Sugar Coating Words Like Nigger, Nigga, White Supremacist, Racists.

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Mr. Neely Fuller: The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Textbook.

Dr. Joy Leary: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Frances Cress Welsing: The Isis Papers The Keys To The Colors

Marvin Johnson: Words Do Not Exist In Any Languages


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First and foremost I must state that it is not my intentions to cause anyone to think that I am being Judgmental in any form or fashion. Some of what I am sharing with you might cause people to get the incorrect opinion of my personality. I do not have beliefs nor do I concern myself with things such as being right or wrong. I have thoughts and ideals.

I concern myself with what is correct and incorrect. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong? A belief does not exist.   It’s a concept/ideal backed up with no proof or substance and matter. I do not approve nor do I disapprove of any person’s beliefs or thoughts and ideals.

Anybody who wants to believe in whatever religion they want to believe in should be nobody’s concern except for that person who has the belief.  I personally am not into religion because to me,


It’s filled with Death, Destruction, Confusion, Fear, etc. and the Mistreatment of people.  

Besides I never could understand the concept of a God/Deity/Jesus, etc. dying for all mankind because, it appears that things are as bad or worst than things were, before the God/Deity or Jesus died.  In simpler terms (with following logic)…..If the so-called Jesus died for men/women’s sins, why then would people have to fear going to a place called Hell and suffering forever?  (If there is such a thing as Hell and Forever). If the so-called Jesus died for all people’s sins that could only mean that our debts/sins are paid for in full.  END OF STORY FOLKS!

His death would have been senseless or have been in vein.  Logic dictates  that if Jesus died for your sins, then your debt is paid, whether you believe in Jesus or not.  Something doesn’t add up there folks!

However, I am more than willing to keep my mind open for any beliefs and thoughts and ideals that some one may wish to share with me. It just might be of some kind of constructive help for me and others.  Therefore, if there’s any one who may attack others or me because of what we share with you, you will be doing an injustice to yourself and others by doing so. Attacking others does not solve problems. It only creates Death, Destruction, Confusion, Fear, etc. and the Mistreatment of people, and more problems.

Should you feel that what myself or others share with you is incorrect, the best way to get anything done or solve any problems is to ask questions and not attack and/or suggest a better or more correct way of doing what you think may be incorrect of what we/they shared with you.  However, In doing so, you should have proof by means of substance and/or matter that is more logical to all, to back up the more correct way of doing what you think may be incorrect.

If you cannot do that, you cannot communicate to well with others and it is therefore useless and a waste of your time and energies to try to communicate with others.

                                                                                          Marvin Johnson



 Sugar coating words like NIGGER, NIGGA, WHITE SUPREMACIST, RACISTS, is only avoiding therapy for healing yourself from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome as stated by Dr. Joy Leary.  The words White Supremacist, Racist, and NIGGER etc, still means the same thing no matter how you change the spelling. It also scares so-called white and so-called black people because it makes them uncomfortable because of it’s truth as being interpreted by the so-called white person using those words with the meaning and intent of those words to themselves and others. 

I don’t think that people of color should be afraid or embarrassed to say the word NIGGER.  Don’t get me wrong folks, I don’t think people of color should refer to each other using the word Nigger if another person don’t want to be referred to that way but, because some Racist White Supremacists says to stop using that word NOW because it’s Racists and not kind or proper to do so, I don’t think that people of color should hide the word.  My reasoning is simple.  For too long people of color have been called and referred to as a NIGGER by people who classifies them selves as white. 

During slavery times and even as of today ,that word and it’s meaning and intent behind it was and is dreadful and should not be hidden.  I don’t think that any mistreatment of people should be hidden from history.  The so-called Jewish people make it perfectly clear that they never want people to forget about the mistreatment they have received from people so, why should any other people not make it perfectly clear about the mistreatment done to them?  And hiding the word NIGGER would be like hiding the Holocaust or the Indians being slaughtered so-called white people. etc, etc.. 

So if you want to use the word NIGGER, use it!  As long as you’re using it for a constructive purpose such as explaining to some one what the word and it’s intentions when used by so-called white people.   It’s not logical to try and explain to a child or anybody else, how so-called white people use to call people of color the N word.  That child won’t understand that letter (N) nonsense.  Tell the child and everybody else the TRUTH.  The word does not mean N it means NIGGER something the so-called white people used for generation and still uses when referring to people of color in a negative way.


Truth scares people because it has been hidden for so long and still being hidden (especially) from people of color by the Racists White Supremacist everyday.  The truth without a doubt scares the so-called white people.  When a person sugar coat words all the person is doing is trying to hide the real meaning and intent of the word with another word or letters that doesn’t sound as bad, harmful or hurtful to them or others (so they think).  Especially if the words a person made up is used for the purpose of mistreatment against others.

Changing Words Or Letters Do Not Change

The Meaning Or Intent Of The Words

However what it does is give those persons (especially so-called white people) who changes the words, a false illusion, to mentally detach themselves from the mental and emotional pain they would ordinarily experience from the horror and harm they do or have done to others. It also gives people of color a false illusion to mentally detach themselves from the mental and emotional pain they would ordinarily feel and experience from the meaning and intent of the words in reference to them.


It also helps those so-called white people to avoid mental and emotional conflict within their selves. In simpler terms, what it is doing is making them not feel the guilt for the wrong things they do or have done to mistreat people and especially people of color.  Directly or indirectly.  More importantly to further make their selves feel better, they keep the truth from people of color, which is not giving people of color the therapy from the Racism White Supremacist mistreatment against the people of color.  This keeps Racism White Supremacist going circular (around and around, with no ending) until the TRUTH (which is the therapy) is revealed or received by all people. 

Changing the word Nigger to The N Word is not the truth.  It just gives the so-called White person a reason to still say and/or call a person of color a NIGGER without feeling bad or having any repercussions for doing so.  When people of color agree with using the N Word instead of using the word NIGGER, those people are contributing to the system of Racist White Supremacy without even knowing so.  If you’ve been called a NIGGER for hundreds of years, why then would you think that it’s OK to be labeled as the N Word when it means the same as NIGGER?  No healing folks.  That’s all it’s about.  If there’s no healing, the sick people will remain sick and dependent upon the very people that has caused their sick illnesses.

The so-called Blacks have been labeled as Colored, Negro, Black, African American, Black African, etc.  Do you see how it makes no difference with the words used when they all still have the same meaning and intent?  Then the people of color being so confused accept the new names or words and think it’s alright because somebody tells them this is their heritage or ancestors’ names and words.  What is an ancestor any way?  What is a heritage?  We have to go to some so-called white person’s books to tell us what those words are and mean.  Just like we had to go to some so-called whites person’s book called the Bible to learn about God who looks like him (A so-called white person).  For all the so-called religious folks out there, if you really think that your supposedly ancestors are from Africa then, you should know that you had to have your own food, your own kings and queens, money, way of life, and especially your own God etc, etc.  Something don’t add up there folks.

Before there were words or books I doubt very seriously if people of color use words like Christians, Ancestors, Heritage, Black, African Americans, Colored, etc, to identify themselves with.  (Just something to think about folks).  Wake up folks Pleas-s-s-s-e!

Read my books “words do not exist in any languages” “dreams or reality” “family reunions are a form of slavery” to get a better understanding of what I mean by those questions and statements. (Free download).


The system of Racism White Supremacy is designed to keep confusion, killing, enslavement, mistreatment, incorrectness, and above all to not allow Justice to all living people and species on this Planet (that we know of as Earth) and throughout the Universe. It will survive forever if people don’t understand what it is and how it operates. You cannot kill a system but you can kill people.

And that’s one of the main functions of the system of Racism White Supremacy. As long as people think that they can eliminate the system of Racism White Supremacy by killing people the system will never go away. Remember it is just a system not a person. So killing people does not kill the system. No matter how upset or angry you may be about a person or people who killed or mistreated people you care about or have become to know, it was those people or that person that caused you the harm not the whole world or others that may look or have the same complexion as those people or person.

NOW don’t get me wrong here folks, I’m not trying to defend any one who has done wrong (such as killing etc.). I don’t think that I will do the, turn the other cheek junk.  I’m simply stating that it make us (anyone) as bad as the person or people who did the harm, if we take out our frustrations on people or persons that has caused us no harm because of a color.

NOW, for the so-called white people beneficiaries who would try to use that as a reason to excuse them self’s from the guilt to say that they haven’t did anything wrong because they had nothing to do with the killing or mistreatment of what some one they know or might be kin to did, I’ll simply state that “you still enjoy benefits from what that person did to others” and it makes you just as guilty as the person that did it because, you are doing nothing to compensate the people that was done wrong by the people you  are kin to. So in fact you are innocent of the actual killing but not innocent of the benefits from the killings. It’s similar to receiving stolen goods. Because you didn’t still the goods, does that mean you have a right to keep the stolen goods? HELL NAW!

So, if you don’t return the stolen goods or try to compensate the people who the goods were stolen from, you have  conspired with the person who sold you the stolen goods. END OF STORY FOLKS!

If you can’t understand that explanation, just switch it around and put your self in the place of the person who got the goods stolen from them. If someone stole some goods from you and you found the person who purchased the stolen goods and that person told you they didn’t steal the goods from you so they had nothing to do with it, would you understand it better then? I think you would.

Killing each other or not compensating the people who were and/or are still being mistreated, is only keeping the system in place because that is how the system works. No one should kill anything (species) or any body (people). If you kill a so-called White person that does not practice Racism White Supremacist only because of their skin tone or complexion, you will only be making the system stronger, and especially if that person is trying to help eliminate the system through help and compensations. If you kill a so-called Black person only because of their skin tone or complexion, you will only be making the system stronger because you don’t want to lose the benefits of the system and also in believing that it is for your survival. If you are the ones who wants to do killing for any non-productive reasons you are the problem why the system of Racism White Supremacist will continue to exist.

Folks, if you stop being so quick to judge and see things for what they really are, I think you’ll begin to understand more clearly of what I’m sharing with you. Before you even form an opinion, ask the questions WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW. If you don’t do that you will just confuse yourself even more and others and cause destruction and killing, which will still not get rid of the system. (Racism White Supremacy). Remember, you can kill people but you can’t kill a thing like a system. IT’S JUST A SYSTEM, A THING. End of story Folks.

I think that most people get Racism White Supremacist confused with it being a person or people rather than what it really is, a SYSTEM.  Just as there is no such thing as a Black, White, Burgundy, Maroon, Poke-a-dot, etc. people, there is no such thing as a racist person.  Now before you get your self all bent out of shape calling me an Uncle Tom etc, (which there is no such thing either) because of what I just stated that I think, here me out first, and maybe you’ll understand better after you’ve heard my explanation. What I’ve stated above supports it anyway.


Black, White, Burgundy, Maroon, Poke-a-dot, etc, are colors.  These words are the inventions from a person’s mind.  Words do not have nor are made of any substance.  In other words, words are not made of any type of matter, as we men and women know of matter and substance to be in this Known universe, and in using our five senses.

Before there were books or words how did people communicate? END OF STORY FOLKS!


Read my book: “Words Do Not Exist In Any Languages” Free download at:

Colors are not people and people are not colors.  People have different complexions or skin tone colors.  If a person calls you an Animal does that mean that you are an Animal?  I would think not.  You are not even the name that you have.  If a person calls you the name your parents or some one gave you does that mean you are that name?  I would think not.  What if your parents or some one named you tree, bird, snake, dog, etc, does that make you a tree, bird, snake, dog, etc.  I would think not.  Some of you might think that I am making up excuses for people who do wrong.  You would be totally incorrect.  I’m merely sharing with you what I consider to be truth and logic. 

If someone doesn’t know if they are doing (what we might consider to be wrong) does that mean that we should mistreat that person because of their ignorance and illness?  Don’t get a bad impression of me here folks; if someone knows and purposely mistreats any one, I have no mercy what so ever for that person. (Please note I said if that person knows)  But for the person that doesn’t know any better how could you, I or anyone else Judge and mistreat that person if they really don’t know?  What if that person is a little tiny person like a two-year-old daughter or son who plays with matches or a stove?  Do you think they know better?  I would think not.  What about an elderly person with Alzheimer’s who don’t even know they exist? Do you think they know better and should be mistreated?  I would think not. More importantly, would you mistreat or judge them because of it?  I would hope you wouldn’t.  Getting my drift here folks?

That’s why I don’t think there is such a thing as a racist person. People who practice mistreatment of others by and in using the system of Racist White Supremacy and benefit from the mistreatment, are the killers, not the system. A system can’t kill any body or benefit from it. A system is just a word which is only an invention from the mind.

In knowing the difference between the two you will be able to know what exactly killers are and what a system is. Killers are people. Racist White Supremacy is a system of confusing words used by those killers to make people think that all people are killers because of colors. If no one understands the difference between the two, there will always be killings and mistreatment of people by dividing and conquering. This would include people killing people of complexions different than their selves and killing people of their own complexions. That’s why so-called Blacks and Whites kill other so-called Blacks and Whites, and of course, each other. If you would just follow the logic folks and not be so quick to attack, it’s really not that hard to figure out or to see things for what they really are.

There’s no doubt that there are people who use words and colors to confuse, mistreat, dominate and enslave others.  If you are confused and accept the meaning of words that a person says to you and, you have no understanding of that person’s intentions, good, and bad or otherwise, you make trouble for yourself and others.  Even if you even think you know that person’s meaning of the words they use, ask them any way what their meaning and intentions are of the words they are using.  That way you have the truth of what their meaning and intent of their words are and there won’t be any mistakes or confusion.

Since there are no Black, White, Burgundy, Maroon, Poke-a-dot, etc. people, ask a person what they meaning and intent is of a Black, White, Burgundy, Maroon, Poke-a-dot, etc. person is. Now since you know that those are only colors, that person will have a hard time trying to explain to you how a color is a person. Since they do not know the difference they might very well become very frustrated and even angry art you. That’s not your problem, it’s theirs because you are not attacking them nor stating that they are wrong, right, correct or incorrect. You are merely asking them a question and that question is about the statement they made to you. Because they made the statement you do not have to defend your question or your self. They must provide the proof to you, which is the meaning and intent of their words.  

Since there are no Black, White, Burgundy, Maroon, Poke-a-dot, etc. people, that would mean that all people are not racists or murderers or lazy etc. because of their skin tones or complexions.  Racism is a system taught to people.  People are not born that way.  A newborn baby has no ideal of where the hell they are let alone knowing what NIGGER or Racist White Supremacy is.  END OF STORY FOLKS!

Now for any one who may want to attack me or my statements I’m sharing, would only prove to you me and to others that they do not understand nor do they want to try and understand what the meanings and intents or my words are. They only want to attack not try to solve any thing. Their attack would also cause nothing but confusion instead of trying to find a solution to what I’m sharing that may be incorrect. Therefore, they are not trying to help me they would only be trying to attack or harm me. Believe it or not, some people are so confused they would even want physically harm me because of what I’m trying to share with others. That’s how the system works folks. Always keep in mind though about self-defense, from any body that would want to harm you because they don’t like you for some ridiculous reasons. No one should ever want to physically harm any one else unless they are being threaten by that person to do them harm. Otherwise, it only keeps the system of Racist White Supremacy in existence.

So whoever practices Racist White Supremacy, is a person who has been taught how to mistreat others.  More importantly, we cannot get rid of Racist White Supremacy (since it is a thing, a system) unless everyone tries to eliminate it.  Remember it is a system not people.  Racist White Supremacy, is not a person, it’s a thing.

Why would a person want to kill a person or their selves because of something that they disagree with that some person says or believes in? Can you think of a logical answer? No? Well, that’s how the system works folks. Why would a man or woman want to kill another man or woman because a person they like, love or care about, doesn’t wont to be with them any more? Whatever answer you come up with, is it logical?  No? Well, that’s how the system works folks. The system of Racist White Supremacy I think is taught to become a part of the nature of people by others. Similar to the questions I just asked above about people wanting to kill other people. It’s been taught to make people think that it’s a part of those people’s nature to want to do such a thing as to stop some one’s existence.

Now grant it, some folks might think that there are actually people who have that controlling type of nature in them from birth. For example: little kids playing together and there might be one little kid who wants to take from or not share with other little kids. Does it really mean the kid was born that way or was the kid taught that by the parents or in a an environment where the kid was an only child use to having things by themselves and then comes along other little kids who wants that kid to share his/her things with them when that kid is use to having things by his/herself? And if that same kid was taught to share things with others when he was smaller, do you think the results would be the same? (By results I mean him/her not wanting to share). We have a enough to learn in this world folks without making it more complicated than it has to be, simply in just trying to help or be nice to each other. That appears to me to be a bigger and harder job to do than being bad or mistreating people. What do you think?

Here’s something as well to think about: 1. What if all people on this Planet was all the same skin tone or complexion, no matter what color of the tone or complexion? 2. What or how do you think life and/or the treatment they would have for each other would be like? 3. Would there still be enslavement of people? 4. Would people still mistreat others? 5. Would people still kill each other? 6. Would people still try to control and dominate others? 7. More importantly, would people receive equal Justice from each other and help each other out?

Before you answer any of the above questions there’s one thing you must keep in mind with your answers and that is, would life and/or things be in balance with Nature and the Universe because of the answers you’ve chosen? Please give that some very serious thought because you will not understand what the system of Racist White Supremacy is until you have the right answers. If any of your answers would show that Nature or the Universe would not be in balance, more than likely, you have chosen the incorrect answers. If your answers show that Nature and the Universe would be balanced, you would then really understand what the system of Racist White Supremacy is.

Now I’m not claiming that everything we try to do to be helpful to each other will make us live in a perfect world. I’m merely stating that things would probably be better than they are now or have been since mankind came to be on this Planet. Especially if we try a system of Justice for all people. At least we’d all be headed and/or searching for the same goal or direction. It seems that people have tried everything except the system of Justice and none of it has work to great so far.

Here’s another very important secret folks! The so-called Racist White Supremacists ARE NOT THE SO-CALLED WHITE FOLKS who put the system in place to be used.

It’s a minority of people who control nine areas of activities who put the system of Racist White Supremacy in place to control, dominate and enslave others. The nine eras of activity are as follows:




  4. LABOR

  5. LAW



  8. SEX

  9. WAR

If you can find out who those people are you’ll know who the

Racist White Supremacists are.

Read Mr. Neely Fuller’s book to get more in-depth information about these activities: The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Textbook.

Please remember that a system cannot be killed since it does not exist and is not made from any substance or matter.  We can however (in a manner of speaking) kill it by simply not using it.  When I state we, I don’t mean people of color.  I mean only people who classify themselves as WHITE.  If a person classifies himself or herself as a color (which is white in this case) they are in fact stating that they are a Racist and want to mistreat and enslave others. 

Those people are in fact stating that they are no longer a person but a color or a thing that is used to mistreat people.  Since a color or a thing has no substance or is made from any matter, it has no feelings or emotions such as living people do.  Therefore, I would think that a person who has any feelings or emotions would not likely won’t to harm another person unless, they have been taught to do so. 

It appears to me that, the way of Nature and the Universe, is to have things in balance.  When things become unbalance, that’s when all hell breaks lose.  Not only for people but also for animals, plants, insects, water, fire, wind, volcanoes, storms, meteor explosions etc.  Nature and/or the Universe appear to have a way of correcting itself when things become unbalance, and when it does, look out because, it may not be very pleasant at all.

People who are considered foul, despicable, nasty, twisted minded Racist bastards, etc, are people who use the words (which are colors) such as Black and White, Nigger, etc, to confuse and mistreat other people of color.  All people are or have different skin tones or complexions, which means that all people are all different skin or tone complexions.  The only exception is Black. 

For example; Rainbows appears to have every color in it known to man that we can see, except for Black.  Why do you think that is?  I think that it’s because the Rainbow is Black but all the colors that we see are the colors that come from Black. In simply speaking, all colors come from Black just as light comes from darkness. We can see light but we can’t see darkness. We can see all the colors in the Rainbow but we can’t see that the Rainbow is Black. I’ll get back to that with you later. (Something to think about though) smile.


As in the documentary entitled” Hidden Colors” Produce and Directed by Tariq Elite Nasheed.

Racist White Supremacists don’t want any people and especially people of color to know about the wrong mistreatment that has been done to them by a very minority few.  The Racist White Supremacists (a very minority few) is the root of the tree for the problem of Racism. The so-called racist White man and racist White woman are the fruit or blossoms from the Racist White Supremacy root or tree. The fruit or blossoms of a root or tree are only a part of the tree or root. The root is the foundation of the tree that grows and blossoms. Just as with a regular living tree, the fruit or blossoms of the Racist White Supremacists (the so-called racist White man and racist White woman) fall off of, or die, from the tree and are replaced by the same root every year. Here’s something for thought; Racist White Supremacists even mistreats and or kills the so-called racist White man and racist White woman. The tree or root can kill off it’s own fruits or blossoms to grow back more fruits and blossoms that may be bigger, stronger and/or better in order to make to make the roots more powerful.

The Racist White Supremacists have convinced the so-called racist White man and racist White woman that somehow the truth is not real and they don’t have to feel bad about the wrong they do and have done to other people. The truth is very scary and terrifying.  If you use the word European or Caucasian person (not Racist White Supremacist) then you have confusion with words, which make people black and white feel comfortable because the words have nothing to do with the real true meanings.  European domination is not the same as White Supremacy because Europe is not a person it’s a place. White Supremacy is not a place it’s a thing (system). Both are truly corrupt and incorrect and should be eliminated immediately from all peoples lives.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT FOLKS, the so-called BLACKS have been mistreated by far, the worst and the longest of any people of color in the known Universe by those few minorities. The so-called racist White man and racist White woman are the ones who did the actual mistreatment but it’s the Racist White Supremacists who has done the most mistreatment to all people over all. More importantly, the Blacks are still being mistreated the worst because of the minority few that is keeping the catastrophic history hidden from all the so-called Blacks about themselves their contributions to this Planet Earth and the foul despicable atrocities committed upon the them (so-called Blacks) because of the Racist White Supremacists.

What are your thoughts and ideals folks? I’d like to hear and/or read about them. Together maybe we can all make a difference for the Planet and ourselves. It just might keep us (all mankind) from becoming extinct like the Dinosaurs.

Everything today is aimed at our children. The young clear mind, to pollute it.  Words are being eliminated through texting, computers and big screen TVs and replaced with letters and symbols to cause more confusion and help keep young people from knowing the past history of slavery and the mistreatment of all people by a very few. Remember hate, killing, ignorance, and confusion is what breeds this monster Racist White Supremacists. So we must fight it with the best weapon we have which is the compassion that we need to have for and show each other. If we keep doing it the way we are doing it, it will never end.  Nature and the Universe will correct itself and us.  And as I stated before, that won’t be pleasant at all for none of us.

So We Can Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying.

I Know What The Hell Um Gonna Do!

Starvin Marvin


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