done by force”. Well. Have I got a big surprise for you my friends.

A person can be forced not only physically but mentally as well. More importantly, the mental control is far worst because the slave (or person) do not know that they are being controlled. Such as the people that you may call Uncle Toms.

 Some folks may say “ It’s not possible to control a person’s mind to make them do physical damage to another person”. Well my friends here are some examples; 1. If you own a house and pay Taxes on it, is that physical or mental control for you to pay the Taxes? You might say well everybody has to pay Taxes Marv. I would reply with this question then; “Why do you have to pay for something that YOU OWN? Another example; why do you pay Income Tax to a thing called the IRS instead of paying it to a person? Do you know what the word Return and File means? Why do you fill out a document called a Tax Form and send it in as a Return to a thing called the IRS? Why do you pay another thing called a License Bureau for a registration and plates for an automobile that YOU OWN, purchased with your own money? END OF STORY FOLKS! There’s no way of getting around the truth and the truth is very, very simple.

 Should there be any folks that don’t understand what I’ve just shared with you (from the examples etc,) that would only prove my point that you, me, we, and all people (not just people of color) can be controlled and enslaved mentally without even knowing it.

It’s time to wake up people before it’s to late.

 If you don’t start seeing things for what they really are, you are just destined for problems that you may not be able to handle. So, before judging somebody else without knowing what the cause or problem is that may have caused those people to think, speak and act the way they did or do, you may need to ask yourself; “have I ever did anything that somebody else may consider me as being an Uncle Tom”?

 I would think that we have all did so at one time or another, directly or indirectly, knowingly or not knowingly. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be so quick to judge anybody else as an Uncle Tom. Instead of condemning people that you may consider to be Uncle Toms, start helping those people to correct what it is that you feel or think they were incorrect about, instead of judging them, and that will be a big help in eliminating the system of Racists White Supremacy.


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