James Marion Sims

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Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

It starts at: 43:30 James Mario Sims

1800’s Shoe Maker’s Awl                  Just look at these things once more that this guy used to stick into shoe makers awllittle Brand Newly Born Infant Babies Head to experiment on them. 

Anybody that has any kind of conscience or morals what-so-ever, should cringe just looking at these monster tools this guy used to dissect little born babies brains in their little tiny heads.  Out of all the things that I’ve been studying and learning about Black History, this has got to be the most horrifying of them all. 

This literally made me cry.  A grown ass man like me who doesn’t fear anything but fear itself, literally in tears.  Not to mention how angry it made me.  But that’s alright!  I got rid of that anger as soon as I obtained it because I know that I would only be aiding and abetting the system of WHITE RACIST SUPREMACY in doing so.  A person can’t think logically or clearly when they are afraid or angry.  That system was created to cause the utmost confusion.  And if you fall prey to it, you help keep the system going.

As a Man named Neely fuller Jr. stated in his book: “If  You Do Not Understand White Supremacy (Racism) What It Is And How It Works Everything Else That You Think You Understand Will Only Confuse You”. (Neely Fuller Jr.)

You may ask, isn’t WHITE RACIST SUPREMACY white people?  Well to begin with, WHITE RACIST SUPREMACY is a system, it’s not people.  It’s something (such as a tool like the Awl) that any person who classify themselves as white uses to mistreat and enslave people of color, for many, many reasons except for correctness and justice. 

Once the younger generation of so-called White children find out the truth and how they enjoy the benefits that they are enjoying now because of what people like James Mario Sims and so many more before and after him, did and still doing, to all people of color, and especially so-called Blacks,

the younger generation of so-called Whites, I think are going to be so Embarrassed, Hurt, Guilty, Humiliated, Shocked, Traumatized, etc, etc, it won’t surprise me in the very least that they start eliminating their very own culture of Whites and other so-called Whites, who they know to use that tool (system) and practice WHITE RACIST SUPREMACY.

That will truly be Armageddon.  And I might confuse you even more when I state this, but, I really feel sorry for the younger generation of so-called Whites because, they were brainwashed and lied to more than all the people of color, by their very own culture of people who have and still uses and practices the system of WHITE RACIST SUPREMACY.  In my opinion, the younger generation of so-called whites are not into WHITE RACIST SUPREMACY as much as the older generation is because the younger generation today didn’t live/come up in those times of slavery with the ball and chains and many, many lynchings and burning people alive and other tortures, etc. etc.  They have to be taught to be, WHITE RACIST SUPREMACISTS.  My reasoning for that statement is simple. 

I never thought that any so-called White person was born as a racist.  They were taught to be that way.  Think about it for just a minute.   A new born baby has no kind of racist thoughts or ideals because they haven’t learned anything mentally from another person yet.  All babies come into this world and/or Planet Earth, with nothing but instincts to survive and curiosity to know about things with their five little senses.  If anybody does not understand that, I have nothing else to try and explain to them.

And just think about this, the WHITE RACIST SUPREMACISTS back then and even still today, killed little babies because of their color.  Some people even use the excuse that GOD took the babies home.  What nonsense!

How or why would a so-called GOD or any Deity, take and/or kill, something as Precious as a little new born baby, take it away before the baby even has a chance to live a full life, if that same GOD, created and put it here?  And that’s something that I never understood about religions either.  And for the religious people that want to say, that’s God’s will, I say to you, that you have to be as heartless, barbaric, stupid and hateful as that GOD that you are trying to validate as being almighty, all good, supreme over all, who is all purity, with that GOD doing something as foul as killing a new born baby.  

It doesn’t even make common sense nor any logic what-so-ever.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking any body’s religious beliefs because, I don’t believe nor do I dis-believe, because just like you, I just don’t know and,  If you would only just be honest enough to tell the truth, I doubt very seriously if you know either.  But, it’s totally illogical and contradictory with what every religion teaches.  And don’t try justifying it with some notion or statements that I don’t have the spirit in me to understand because, even a decent person without that so-called spirit that you’re talking about wouldn’t do that to a brand newly born baby, and we’re not even God as you might say.

Are you people really listening to what you’re saying to others.  In simple words, you’re trying to justify that it’s alright to kill a newly born little precious baby, torture it like the mentally sick and deranged, mad and insane monster James Mario Sims.  Do you think it was right for James Mario Sims to do babies like that because it was God’s will?  If you say no it was not alright, then why did the so-called great, almighty, all good, supreme over all, and correct, let that man do such a thing to those babies?  No answer hu-u-uh? 

I didn’t think so because, anything that you might say would only prove that the God you’re trying to justify, is a mentally sick and deranged, mad and insane monster like the White Racist, James Mario Sims.   Well so much for that. if anyone reading this really would like to help put a stop to all this madness in the world, all you have to do is pass the word forward to replace the system of WHITE RACIST SUPREMACY with a SYSTEM OF JUSTICE for all people.  Meaning, to help all people who needs help and the people who needs help the most, be the first to receive the most constructive help”….(Neely Fuller) 

Maybe we (the people on this Planet) won’t become extinct like the Dinosaurs because, that’s exactly where we’re headed if we don’t change this mess pretty soon.  And all you WHITE RACIST SUPREMACY will kill each other because it won’t be any more people left on the planet or in this Universe we know of, that you can use your system on any more except, to yourselves.  Now how do you like them apples?


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