So-Called White People Are Not Born Racists

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So-Called White People are not born Racists.  Racism is something that is taught.  A baby (first born) does not have a mind thinking about colors, economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex or war.  These are nine (9) areas of activity that exist in the known Universe today that is used by Racists White Supremacists to violate other people and the laws of Nature and the Universe.

Therefore all so-called White People should really be ashamed (not of being white) but ashamed of the atrocities, murders, theft and so much other corruptions that their ancestors caused in the world and against other people in the known Universe.

As one woman (Jane Elliott) stated it so bluntly and straight forward that there’s no such thing as an all white group.  We all have this great, great,great,great,great,great,great,great, etc, Grand Parent back around two hundred eighty thousand (280.000) years ago, and she was a Black Female.  Jane Elliott went further stating that she was taught how to be a Racists at birth and she knows how to be a Racist.  She hates then fact that when she reads an article in the newspaper about a crime, she immediately think God please don’t let it be a Black person that did it.

She says that all White people just doesn’t wont to admit that they are Racists.  And that’s because the Whites are afraid of losing power over other people.  This Country has had so-called love for a very long time but has yet to have Justice for everyone.  Justice is more important than love because you can’t have love without Justice.

Racism is a Mental Illness.  In 1959, Racism was defined by the President’s Joint Counsel On Mental Health In Children, as being the number one mental problem among children in the United States.  If you deal with people because of the color of their skin, you are not dealing well with reality.  A so-called White Person who doesn’t recognize that they are Racists, they can never change themselves.  White people who always say they are not prejudice is simply saying that they don’t wont to see things (colors, people, etc.) for what they really are. 

They are in fact saying that the Black person has a defect and they (the white person) is going to pretend that it (the defect) is not there in order for them to communicate withe that Black person.  Therefore, the Black person must also pretend that they are not Black.  So, that means that the both of them have to agree to be insane together for a while.  

Check out this very great thinking Teacher’s (Jane Elliott) video on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1992, with her facts about Racism.  Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes Experiment.  AJane Elliottnd she tells the facts about the World Maps being taught to our kids in school as being total lies.

Racists hate would still exist even if everybody had the same skin color.  Racism is taught and learned not something we are born with.  Whoever or whatever created man, woman, created male and female or as some might like to call it, the human race.  Man created colors.  The so-called poor Whites are going to be the new NIGGERS and SALVES very, very soon.  So, the more the so-called poor Whites do nothing about Racism, the more the enslave themselves  not even realizing it.  Maps are a complete lie being taught to children everyday.

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